Hosting Freedom Reigns with Deatra and Drake

I have been asked to host the Thursday evening Freedom Reigns show on BlogTalk Radio which will feature Drake, along with Deatra Loomer. This is an opportunity for me to ask important questions, and for the audience to share knowledge on the basics of freedom. While many are skeptical about the announcements made by Drake in the David Wilcock interview (and I have been among them), and quite fairly feel that some issues have not been addressed; it would be irresponsible to ignore what is occurring both in the US and globally at this time.

I will note that there will be no open chatroom on BlogTalk, but WolfSpirit Radio will host a chatroom—and it WILL be closely watched. Questions that YOU may wish to have asked should be posted as comments to this blog post…PLEASE, no emails. Also, I am NOT an “expert” on common law, strawman, or any other subjects, but have studied the freedom movement and their methods for 10 years…we will share the collective wisdom, often called “crowd-sourcing”.

Freedom Reigns with Deatra, Drake, and Randy Maugans

by Mz Mugzzi

Thursday April 26, 2012 – 6-8 PM-EST | 5-7 PM-Central| 3-5 PM-PST

Call in to speak with the host: (646) 649-0866
Updates with Drake and Deatra on current events.

Randy Maugans will be covering topics such as Common Law, Strawman, and Birthcerticate.  Learn where the laws are now currently, and how we are changing back to the law of the land. Learn how your Strawman is being used.  You could be worth more than you know. 


  1. Questions for Drake:

    1) We have already witnessed the dismantlement of the U.S. Constitution and the mountain of laws being passed by Congress making almost everything illegal and turning the USA into a pseudo Fascist state. Is Soetoro/Obama subject to these 2012 Mass Arrests?

    2) Is it possible that the 2012 Mass Arrest plan proposed by Drake's network has been surveilled by CIA time travel for some time and this plan may have already been infiltrated by the CIA or counter-measures initiated?

    3) Why the focus on individual criminal prosecution rather than on institutional transformation? Without the transformation of institutions, it is likely that the elimination of targeted individuals will, in time, lead to another crop of leaders of the international war crimes racketeering organization and the same New World Order in place, functionally. I raise this issue because Drake speaks vaguely of long-term goals, without any specific plans to remedy the economic and constitutional ills he rightly seeks to remedy.

    4) The vast majority of the MSM-programmed public still have their heads firmly planted in the sand. Could such a plan be easily co-opted into a manipulated "insurgents vs. loyalists" constitutional civil war in the USA effectuating rioting and a Police State?

  2. Questions for Drake:

    1. Remembering that the information coming out of your mouth reflects on you, why bother to report on rubbish worthy of the National Enquirer, like Clinton's partying in Colombia, or on unconfirmed information since this can reflect negatively on your credibility? I want meat, not hearsay.

    2. First you reported there would be mass arrests over a 3 day period, and then amended this to one at a time arrests of important individuals, but gave no explanation of why the change in plans? This leaves me with the impression that the people you are hearing from haven't thought out their plans very well to be changing them at the last minute, or are not giving you solid information.

    What is meant by one a time arrests? Given there are, perhaps, thousands to be arrested, wouldn't this take years?

    3. I believe you referred to the Red Chinese troops in Mexico as "friendlies." Are you simply speculating or do you know this for a fact?

  3. I listened to another Drake interview today. Drake spoke of lawn grooming and gardening tips, homeopathic remedies, coffee recipes – generally good advice – the type I received from my grandparents decades ago – accompanied by some Bible verses and his thoughts about what it would be like to live in his Utopian vision of life on Earth after his Master Plan has been executed. However, he again made no attempt to provide any type of road map or compass to get us from point A to point B. His plan of transformation still remains largely secretive and vague, and his responses to questions of this nature were answered simply by stating, “I cannot reveal that information right now.”

    1) Does Drake believe that, like Wilcock, “good aliens” are going to intervene to save humanity from the clutches of the sinister NWO cabal?

    2) Drake appears rather naïve and seems to possess scant knowledge of the caliber of technology that the Military Industrial Complex has availability to and, moreover, a willingness to use on US citizens. The Occupy Movement was a fascinating social experiment that provided an excellent barometer in terms of what we should expect from law enforcement in response to peaceful demonstrators who were met with pepper spray, tasers, rubber bullets, tear gas and flash grenades. Is Drake aware of Active Denial System or any other forms of directed-energy weaponry? How does Drake propose civilians protect themselves against this type of arsenal?

  4. Question for Drake.

    By what authority or right does Drake consider it acceptable for Americans to arrest citizens of other countries in other countries?

    If he is not suggesting this course of action, how does he think these "criminals" will be arrested?

  5. Question for Drake:

    Where will the notices, 24 hour in advance of the takeover, be posted?

  6. I have to say that your interview with Drake was the most spot on yet. You asked good questions and didn't get too starry eyed and delusional. Your questions were spot on and instead of interrupting you let him speak and really helped clarify things and elucidate his points. I don't know what to think myself. I am hopeful, but skeptical myself. I am telling others (those unfamiliar with the conspiracy theory ideas) to watch Thrive as a good starting point to understand the problem at hand. It may not offer the solutions necessary, but it's a good place to start to help people understand the scale of this problem and start to see the forest for the trees.

  7. Gosh Randy, I am really disturbed by something I have discovered. According to this source, it appears as if Deatra Marie Loomer was arrested April 18 by LCSO and charged with felonious false pretense. Under common law, false pretense is defined as a representation of a present or past fact, which the thief knows to be false, and which (s)he intends will and does cause the victim to pass title of his property. That is, false pretense is the acquisition of title from a victim by fraud or misrepresentation of a material past or present fact.

    Randy, did Deatra or Drake or anybody else make you aware of this arrest prior to the Drake interview a week later?

    Read more:


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