Gemini Astronauts Reveal UFOs in Space

From: via lunacognita

More proof: they have been hiding the truth for decades…in plain sight. You decide…the records are the governments own transcripts, released under the DOD…they know..they DID know…and they know NOW…ignorance is willful beyond this point.

Before the Apollo program, there was the Gemini Project, during which NASA astronauts trained for the Apollo Mission on the Moon. 

Gemini astronauts were some of the first to experience the weightlessness of space and they saw some amazing sights during their flights.

Now de-classified, the “Voice Tape Recorder” (VTR) transcripts of these VTR recordings from all 10 Gemini missions are available in the NASA archives. These documents contain revealing astronaut conversations the astronauts had about UFOs they witnessed outside their spacecraft while in flight.

Aboard each GEMINI spacecraft was a piece of equipment known as the “Voice Tape Recorder” (VTR). The purpose of the VTR was to give the astronauts the ability to verbally record any thoughts, comments, or observations throughout the course of each flight, primarily during the periods when they were not in radio contact with one of the MSFN (Manned Space Flight Network) ground stations spread out at various locations around the Earth. After radio contact was re-established, the VTR recordings made during the black out periods could then be “dumped” (down-linked) to the MSFN ground station below. Although originally classified, the transcripts of these VTR recordings from all 10 GEMINI missions can today be found in the NASA archives. These documents contain some very intriguing and revealing astronaut conversations that relate to various anomalies they were observing outside their spacecraft during the flights. This presentation highlights just a few of the many comments from various GEMINI missions that I found interesting. -LC (Luna Cognita)

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