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Important Clarification on Global Currency

January 5, 2012 

We have learned today from the source of the video statement on a new global economic restructuring that there is no intention or requirement to substitute national currencies with a single new one.

They are simply saying that a new secured type of currency that does not include traditional compound interest bearing debt will be made available that is to be used for the purposes of initiating a larger plan.

The currencies that currently exist are going to succeed or fail on their own merits. Many of the major currencies have already shown signs of their lack of structural integrity.

It is said to be based on a new system of doing business that allows for the support of “the 99%” of human beings who have not had the necessary support from traditional banking institutions.

He says that the initial introduction of some elements of the plan should become visible in the near future.

We will post this and more updates as we receive them.

Although the system is not exactly like this, s a point of learning and understanding you may find BitCoin‘s model informative.


  1. Yesterday (9 Jan 2012) Ben Fulford announced on his blog that the 130-nation group represented by James Martinez in apparently NOT a hoax, as he originally thought.

    This means that Wilcock probably got his idea from Fulford or a mutual source.

    Who these different groups are is almost as interesting as what they claim to be doing.

    I am flabbergasted by the similarities between the stories of Fulford, O'Finioan, Nidle and "Tolec." However, Duncan continues to maintain that all the ascension stuff coming from the channels is BS, and I tend to agree with that. That means one or two of these stories are actually closer to the truth, while the others are taking advantage of insider intel to make it seem like they are the causal agents. I would trust a human before I would trust an ET, but that's not saying much. The Fulford/O'Finioan version of current affairs is less hopeful than the ET version, but possibly more real. It's possible that the ETs are telling different players what they want to hear. They could be telling the New Agers that ascension is in the offing, while Duncan's group, which has no interest in such matters, is getting a different background story. How else can we explain the congruence and the dissimilarities in the stories at the same time?

  2. It is entirely possible that there are competing groups in the "new global currency" scenario. Of the two (and I remain skeptical of both), Martinez is more believable because he has not resorted to the histrionic levels of drama exhibited by Wilcock.

    A simple announcement, no best-selling NY Times book to promote, no daily blog posts that include death threats and sudden radio shows with phony "anonymous" Aussie bad-asses (0h, "anonymous", please tell WHO you work for…and who you are handling…Kerry? David?). Don't forget that behind Wilcock is Hoagland…Hoagland created Wilcock.

    And if ETs are going to deliver us…what the hell do we need money for?


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