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Kerry Cassidy on Drake and “The Plan”

Drake Interview-04-26-2012-from Freedom Reigns BlogTalk Radio , The “Drake” States Sovereignty Documents Posted, See: Drake-All links

Always one to be convinced that she delivers the definitive “take” on events outside her control…Kerry Cassidy weighed in on Drake and “The Plan”. Cassidy, who is considered by some to be one of the more thorough researchers on the net, when in fact, has a very narrow focus based on her own (or those of her own “cartel’s”) agenda and worldview. In the audio clip below, and her subsequent blog post, she thoroughly spins the entire Drake interview into a few concise nuggets gleaned from her out-of-focus, ripped from context manner. It would also appear that Cassidy and David Wilcock have seperated paths…at least as far as Drake is concerned.

An excerpt from the April 9, 2012 Kerry Cassidy interview with Maxine Taylor at http://awakentothetruth.com/

Kerry’s blog post from April 13 or 14 (hard to tell as there are no date stamps):


Keep this in mind when Drake tells you to stay home and turn on your TV and wait for further “instructions”….
click here for the Gil Scott Heron rendition of his poem-song “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised”.  He was the originator of the phrase.  Now given that the references are dated and this is not just for ‘black people’ but for all people this time around… It is a revolution of consciousness.
Why do I say that for those not understanding what “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” MEANS… it means it will be LIVE and it will not be something “handled” by the men with guns on your behalf.  To bring this concept up to the present day … the point is if you want change you must first change yourself and then take action.  
What I object to in Drake’s original interview with David Wilcock is the paternalistic tone and telling people to lock their doors stay inside and turn on their TV and wait for further instructions and re-education.    
This is a revolution by and for the people and must be orchestrated from within.  It will not happen on one day and it will not be sold to you along with conventional media spin or products to get you through the night.  It will require you to turn on, tune in and take part.  

THE REVOLUTION WILL NOT BE TELEVISED – UpdatedKeep this in mind when Drake tells you to stay home and turn on your TV and wait for further “instructions”….
click here for the Gil Scott Heron rendition of his poem-song “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised”.  He was the originator of the phrase.  Now given that the references are dated and this is not just for ‘black people’ but for all people this time around… It is a revolution of consciousness.Why do I say that for those not understanding what “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” MEANS… it means it will be LIVE and it will not be something “handled” by the men with guns on your behalf.  To bring this concept up to the present day … the point is if you want change you must first change yourself and then take action.  What I object to in Drake’s original interview with David Wilcock is the paternalistic tone and telling people to lock their doors stay inside and turn on their TV and wait for further instructions and re-education.    
This is a revolution by and for the people and must be orchestrated from within.  It will not happen on one day and it will not be sold to you along with conventional media spin or products to get you through the night.  It will require you to turn on, tune in and take part.  


I did not have time to review this clip prior to my Drake interview, but had read her blog post. People who listen carefully to the interview, and to Drake’s replies will have many of the “issues” raised by Cassidy answered. Here are a few points of difference worth addressing:

  • Cassidy asserts that the plan as outlined by Drake “is in all intents and purposes a coup..”
  • A big push right now…a huge desire to paint a picture…that we are going into a golden age…putting on blinders…they can then make that happen.” She terms this an “Illuminati philosophy”. She then blathers on about creators and announces that creation “without a spirit is dead…robotic…a Project Blue Beam kinda thing..and you can be taken over.”
  • She also talks about knowing Drake and his group, and where he comes from..”what is it their intentions really are when they talk about sitting in your home and just allowing this changing of the guard to occur…a paternalistic approach.”
  • Cassidy intones a “revolution in consciousness” and an energy shift…
  • She then goes to the remarks made by Drake and Wilcock about “killing off the perpetrators of the NWO”…”vengence and blood” and “the Illuminati track”.

Answering Cassidy’s points:

  • From a strictly linguistic view, “The Plan” is, in fact, a coup which, according to Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, is a “OVERTURN, an UPSET”. What Cassidy infers is that a coup is necessarily violent in nature (coup de grace) or an insurrection (coup d’etat) that overturns a LEGITIMATE authority. Rhetorically, she twists the word to fit her particular bias, and inserts a negative context. The following points negate and refute Cassidy’s statement:

     Based upon Drake’s original interview with David Wilcock (transcript here),in the subsequent interviews (posted here), and in the latest interview which I conducted, it is very clear that the initiation of this process is derived from a lawful, peaceful process which re-aserts the original foundations of the United States (not UNITED STATES)via the founding documents. 

    That present and former military operatives, inside the Pentagon, as well as insiders in the government, intelligence agencies, financial, and legal institutions, who are of a higher moral conscience, have long felt that the nation had gone terminally rougue from its founding principles; and that plans have been in formation for decades to eventually move against the military-industrial-intellignece-banking-corporate cartel that had take power over the U.S. and the globe; demonstrates an internal expression of the national will to retain a free, accountable, and transparent government, based on founding principles.

    That the legitimate military officers, non-commissioned, and enlisted troops operate under the authority of their oaths, the UCMJ, and the procedures outlined in the Armed Services Field Manuals; and that defending the nation against “enemies foreign and domestic”, is a prime directive. The military,in this capacity, therefore operates under a de jure mandate that is neither martial law or insurrection; nor does it violate the Posse Comitatus Act of 1807. 

    Terming “The Plan”, outlined by Drake, as a “coup”, is based on Cassidy’s biased speculation, and is a statement of sheer sophistry; an out-of-context distortion of the intents, as outlined repeaterdly (listen to Drake’s 03-17-2012, “Address To The Troops“). Such inference by Cassidy, simply lends false credibility to the fiction of legitimacy perpetrated by the present cabal-led faction of foreign bankers and murderers who wreak mayhem over the planet. You need to ask: WHO does Kerry Cassidy REALLY speak for?

  • While Drake communicates the desire for an orderly series of events to occur, and is optimistic that The Plan can be accomplished with minimal interruption, no thinking person can believe this process will be painless or without pitfalls under the best circumstances. The men and women behind the scenes are VERY cognizant of the serious nature of the proceedings, and are grounded in a sober respect for the spiritual roots of such actions.

    Drake has repeatedly outlined steps that can be taken by EVERYONE to help assure a peaceful transition, and he has also stated that people MUST be proactive, involved, vigilant, and ready to withstand temporary (not defined) hardships. While he may be a bit “homey” in his narrative, he is also grounded in the realism of a boots-on-the-ground soldier who has experienced the horrors of war. Again, we advise actually READING/LISTENING…IN CONTEXT…the full outline. ANd also THINKING TROUGH what may be involved in a perilous undertaking! 

    The “Illuminati philosophy” is, was, and always will be an INVERSION of true spirtual principles—even the term, “illumined” is a dark appropriation of genuine spiritual truths. Used, as it is, in the context of Cassidy’s narrative in the audio, it is simply another device to distort the intent and moral character of the people behind “The Plan”. As usual with Kerry, she injects buzz words and dangles dark phrases like “Blue Beam” to instill the fear memes she has spent years spinning and looping out into the infosphere. Her assertion that “without a spirit” (this) would be a “dead creation” is likewise more of her rhetorical twisting of what is actually outlined.

  • IF Kerry actually “knows the people behind this movement”, as she states: WHY ARE THEY NOT TALKING TO HER? Certainly, Project Camelot still has significant enough page view numbers (for now…) to make it one of the more desirable places to air an honest interview with Drake…she may tell you she is not interested…or is it the opposite? What does that infer?

    She further implies that “Drake and his group” are a mechanism to ensnare, blind, and “take away the power” of the people of the U.S.—she is very deft at the veiled inferences…but, herself steadfastly resists giving up her own positions on where SHE stands. Drake has outlined (again) positive actions that the people will need to initiate through the process. He is circumspect in cautioning agaisnt ENGAGING any military, but also adamant that the military WILL act in accordance with their field manuals regarding the civilian population. 

    It is, admittedly, one of the more “dicey” issues involved in this undertaking, that: both the military are acting lawfully, AND that the populace are properly informed about the action—and it is of genuine concern. But using fear imagery and veiled assaults on the honor of those involves does not serve the legitimate issues in such a grave endeavor. (Addressed as well in my interview)

  • Fixing on a single (again out-of-context) statement made by Drake and re-fashioning it as: “sitting in your home and just allowing this changing of the guard to occur…” is a classic tar baby wielded by Cassidy to infer that a passive stance is being promoted by Drake et al,  and is is a nearly complete fabrication. Passivity and blind obedience to authority is the opposite spirit of the one outlined by Drake in all of presentations.
  • The “revolution in consciousness” and an energy shift…” cited by Cassidy (in her rambling narrative)IS the issue at hand! Again…this has been addressed by MANY, including David Wilcock, Ben Fulford, as well asJames Martinez (in two interviews here )and nearly all of my guests. It is THE guiding principle behind the TIMING of this execution, which has been in formation for over a decade. While vortexes and tunneling energy waves are all very cool, consciousness change manifests in the WILL and DESIRE of people to change…the interest in what Drake has talked about is significant enough to warrant being a “game changer”.
  • Regarding the statements made about “..killing off the perpetrators of the NWO”“vengence and blood”…Drake has made concise philosophical remarks that must be taken fully in the CONTEXT (big, big requirement) of possible scenarios”: 

    It is David Wilcock who states: “If someone has done massive, massive harm to others — and that includes torturing people, killing people in large numbers, doing it with a sadistic glee and with people who are innocent — then we, as a society, do have the right to issue a death penalty.”(from MASS ARRESTS: David Interviews Drake — Transcript!)

    It is also fair to state that Drake does insert his own values into his talks…as does David Wilcock, and many others in the dialog about this plan. The public discussion is going RIGHT NOW!, on YouTube, websites, blogs, and radio shows. It is total hyperbole to fashion Drake, and the people behind “The Plan” as mindless agents of vendetta, and it was David Wilcock who noted this in the interview by stating:

“I think that people have a right to a trial by jury. I think that doing a bunch of shooting at the beginning is a terrible mistake. It makes us no better than the people that we’re attempting to supersede.” 

Kerry Cassidy is NOT part of this discussion. In her present role she is little more than agent provocatuer in service to her own personal and media bias, and employs distortion where a level, journalistic tone would better serve. Shading the process of a people trying to organize a liberation effort as “the Illuminati track” should tell us all we need to know about Kerry Cassidy’s integrity in presenting facts—AND give clues as to where  she actually does stand in any proactive movements that convey a true “consciousness shift”. 

Anyone who reads this blog knows that I have tried to balance my skepticism of “The Plan” with an intent to check out facts and intention; and corellate data from both the inside, and external indicators of what can be callled a “movement” in formation. Humanity is both tragically flawed, and ingenously resilliant, and any movement is fraught with peril.

Besides restoring the United States to a LAWFUL government, consider: disclosure of all “black projects”, suppressed technologies, Satanic Ritual Abuse cults, pedophile rings, and the massive financial plunder—worldwide–as well as the disclosure and end to the MKUltra-style mind control programs, sexual rings, and Blackwater-type mercenaries that have tarnished the U.S. military’s image! 

Being a media “drama queen” for her own brand of exotic, mystical mumbo jumbo and para-politcs is Kerry Cassidy’s specialty…not assessing the merits of a serious discussion of a framework that has potential to end the tragic cycles of war, death, and poverty which have inflicted for millenia upon mankind. Our odds are narrow. We need truth and deep introspection…not more hubristic, shallow opinions from a non-journalist.

(Aside: I have been privy to the INTERNATIONAL media interest in interviewing Drake, and of other nations who are seeking help for similar efforts—GLOBALLY. Drake is about to penetrate more mainstream media venues in the very near term. It is apparent that this movement has some real “legs“…more on that soon)





  1. Caution, research, conscience, intuition and focus could resume what every person on the planet deals with at exactly a same Earth/Gaia/Sophia instant of time towards any surrounding happening. A baggage capital of an individual's bloodlines, education and experiences does not form (yet) the trip to collective composed interests.

    You can focus on the tip of an iceberg and forget the other hidden 4/5ths (caution). I've read/watched most from Benjamin Fulford, David Wilcock, Kerry Cassidy, the White Hats and so many other points of views (research) but carefully replayed every interview given by "Drake" (intuition).

    It may seem that "Drake" appeared out of the blue; I think it was a coincidence of the timing in "The Plan" before the next steps are taken.

    Many people from many nations, and not only amongst Americans, have absolutely no notion of what all humanity has been facing since nearly the beginnings of (our) time – and that imposes many years of researching and studying to even start getting a hazed outline of the picture (intuition).

    "Drake" has been leaving pebbles behind, like Tom Thumb. "The Plan" initiated itself among individuals who had access to more hidden knowledge than others, the world round. More than 30 years ago (most probably realizing that the 3rd Reich was very much alive and still kicking as the 4th Reich, disguised as a 'new world order', through Operation Paperclip and Majestic 12 papers) ! Their conscience lead them to appear as individual Spartacuses who linked over the years, forever keeping low profiles, staying anonymous, many being killed, dealing with the treacherous and treason, constantly reaping documents and analyzing secure issues to unchain Freedom.

    Only some miitary had access to such sources. Only the military know the depths of the intimate modus operandis they were taught by the sociopathic 'masters' (cabalists). They took these know-hows and use them now against. A long, long road. If the cabalists had really such power as claimed with their illusion makings and perpetual stoking of fears, our planet would not exist anymore: ever thought about that? So, there are Achille's tendons in their mental structure…

    The cabalists – the 13 bloodlines – thrive on the power they gave to money like we, humans, need to breathe oxygen to survive. Albert Pike threw on paper the cabals' constitution and the agenda about three programed world wars to achieve their 'thousand years of peaceful plenitude' (sic! If you search a little, you will discover that he was paid by a Rothschild for that work…). They dugged dig to build their DUMBs and cities to hide and survive when the nuclear button was to be pressed on the surface for their WWIII – H.G. Wells even wrote the scenario in his Time Machine about the 'Morlocks' and the human food slaves…

    Back to "Drake". The US constitutional situation was the first logical step that had to be cleaned up definitely. All following steps depended on it and extreme confidential measures were an absolute obligation. Regardless, here, of the people's reactions. Most Americans just never realized that their country had always been Rothschild property. Never forget against whom they are still dealing. England is also a Rothschild/The City property if you brush up History since King George III (the Hanover German bloodline)! It was B. Fulford who broke the news from inside sources (an Illuminati whistleblower it seems) about Queen Victoria being another Rothschild sideblow, like Hitler, a grandson. You just don't hand out your road map to the foes – they have never been and never will be mankind's friends.

    The cabalists realized what was cooking only when the file was on its way to La Haye (dixit "Drake"). The cabalists fought every possible way to block its arrival and notification. They lost. America won. Step 2 of "The Plan" started.

    The implosions and sealing off of various DUMBs, many interconnected, hit the sub-line news (rarely the official medias). Nowhere to hide, no access to the double panels of control or their highly sophisticated laboratories… If humanity is nuked, the cabalists are nuked. Maybe one or two of the living quarters of underground cities were intentionally left: imagine a fish-packed concentration of cabalists herded together and the entrance sealed off… The FEMA idea.

    Step 3, cutting off the cabalists life-line. Money. We have noticed these sudden resignations among top CEO bankers around the world. Accelerating as from the La Haye's reception of the file. Practically all the big banks privately belong to the Rothschild financial group, the money-maker for the 13 bloodlines (the Rockefeller bloodline specializes in world depopulation). Like the Federal Reserve. Then you have the United Nations, also headed in reality by the Rothschilds. The U.N. is the owner of the IMF (International Monetary Fund) and the IMF is the private owner of … the Internal Revenue Services (I.R.S.). America is still paying back to the Rothschilds the perpetual interest reputed due since the 1770s, as both North and South borrowed from them. Never forget that the Debt system is the illusion world of faking virtual money with a bankster's computer. So, transfers can also be traced both sides through the cabalists' SWIFT system based in Belgium. Satellites have so many piloting uses, like e.Voting in our names…

    As David Wilcock developed and published his Financial Tyranny, we followed the Gold-line and the tons of it that were either stolen since the beginning of last century or stocked out of the public eye and official ledgers. Now, if this gold suddenly reappeared, there is sure to be bloody payback claims the world over and many aspects that the cabalists would be obliged to justify regarding the off-ledger figures plus the fake tungsten plated stocks in circulation. So, we now spot a slight amount of panic surfacing where the cabalists stand and by all evidence, some of their ex economic hit men turned into retailers if I understand the recent reports edited by the White Hats. The cabalists are doing their best to suck what is still left in the European nations as only one, Iceland, stood up as a whole – politicians and people – and said "Drop Dead" to the banksters!

    The hunt is open and they bleed. Step 4. "Drake" comes out, assuming the role of public relations for "The Plan". The line is very thin between "The Plan" and a "Coup d'Etat" for the moment. Kerry crossed the line but her recent interviews reveal a lady very tired, very mentally drained where the ego-stress just kicked in. She'll get over it. Everyone may think loud from time to time but it doesn't mean i'm obliged to buy. Coup is French, pronounced 'coo'. Preparing a 'coup' is like gambling, or a hit. Coup d'état is more serious: it means either a military or civilian physical takeover of the authority in place. "Drake" has broached the difference tactfully and factfully. If a 'coup' (coup d'état) had been the only target, Mr Obama would no longer be sitting in the White House at this moment! "The Plan" is visibly for the People, with the People (Step 4). It's easy and reasonable to understand that the next steps do not need thousands of armed civilians shooting around in all corners by fear and disrupting swift planned captures. If you want to stop what you have been enduring for so long, it's impossible to leave the vampires stuck in your throats and pretend they're not there! Physically impossible considering what the cabalists really are… Think Different as Steve Jobs used to say.

    There are most probably many more steps and even if a sort of Nuremberg Trial is formalized, the near hardest will still be for the many Americans who have been packed all their lives in city cimen
    t just like the Romans parked their slave quarters on the outskirts of their beautiful homes, for easy access when whistled for. If the day comes when all our lost technology, that was revealed to Nicola Tesla, surfaces to the open (thank you for that, Lockheed Martin) all will then realize just how far treason went.

    The hardest still will be to relearn the difference between spirituality and churchianity.

    However, more steps are still to unfold, the cabalists are still breathing and North Korea, with its huge stock of arms that the cabalists have been patiently and confidentially sending over these last decades, seems the next spot to watch ever so carefully. It is not just the outcome of America that is being played: it's all of humanity.

    I may be frequently in my garden, but my thoughts are intense and like yours they are an emission of scalar waves that I direct towards one objectif. Join in with me. And thank you "Drake & Co".

  2. Forgive me ahead of time for any inappropriate behavior and or language but damn! So much social engineering on all sides these days. Fuck these guys, really all of them. They áll seem to be doing so well directing the troops and giving us their Intel and opinions that I can hardly think for my self. Kerry too, I'm sure she 's putting her minor in socialology to good use. There is no "America " there is no government solution which means there 's nothing to take back since it was a myth from the founding fathers from the word go. Admiralty law and beans, all of it.
    Love your neighbors, love your family, know your self. This litterally is all you can do. Through your love and knowledge you will be able to help, provide and protect. Ignore these posers and drama queens.

  3. Dave-

    On one level, I agree with you: metaphysically, ALL human structures like governments are largely illusory and transient. To quote the Police, "We are spirits in a material world." That said, we are also co-creators on the physical plane of this segment of reality that affects the human soul journey. This was pretty deeply addressed by Drake in the interview we held, as well.

    That said, taking passive stances, allowing evil to prevail over common good, and actually initiating FORCE against billions of souls on this present Earth time line is unacceptable. Here in duality good and evil do exist and are met by choices we make to act. Loving one another does not include letting the neighbor die in a ditch when we can use our creative powers and intentions to create better options. Human creators are flawed, their creations are flawed, but there are distinctions between humanly flawed, and supernaturally evil.

    The present battle is SPIRITUAL—and Kerry Cassidy did note that in her remarks, to her credit. The distinctions come with understanding the fear-based mentality which Project Camelot projects unto the human collective conciousness through endless streaming of dark "intel", and a more solutions-based "meme" projected by "The Plan". Drake's entire outline can, and will fail utterly in the face of indifference, negativity, and passivity. It takes love and knowledge, and a will to lay down your own life for others.

    There was an America, and it was stolen, inch-by-inch, by deceptive evil spirits who lured humanity into their own "plan" of sitting by and allowing others to direct the collective stream of consciousness using trauma-based social conditioning of endless wars and cycles of want. The Plan, any plan, crafted by humans is a framework: we can choose to give energy to positive change, or allow inertia to continue the pull towards destruction and negative soul paths…"ascension" is a positive path coupled with deliberate actions…not some airy-fairy "wish upon a star".

    Like I stated: this conversation is occurring NOW.

  4. Randy, have you considered that those evil spirits may have been lurking behind every action in recorded history for at least 5000 years? Recorded human history IS the history of the takeover of the human race by a malevolent force. And sorry, but that includes America.

    Humans have had free will, and often good intentions, but every act is taken, exploited and corrupted. The more idealistic our actions the easier they are to manipulate into negative outcomes. ("The road to hell is paved with good intentions" takes on new meaning in the light of this.)

    I agree with Dave on this one. The problem is one for the human race to solve. It is not an American problem and will not be solved by an American solution.

  5. This woman should be the last to preach "caution" to anyone when we look at the people to whom she has given validation, some of whom ended up being ASIO and CIA operatives who were planted for the express purpose of destroying Camelot and succeeded. IT IS NOT A COUP and this becomes obvious when one bothers to investigate.
    Also I have heard Cassidy preach the power of the collective mind and how we can change our reality through our consciousness, yet here she claims it's not a valid means of altering our time line.
    Shame on you Kerry, you're starting to sound like Alex Jones who sees his job being threatened by the idea of an "enlightenment" a time when the Cabal is broken up and there aren't any bad guys to chase.
    Just this morning I heard her interview with Jay Weidner where she acknowledged that there were masses of people from the Cabal who were jumping ship, going "off planet" now why would they be doing that Kerry ? What's the deal with this woman, she's totally inconsistent in her views.

  6. Please be careful. You are being deliberately turned against one another. No-one is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone has their likes and dislikes. Strong women like Kerry often lack grace – which is to be expected given the harsh and cruel lives strong women are forced to live. You do not have the right to hate her and punish her because you do not like or understand her, and certainly not because she has made mistakes. "To err is human". Your attitudes are harsh and cruel. Remember, "There but for the grace of god go I".

  7. Surely cognitive dissonance is rampant, agreed. The indigenous populations to the south may be the judgment that comes to pass here. What broiught about the French Revolution may find fertile ground here on a much larger scale. Moreover, how many times in the past has the Creator used such a people for just such a purpose?

    We have been slaughtering babies for about 40 years now and that is but one stench that reaches Him. But civil war? Don't think so. If it does come to that it is out of manipulation and not grass roots revolt.

    Open revolt, rioting and flare ups will surely erupt with increasing spontaneity as the lost grapple for something to cling to. It is out of that which undesireable elements within society exploit gaps within the power structure of society and prey on the weaker ones. Nothing new going on here. It has just has been a while since such things have happened here. The balkanization of the U.S. is about complete. Either the people wake up and find common ground that brings out the best of people or the one world government will continue its multicultural agenda of grinding society down to the lowest common denominator and turning the masses into sheeple. It is a voluntary system that is about to shift gears into something larger than life. Those that propose we reorganize government or return to a more grass roots way of life are misguided and are dangerous. Government never was and never will be the answer. Congress is an aristocracy under another name and power over you is their game. They sold their souls many decades ago and yet the sheeple think that voting will change the face of government. Ever stop to ask yourself who counts the votes?

    Seems to me that the system has been rigged for some time now. Even the Magna Carta is but a myth that inspires many in ignorance. It is not the pen to paper that empowers a people. It is what they believe and the actions they take in their daily lives according to those beliefs. Then can the walls be torn down and Babel be razed asunder.

  8. Well,

    Dave is certainly a lost cause.. An old bitter man that likes to take stabs at people behind their backs.

    When it becomes time to "come clean" people like Dave and Brockbrader will be the one in the line of fire… It does not pay to lie, manipulate and do poor research.. if anything you do a good job at devaluing your own statements, past, present and future.

    Get real and stop acting like jealous little girls.

    That would be good progress, but from grown men like you it should be a given.


  9. NOTE: Tommy (above comment) is the webmaster for Kerry Cassidy and Project Camelot.

    Take this back to Kerry, please: NOTHING we have reported here, or on WSR are what can be called LIES. I have personally vetted the best information I can find and given Kerry/Camelot the benefit of doubt on many issues. Dave Corso has been gracious to Kerry in times past, but also responded in kind at her vitriol over the Bill Brockbrader matter. Kerry has been invited repeatedly to OPENLY discuss her differences on any matters aired on WSR—and posted here on this website. That invitation stands.

    Kerry has stated she does not listen to WSR, she has condescended to both Dave and others, and steadfastly refused to actually release her differences with WSR or myself. Take issue with what I factually report. Tell me where I am incorrect. But stop the little girl games and "man up".

    Tommy—YOU had the opportunity to do the right thing when we talked on Skype, Did Kerry tell you to stop communicating? Were her precious DONATIONS jeoporadized by my post on the FB page? Did I not graciously retract my comments and offer to go to peace? Have I not previously relented in my crticisms of Kerry/Project Camelot?

    ONE FINAL OFFER: I will be glad to discuss any/all matters where you, Kerry, or Project Camelot feel you were treated unfairly, I cannot speak fro Dave, WSR, or Bill. but I can say we would be gladd to see the breach mended. Private or public, I would be glad to talk (and I do keep my word on what is PRIVATE).

    Continuing to snipe with cloaked remarks, failing to offer substance about disagreements, and holding a superior attitude about other media outlets who are perceived as "small" is exactly why public perceptions of Project Camelot are at an all time low and whistleblowers are no longer coming forward. No one is "jealous" of PC or Kerry…you revceal your own perceptions with such statements.

    You know how to reach me. I remain open to ending hostilities. Man up, Tommy.


  10. kerry cassidy said it her self not to long ago. She only likes to interview someone, once! That way she can discredit everyone!!! … and yes cassidy, murders will be punished perhaps with death!!! and kerry whos side are you on? i have listened to you before,you seem to always play devils advocate..but not for yourself, for the powers that be… when the changes come,you will feel it!! like a slap on your face, from grandmas hand!!! bad girl… and remember spreading misinformation is breaking GODS LAW!!!!!!

  11. Can I ask all of you? What has this to do with us forging a new way of living in harmony with the earth?

    I talk about us transitioning to earth beings, and earth beings as I define them are empathic. Earth beings are able to pick up senses from animals, plants and humans and know exactly what is going on INSIDE that being. An empath finds the child inside every human being they connect to, and if they choose to do so, starts on "walk a mile in my shoes" journey with that person. An empath understands people who make mistakes because they are able to feel what led to that mistake. An empath knows that they could probably do no better. An empath understands "there but for the grace of God go I.

    You need to become empaths. Then you would not imagine you can sit in judgement of others.

    I will leave this forum. As no-one is even reading my "voice of reason" posts, and as they are not staunching the flow of demonic hatred being expressed here, I am contributing nothing to the advancement of the earth to the next phase of development by being here. So I will waste no more of my time.

  12. Christine-
    There is a huge flaw in your reasoning process: you confuse criticism with "hate". When I believe someone is using their position to mislead, misrepresent, or confuse issues, I will use my voice to oppose. This "love and light" philosophy is wonderful in a world where people are honest and not driven by internal or external agendas.

    I AM an empath. And I also sense the frustration people have in dealing with wildly conflicting views, distorted presentations, and a bewildering animosity towards a creative sense of future. Christine, why don't you go post to Kerry about her adversarial \, sometimes hostile demeanor in here own presentations? Why the vitriol towards me when I DARE criticize the Diva?

    Listen to my interviews…on a wide range of topics, with a wide spectrum of guests and ask WHO is more empathic: me, or "Guerilla Kerry"? "Making mistakes" is not the same as deliberate spinning of questions, a slanted perspective, or the behind-the-scenes manipualtions that routinely occur in certain other media arenas. Feeling are great, but they also can distort and prevent objective analysis.

    You, Christine (and a couple others here as well), confuse a FEMINIST perspective with an empathic perspective. You seem to think this is a "boy vs. girl" scenario when it is simply a deep difference in viewpoints. "Harmony with the earth" will come when you are more balanced in your own criticisms and stop confusing a lack of critical thinking with HATE.


    Threatening to "leave this forum (it is not a forum—it is the comments to my blog!)" is a hollow threat. I don't CARE who leavews or stays. I am not here to kiss anyone's ass or troll for approval. I support this website, radio shows, and work out of my own pockets with help from a FEW dear people who give because they trust and believe in what I do.

  13. Randy,

    The point is that I have lost all respect for you and the people you enjoy associating with.

    For very good reasons. You are but a middle-man, and you obviously have no clue what you are getting into.

    This is a lost cause, seriously.. Drama for more listeners, that is what I see here..

    Have a look around and see how you are beeing viewed in the "communities"..

    It is YOUR responsibility to check facts before these people are allowed to spew their bullshit on live radio. I have no more to say to either of you. Suggesting that I take any orders from Kerry is ludacris and is just another example of unqalified statements from your end.

    This pissing match is over

  14. One last note. Make an ACTUAL effort to get the "truth". You keep saying you offer this or you try that but neither one of us see any messages or e-mails from you.. Surely quiet for someone "trying so hard"

    I am being serious here. How hard can it possibly be?

    Do you understand that you are seen as bias? And as a result is some's views as compromised?

    I don't need a public reply, I don't even need this posted/moderated here, but I want you to seriously think about the people you are involved with.

    That is all

  15. Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.
    Marcus Aurelius

  16. THIS IS THE FINAL COMMENT BY MARGARET ST ALBAN. copy and paste the link below to read her distorted, raving post on what I have said and written. This is a peacenik feminist demagogue who cannot process information correctly and distorts what I said and written. She can write whatever drivel she wishes on her own website, but not here!

    Furthermore: I post articles and produce shows on a wide variety of subjects. Yet Kerry Cassidy/Project Camelot continues to draw a vast amount of attention. Sounds like y'all need to go back to Camelot and forget about this site. PROJECT CAMELOT is a DEAD ISSUE HERE. DEAD as in I'm not going there anymore.

    Project Camelot is a FICTION now. Margret has obsessively dogged this subject even after I asked for her to stop. For the record: I have been critical of Drake, Wilcock, Fulford, and warned about the dangers inherent in the actions outlined by Drake's handlers. Margret LIES about what I write and speak. There is no "infighting"—I am not "in" anyone's little box. I am not required to like, support, or give a damn about anyone, including Margret. My thoughts, opinions, and work are my own, and subject to the promptings of my own higher voice. IF YOURS' DOES NOT AGREE—GO AWAY!

    So, Margret, here is your final hurrah! Maybe you will pull a few like-minded souls to your site—please keep them there. -Randy Maugans via Justin the Webmaster (Oh, and Margret-we have your IP address and know how to use it….)

    Margaret St Alban wrote:
    I have tried to post this link as a link but that function is not working on this site. So here it is posted manually. This is my response to Clif High, the Drake situation and all the infighting.


  17. The truth speaks few words Drake is full of shit. Imagine regurgitation , this is what Drake does, he regurgitates all over you ( some) of the old news, some news to 2012; He is a mindless puppet reading a script, and some are being sucked into his lower dimension audio hypnosis. Drake is an habitual liar, and has been told that he is buy people that listened to his trash talk at least a couple of times. He does not have a " group" that follows him, His one goal (and his group) was to get traffic to a website and ask for , solicit, donations, and that is all he has accomplished. In Mississippi, one has to be registered as legitimate to raise funds, of which he is not. Money was solicited from the beginning for Terri Hinkle, by Delanne and Will and Paul Thompson, and others. The truth speaks few words Drake is full of shit


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