Healing Methods: No Silver Bullets…Arrows In The Quiver

Healing Methods: No Silver Bullets…Arrows In The Quiver

“A man who has depths in his shame meets his destiny and his delicate decisions upon paths which few ever reach . . . .” -Friedrich Nietzsche 

Healing Issues

Over the last week a number of “issues” have been brought up about healing methods. First, there is the whole Steve Richards/Holographic Kinetics issue: H-K (for short) deals bluntly with issues related to past life contracts, extra-dimensional entities, and an agnostic view of the cause and effect of spirits who act out past atrocities and souls which assimilate present life traumas in a perpetual cycle. It is total responsibility for oneself on every level, and that is the brutal reality.

Steve’s methods are frank confrontations with the human life-birth-death-rebirth wheel of karma. Whether one embraces that reality, it will not be avoided in utilizing H-K methods. As heard on the Wednedsay live show (Part 1 | Part 2 ), the hosts, the questioners, and Steve grappled with core issues of H-K in real time. There is disagreement over the principles Steve espouses regarding emotional energizing of events by compassionate empathy. The obverse is that fighting against anything, likewise charges that creation. In other words one has to be completely neutral (the “point zero”) in dealing with any trauma-based situation. And that remains a bone that many cannot swallow.

I have also been informed that there exists a potential for certain programmed indiviuals (notably “special programmed”, i.e.-occult or projects-types) to be triggered or receive demonic visitations from using White Wolf von Atzigen’s Healing Path exercises. I am told that there is a potential for people to experience side effects from the embedded instructions in the meditation exercises and/or symbols.

I did communicate with White Wolf about these reports and have been assured that the techniques have been used by White Wolf for over three years, at his Ways of the Wild Institute, on clients from around the world without any such effects. He has assured me that there are no “embeds” designed to trigger a person, but that triggering may occur if the person has either not followed the techniques correctly, or if the person has not been aware of their own internal trigger mechanisms.

Here is White Wolf’s response:

“ Let me state clearly and plainly- the material I present is in no way designed or meant to harm, trigger or otherwise affect individuals or groups in non-beneficial ways. I have no hidden agenda and everything I do is upfront, honest and as clearly stated as I am able. As a matter of fact on all sales pages for my book I include a warning. Here is the link to my book and below is a copy and paste of the warning I speak of- http://store.waysofthewildinstitute.com/products/Shadow-Scorpion%252d-Second-Edition.html

“I have been teaching the materials I am presenting on your shows for three years to people from all walks of life and I have had zero issues from anyone of my students concerning such techniques and methods. IF the techniques are done properly- this means not only the technique but also from the proper mind set and preliminary work that I have laid out- they will not cause any dangerous issues. That is the techniques do not contain potentially dangerous issues. However, anyone can be triggered by anything- which I think I clearly stated in my last show with you.

This being said, even these techniques can trigger peoples programs and throw certain people into a downward spiral, but so can the rising sun or the full moon or a public newscast, etc, etc. I cannot and do not take any responsibility for the program responses of people who are trying to embark upon their healing paths. If I have a student who sits face to face, that is different. But people who are listen to a radio show, reading my book or any other long distance, non-personal interaction is out of my hands. I place warnings clearly on my materials because I know how programming and triggering work. It is the responsibility of other individuals to pay attention to themselves as they do the work so as to not let themselves fall into such states of heavy triggering. If they cannot then they need to be doing the work face to face with a qualified guide and NOT ALONE.”

Info…Disinfo…Sideshow Politics

Many, many radio shows, blogs, websites, and YouTubes present information on mind control and ritual abuse. Few, if any, offer any practical solutions for the people coming out of these projects. OffPlanet Radio holds the position that we will present not just the “nitty gritty” details of mind control and abuse, but also pursue inquiries into solutions.

Some media outlets have not only ignored an outreach to these disclosers/whistleblowers/refugees, but have wholesale abused them! Some have even operated IN mind control by re-victimizing them…over and over…One such blogger goes to great lengths to fabricate stories, contrive ridiculous scenarios, and outright attack mind control and ritual abuse subjects—and it is supported by the same agents who gave you the “truth movement” (“awake and aware”).

I have written about these phenomena several times, in several different ways, regarding this whole “alternative media circus” and its mission to abort the intentions of community building for abused ex-cult/ex-project subjects. To objectify any such person as “super soldier”, then put them on a stage, have them tell all and loop the experience into a kaleidoscopic panorama for voyeurs—or to casually deploy the terms synonymous with mind control as an epithet is right out of the agencies’ handbooks.

The next level is to plant agents inside any rising movement that seeks to not only expose the dark details, but actually work to clean up the cabal’s messes. The self-glorifying media darlings of the “truther movement” can talk all day about the wildest details of the rituals of baby sex and blood-letting, or the mad scientists of traumatic alter personality creation, but do they ever delve into the ACTIONS that can help people get free?

Facts: people simply do not buck up donations or subscriptions for this material. It is bad for business because the sensibilities of the “audiences” have been calcified by the endless thrill ride of MORE dark details. Healing is hard work, and it’s messy. It requires a transparency on every level of spirit and soul that makes the average person uneasy. The general public is totally apathetic about their publicly exposed whistleblowers wellbeing. Objectification works to install a disconnect of that person’s pain and suffering.

That Which Does Not Kill You…

As far as healing methods go, I will just state that “there are NO silver bullets”. Healing from anything is a process of trial and error; steps and missteps, and even the potential to get worse, or to die. How many people have died from the very meds they took to relieve them? How many have perished on the operating table?

Yet we demand that healing methods related to unraveling the inner triggers and programs of the human neurological system, the embedded spiritual attachments, and sophisticated subroutines of layered personalities be fool-proof, and to be approached in a cavalier fashion? Or that we expect sinless perfection from practitioners?

Clearly, there needs to be a disclaimer on any/all such approaches to healing and integration. No one—repeat—NO ONE SHOULD EVER ATTEMPT A COURSE IN  HEALING from massive abuse/trauma alone.

No one should ever turn their attention, mind, soul, or spirit over to another without full cognition of the risks, or without examining the practitioner’s character, intentions, and experience. AND—I will add—-any practitioner, who is knowingly hoaxing, using deceptive or harmful practices, or attempting to do anything other than restore the patient to a state of (relative)wholeness should be employed, tolerated, or left unexposed!

NO Safe Haven

But unless these modalities of healing/integration are brought out in the media and allowed to be examined; unless they are permitted to be disseminated widely enough to publicize their availability; people suffer in silence, or are paraded as freaks—or promoted as the snazzy next side show for a conference. But they remain in states of paralysis as to their well-being, and are deceived into believing that there is no way out.

Right now there is no “safe haven” for these trauma-based subjects. At best, they can heal quietly and slowly over many years and leak out their details in forums and websites. They can hope they are not stalked, abused, tracked down, or constantly impugned by the SAME AGENTS of the Satanic Cabals, military -intelligence–industrial complex, and underground human traffickers who inhabit nearly all of the same internet habitations as themselves—and worse, the ones which were sprung like traps to capture them.

It is not useful, nor compassionate (can I use that term?) to throw out healers and practitioners; methods and techniques wholesale. We may not agree with the specifics of a given practice, certain techniques MAY, in fact, be dangerous and we should be discerning and vigilant.

Untold thousands of victims of projects, since the early 20th century, perished at the hands of mad doctors so that these anti-human experiments into human engineering could produce “results”. Thousands of years were spent perfecting the rituals of demonic possession to spiritually advance the present world system of enslavement on a mass scale.

To the “elites”, such losses are simply the cost to attain control and exercise power. To anyone with a conscience it is unacceptable on any level! It is also unacceptable to allow suppression of any VALID healing techniques that can be presented, not just for the most extreme cases, but for millions who have been abused in the “normal” courses of life. We need to be careful, and vigilant to not cut off the best chances for practitioners to expose their methods to the public.

Calling Healers and Being Wise

It is, with all of the above considered (and, sorry, it was long) that I will continue to invite and encourage healers to emerge and present their methods in this space. I will add that we will be circumspect of what is presented, and the potential effects that can arise from such presentations. I have posted a WARNING! on the White Wolf Healing Path page to this effect.

I also invite those who avail themselves of the materials offered here to interact with both myself and the presenters—especially those involved in the Healing Path exercises. If you are considering using these methods, PLEASE contact us. If you are in an early stage of recovery, still having frequent abductions, shifting, or personality changes: PLEASE, consult with a qualified professional, and/or, work with someone as a “safety”.

DO NOT WORK ALONE. FOLLOW DIRECTIONS CAREFULLY. And above all, be in a safe space, away from any influences that would interfere with your progress. BEWARE of internet chat rooms, “whistleblower” websites and forums, and even casual contacts over chat and email. These are all vectors for control agents to short wire a healing and integration process.

There are NO SILVER BULLETS. But there can be “arrows in the quiver”. There are solutions, but each person does take responsibility at the first level: choose well and be discerning in all things.







  1. GREAT article Randy with extremely timely advice………….thankyou…… have tried to listen to WWA healing shows and had to exit more than once………honestly, i do not trust anyone. Period. Not for this kind of experience.

  2. Hi Randy
    Once again Steve and H-K had us on the ropes and KOd The stunned silences were real…. Like you could reach out and touch them. WHY Responsibility Compassion Point Zero this was some powerful medicine.Not to everyones taste.Maybe Compassion is used to fool/control us, our egos, may others, Select when/how we use/share/offer it. What exactly is it this compassion who benefits ME/You/us or Them, As Steve would say Who,s running the vehicle. Responsibility….. Oh No.. not more strong medicine..For me Responsibility is also about ownership…. owning the Bad stuff as well as the good, No one said it would be easy .Getting to Point Zero is the hard work …Learning to be in Full Ownership and control of Your Own vehicle.

    Talking about abuse/trauma of children made emotions run high.That we could all sense,which may have caused some resistance to the concepts of what was being said in part 2 of the interview.We all know that Old saying GET YOUR OWN HOUSE IN ORDER before YOU can Blah Blah.You have to listen to Steve from Zero Point listen keenly he reminds you to Listen to Your
    SPIRIT acknowledge SPIRIT it is there for YOU..Steve also talked about learning to Manifest what you what/need we create our own reality remember.
    Randy please ask Steve back to walk us through this, also maybe he could walk us through some of the spiritual belief systems and cultural aspects of the Aboriginal People.
    Please be remind that Mr Richards is a Healer/elder in his native community and he and his family/people/land have suffered great Abuse and Trauma.Remember the stories of his Great Great Grand Mother sold as a young girl.. kept in shackles..dieing in child birth at a young age.
    Learning to listen is strong medicine.

  3. We are the only species that can quietly flood from the eyes .
    And give way to paroxisms of open belly laughter.
    Sleep dream work is done by all species to some extent.

    All 3 of these are natures medecine remedy for our complex experience when traumatized.

    With absolutely no side effects , universally


  4. Who brought us Steve Richard and H-k YOU did.Told us all Live on Air how much you and your family have benefited from H-k even thanked Steve Himself for the positive effects you have experienced.
    How many hundreds/ thousands of OffPlanet Radio listeners heard that 1st show. With great excitement, Steve Richards and H-k is coming back, and You were co-host.
    Part 2 Q&A You put some questions to Steve and he gave YOU and US the answers remember us the Adult Listeners.
    During that Q&A exchange YOU Flipped… Reality was not to your liking.How could we tell?
    The Silences were Deafening…. The Whole Vibe/energy changed.The tone of your voice changed
    slightly frosty UH OH……Show ends.
    YOU then decide to Really Throw YOUR Toys out of the Pram.
    Blog Time NO MORE H-K for me….All trace of Steve Richards removed.YOU are on Another Path now.
    This New Path Your on…..KEEP IT TO YOURSELF.
    YOU DO Realize you Created this WHOLE situation and the OUTCOME/REALITY YOU cannot OWN up to.

    Steve Richards is an Elder, skilled and with many years experiences in the teachings/healing practices of his Native People.
    Ms Cummings YOU have behaved like a SPOIL T KID GROW UP and SHOW some Respect for
    your Elders Yourself and Others
    YOU know deep down you could have handled this a whole lot better….WHY did you get so many of us involved? Us the Listeners and the OFFPLANET family.

    Randy Maugans Comments to Keep IT Real:

    First off I have not dismissed Steve's work at all. I think it is valid, I think it has potential, and I have did not "flip", as you putit. The post have not been removed, the original audios and transcripts are still online. The response to certain of Steve's positions were human responses to very difficult truths. Does not detract from the authenticity of his work.

    Annalie may wish to comment, but this is not her blog, it is mine.
    What does not work for one person may be valuable for another.
    OPR will continue to present information and follow it wherever it goes. Please accept that humans are far more multi-dimensioonal in their responses than any preset program. What was heard on this show was simply one outcome.

  5. Response (not Reaction) to Keep IT Real:

    For someone who wants to appear on a superficial level as an ardent supporter of HK, your collection of words does not reflect that of someone who has grasped or practices the concept of POINT ZERO. This is a petty attack, one amongst many I've seen lately, and as such it is patently polarized. It is not point zero. It is a RE-action. Some of Steve's last statements to me in personal conversations I had with him off-air were to NOT REACT when faced with attacks. So firstly, you might check yourself there.

    So given that this comment is not coming from a neutral space of point zero, there are two questions that immediately become relevant to ask (you asking yourself, that is):

    a) What is your INVESTMENT in *my* personal consciousness perception of the universe? Why would you care what some other person out on the face of the Earth or cyberspace thinks? It's internal to external, by Steve's rules, not the other way around. My consciousness is EXTERNAL to you, so why are you focusing there, where you have no power whatsoever. If you want to be a person of power, exercise that in the only space in which you can: your own internal landscape.

    b) Whose game are you in? Steve talks about 'not entering the game of another' as being of paramount importance to maintaining a zero point. So whose game are you playing, why are you choosing to enter the game of another, a creation of another, by launching this petty attack? And moreover, what is the true source that is driving that force of action within you?

    Look, if you want to live your life via the HK perspective, by all means do so. People who are actually 'Keeping IT Real" around here don't feel they have to hide behind anonymity — they are comfortable using their real names, walking their walk in the public sphere when that is relevant to do, are capable of recognizing when that is no longer relevant. They also regularly exercise their own free will and choice by doing things such as taking responsibility for their own creations (ie: my personal blog) and doing what they feel is relevant with those. Exercising one's energetic freedom, no matter what brand you subscribe to, has certain hallmarks. Your expression of yourself, at least within the limited context of this blog comment, does not reflect the consciousness of someone who is exercising that form of energetic freedom to any meaningful effect.

    If you really want to practice the HK philosophy Keep IT Real, this is fine. I have NO problems with that, I have no 'rings' or targets around anyone who does so, as I stated in my own closure piece which Randy has kindly linked to. But I would encourage you do live it, sleep it, breathe it, wear it around for awhile, as I did for 5 months of my life, before you start addressing any external expressions of it which you may see mirrored in the (cyber) world around you. It's INTERNAL TO EXTERNAL, remember? Not the other way around.

    My personal exploration of HK, which happened to take a public expression by my own choice, and which did not economically benefit me in any way whatsoever, was my way of expressing my internal workings of that experience — and nothing more. I had no agenda entering upon this project, no purpose in mind, other than to share my own process of healing. I just tried something, let that play out, and learned along the way. This is called living. It is philosophy in action, and I was gracious enough to allow many others to see how it's done, what it actually looks like. Like a cave where a mother bear brings her young into the world, so is the internal landscape of any healing process. That I allowed the 'naturalist' photographers to see into that was a gift I gave to the world. That is has been attacked and vilified, like so many things these days, is just another attempt at making the sacred an abomination. Again, as I said in my personal blog, that is on those who would descecrate the sacred, not me.

    So rather than consuming the internet like it was actual living sustenance — a common practice these days by those who are too afraid to actually experience things for themselves — try living your life. If you are interested in something, try it out, actually live it at least make an honest attempt to incorporate it as a working facet of your existence. If you are brave enough, let others see you live and evolve through the experience of such as a living demonstration of embodied existence. This is what it takes to be a leader. That we happen to live in an age where real leaders who actually do this are regularly crucified before the crowds transfixed with inaction is not to be unexpected, mind you. In case you've forgotten, life is not a passive consumption experience, it's about engaging with the active side of infinity, to use an expression from Juan Matus. If you find a particular perspective of what infinity consists of doesn't fit everything else you have come to know about the world around you, as was the case with HK for me, then have the courage to say, 'this wasn't right FOR ME,' be graceful about how you make that choice and how it is expressed outwardly from your inward space, and move on. This is what I have done, and I make NO APOLOGIES for my own impeccability in how I have handled this corridor of my life. I acted with integrity, and nothing can possibly challenge that internal knowing.

    If anything, your collection of words, as I stated earlier, reflects that there is something else going on 'behind the scenes' with the HK philosophy and material, the reasons WHY it is coming to the forefront right now, all of which I have PERSONALLY come to know quite potently in the time I was working with the ideas and experiencing the effects of such. Seeing how this has played itself out, especially of late, is a primary reason why I have chosen to withdraw from incorporating it into my working world view of how to navigate and interact with the world around me. There is a layer embedded in HK that you are not being told about on the surface levels which we explored in the radio shows. You'll have to discover this for yourself, there is NO other way. If you wish to understand this, ask some pointed questions of yourself and of HK, delve into the experiences of your own life and any philosophy you are wont to adopt, and then you might actually have some ground to stand upon from which to fling your arrows. An empty quiver does you no good in a place where the battle is real, and must be lived to be believed.

  6. I am not feeling as brave as Annalie because I want no further attacks on my person by people that I thought were a source of healing. I will not reveal my name for that reason and I was hesitant even about posting. I would advise people to read all of what Annalie says. Sometimes in life healers talk a very good game and things may appear above board before we, indeed, determine they are not, and sometimes it takes time. There are others like me that understand Annalie's experiences, which she DOES NOT talk about or address in the last interview or her above post. She has a family she needs to protect, too. Annalie's only crime was that she wanted to help others, and she thought in her heart she she was helping others by sharing her experiences.

    It can be like a tuber or onion. Sometimes the surface shines and the initial layers seem healthy and vibrant, just as darkness can sometimes have a light-filled wrap, but once the core is reached, sometimes there is a darkness and ignorance and rot that may become evident only at the core, or a core that cannot support the outer layers. Beware.

    When people make comments or pronouncements in reaction to others, such as the poster above Annalie, they are very often not aware of all the events that have actually transpired between the lines. In this case, it would be advisable that people think about this. I can only say: Be very, very careful because what appears as a panacea can often not be as it appears. I will not go into details because I want no further attacks.

    I will say it again: Be aware because the talk may not have an inner walk you are prepared to encounter. It may not have the wisdom of the ages you thought. I am not talking about facing the realities of past lives. I am talking about the core of the healer, which Annalie does not speak of and which I chose not to also.


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