Hurricane Sandy’s Impact on the Net and Media Hosting

We apologize for the performance issues with our media files since last week. As of today, we are experiencing severe lags in our media hosting. Audios may take longer to load into the players, you may also experience buffering and long periods of time to download from the links. Both our website hosting company and our media hosting companies are locarted in New York City data centers, and while they have maintained service, in many cases they are working under adverse and reduced capacities. The article below explains some of the issues.

We look forward to a full recovery, and to the recovery of the people who have been injured, displaced, and suffered losses due to Hurrican Sandy. Pleas ebe patient, and know we are doing all we can to serve your needs.

-Randy Maugans, OffPlanet Radio


Hurricane Sandy devastated the East Coast on Monday, causing massive flooding and millions without power. In today’s statement insurance consulting firm Eqecat said that the power outages “will trigger significantly more insured losses…than were expected” from a typical Category 1 storm of Sandy’s intensity. According to the firm’s new estimates, insured losses are likely to reach $20 billion with total economic damage potentially reaching as high as $50 billion.

Hurricane Sandy Impacts Internet


Hurricane Sandy’s Impact on the Internet

The impact of Hurricane Sandy on the web has focused, in part, on the flooding of three data centers in Lower Manhattan. Back up generator systems that relied on pumps to refuel generators were destroyed. Additionally, there have been reports of outages from major data hubs and other data center facilities are running solely on backup generator power.
However, a major concern, that Amazon’s East Coast data center would go down, did not occur. Analysts predict that Amazon’s Cloud housed at this location accounts for roughly 1% of the internet.
New York City is among the world’s foremost data hubs. As a result of the outages Dotcom-Monitor has observed some Internet processes shifting away from New York City.  Specifically, some network administrators have shifted Internet routing in order to propagate new domain name server (DNS) paths to West Coast back-up systems.

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