James Horak-The Cat’s Paw

James Horak-The Cat’s Paw

James Horak is an independent researcher and discloser, who is decidedly outside the streams of so-called internet “whistleblower” projects. Both an insider and outsider, he fearlessly tells hard truths that most do not wish to hear…because it is not what they have been “fed” by the appointed agents of the mis-direct.  James’ work into alternative research may be found at: http://emvsinfo.blogspot.com/ He is a recurring guest on OffPlanet Radio.

Discerning Competing Theories:

Merely exposing the agents of mis-direct, such as Richard Hoagland—and their ringmasters (we know who they are) is not enough. If the masses believe it, it is likely a fabricated tale, with fabricated fictions that mingle enough truth to be convincing and enough lies to assure you will never find the correct rabbit hole. Such is the case with 9-11…and the “pet theories” which abound.

Case in point: Dr. Judy Wood and her elabotrate theory of directed energy weapons a the cause of the collapse of the trade center towers on 9-11-2001. She has received huges volumes of media exposure, and the unconditional support of many theorists. Theorists, however, should look closer, before adoptin any theory as a cause célèbre, and bear in mind Ocam’s Razor (the principle which generally recommends that, from among competing hypotheses, one should consider the one that makes the fewest new assumptions). Abiding in this simple rule will eliminate vast amounts of confusion, and cut off the largesse of the professionals who mine the internet for plunder and profit.

“I would never lie. I willfully participate in a campaign of misinformation.” - Fox Mulder (X Files)

The Cat’s Paw by James Horak

It is a shame that even alternative investigations into events whose evidence of orchestration is profound stumble upon predilection themselves so often associated with that of the dissembling media. And that they ultimately lead, themselves, to the growing disbelief among the public that truth in inapproachable.

Conspiracy theorists should never adopt an agenda for this reason, for in fact, such an agenda can become even more of a cover-up than the assumed intention of conspirators to cover their tracks. Mere preference of one theory over another, until ALL are closely studied, is like a cat’s paw, that gently, seemingly unobtrusively pats misdirection and bias into the avenues of escape of its prey.

When the bearer of a conspiracy theory will not submit to close examination of their material by those posing contrary theories, but maintains a dogmatic and inexplicable reluctance to do so, often denigrating those presenting any such alternative, the warning flags should arise. To the extent that Dr. Judy Wood has done this, suggests she is just such a mechanism, wittingly or unwittingly, to cat paw others from examining possibly even better theories than her own…even those that can go so much further in naming the very culprits responsible for 9/11.

In science, the simplest explanation for an anomalous phenomena must be considered first, then we move on to the more complex. Dr. Wood defies this, even in the face of assertions that the devices able to particularize the Twin Towers and Building Seven were in place since their construction. This alternative theory is based on that of Dimitri Khalesov in his work, “The Third Truth”, and has behind it information afforded the Soviet Union agency responsible for monitoring the use of thermonuclear devices among all nations subscribing to the Non-Proliferation Treaty in force at the time the Twin Towers were built AND the Sears Building in Chicago.

Dimitri claims all three (four adding Building Seven) were installed with these devices in order to satisfy staunch building codes in order to prove controlled demolition was available should the structures have to be brought down…in the least harmful way to surrounding structures.

What backs up Dimitri’s work over that of Dr. Wood is not just the Principle of Simplicity, but details like the topmost floors of the Twin Towers falling intact while everything below was particularized into dust (even papers in those top floors were fluttering in the air as the buildings fell), and that the damage to the corner of the armory diagonally across the street from Building Seven was perfectly within Dimitri’s “zone of particularization”, which he drew based on the known extent of the devices used.

Had this been Dr. Wood’s scalar weapon the particularization could not have avoided the same effect on those top floors since it would have had to be directed from above because of the other high structures around. There were also the minute iron spheroids found in the dust, which is characteristic of a thermonuclear device.

Note that we are discussing what particularized the buildings, NOT everything that was present, like thermite charges and whatever hit the buildings initially….all somewhat useful to cloaking other, more compelling factors.

Why would Dr. Wood and her exotic theory be given so much attention? Possibly the same reason Mr. Assange, reporting from another quarter (and trying to debunk the whole of the Truther movement) was so abundantly notarized. Both left the question of those actually responsible for 9/11 as remote from finding after their appearance, as it was before. While Dimitri Khalesov can name its mastermind.

The Truther movement has oddly avoided examining Khalesov’s work.  Enough so, that they would fail make the obvious effort to locate documents on the construction of the now-standing Sears Building in Chicago to learn just how it satisfied the requirements to get its building permit.

 There are cat paws and then there are “rats in the woodpile.”

 James Horak, Dec. 23, 2011



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  1. I entertain the notion that a number of methods were used. It's an illuminati calling card to have a number of different explanations for on event. It confuses people and as far as I can see it works.


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