Kerry Cassidy Skype Chat with Dave Corso

Kerry Cassidy Skype Chat with Dave Corso

I keep thinking this will be over…I want to move on…I have tried to move on, but keep being pulled into the vortex of Camelot’s insane offensive drives at people who, from my view, are being truthful. Kerry Cassidy plants these half-baked posts on her blog with veiled references and no sunstantive facts…she lashes out at people who, by her own admission, did not belong on a Camelot interview (whatever that means), and calls them liars, but never lays out the facts.  Kerry’s pattern (and it’s an old one) is to present half the truth and none of the proof. 

Duncan O’Finioan, David Corso (B) Kerry CassidyFollowing is a Skype chat between Kerry and Dave Corso (mysticalw0lfman3), a first generation Project Talent “recruit” and interview subject on Project Camelot. As with most of her recent encounters, the conversation is one way smack down. Kerry clearly feels attacked, but she does nothing in this conversation to open a door toward peace.

As an aside: I have repeatedly ASKED questions of her, and she refuses to dignify my questions or the postions I have taken on serious issue—after all SHE is Kerry Cassidy. I assume I am one of “those guys” to which she refers (too small to mention). Also, notice how she refers to herself as “Camelot”…this appears to be a bit of an alternate personna for her.

I offer one final olive branch: Kerry-If I have ever lied about you, or facilitated anyone else doing so, please come to me with your truth, openly and without the attitude. I know I am a “small fish”, but recall the days when Camelot was also the underdog…tables turn very quickly in this time. I would like to see Camelot restored to its former standards.

Herewith the transcript from Sunday February 26, 2012  (Some emphasis and comments added):


[10:38:19 AM] Kerry Cassidy: hi Dave what is going on with those guys who are posting lies 
about Camelot on your site? 
[10:39:39 AM] mysticalw0lfman3: are they lies or an alternate view of how your conducting 
your interviews?   I am still investigating this my self. 
[10:42:56 AM] mysticalw0lfman3: the “truth” depends on where a person is standing with their 
experience, knowledge and research into their special stand on any given subject. 
[10:46:06 AM] Kerry Cassidy: I don’t see the truth as something that conditional 
[10:46:22 AM] Kerry Cassidy: I think humans can basically agree on truth in this dimension 
[10:46:37 AM] Kerry Cassidy: if you choose to include other dimensions that of course alters 
things  (What? Who brought up dimensions? Babble…)
[10:46:43 AM] Kerry Cassidy: truth is not an opinion 
[10:46:48 AM] mysticalw0lfman3: perhaps you should think about that aspect of the truth as NO 
ONE has all of it. 
[10:47:12 AM] Kerry Cassidy: since I interview vast numbers of people I of all people know this 
[10:47:40 AM] Kerry Cassidy: the fact is those guys are making shit up as they go 
[10:47:47 AM] Kerry Cassidy: and targeting me and Camelot (WHO else is “Camelot”?)
[10:48:01 AM] Kerry Cassidy: you have an issue with me then ask me (we have, repeatedly…)
[10:48:31 AM] Kerry Cassidy: but giving them a platform to b.s. the public and targeting 
Camelot is not cool (GIVING “Them” a platform?)
[10:51:23 AM] mysticalw0lfman3: my question is this I have listened to your interviews with 
Bill Woods, all 3 of them and listened to the interview he did with Lisa, and then listened to the 
interviews I did with him and there is a considerable difference in his comfort level when he is 
on with me. and have you noticed there is something I practice and that is called “Freedom of 
Speech” on my shows. If you cannot stand criticism then what can else I say. Would you like to 
be a guest and present you side of this with out any other one except you and me? 
[10:52:56 AM] Kerry Cassidy: you are kidding right?       you write this to me: …”have you noticed 
there is something I practice and that is called “Freedom of Speech” on my shows” 
[10:53:00 AM] Kerry Cassidy: who are you kidding? 
[10:53:17 AM] Kerry Cassidy: Camelot has been putting ourselves and lives on the line to get 
the truth out for years  (We keep hearing this…but we also realize you DO enjoy protection)
[10:53:35 AM] Kerry Cassidy: this is an isult 
[10:53:42 AM] Kerry Cassidy: insult 
[10:53:52 AM] Kerry Cassidy: you want a platform to share insults 
[10:53:53 AM] Kerry Cassidy:
[10:54:10 AM] mysticalw0lfman3: I am not kidding anyone are you going to accept my 
invitation to present your side or not ? 
[10:54:13 AM] Kerry Cassidy: I don’t listen to your shows and I could care less about your ego 
driven comfort leel 
[10:54:21 AM] Kerry Cassidy: level or Bill Brockbraders 
[10:54:34 AM] mysticalw0lfman3: you have a tremendous ego driven by money and your self 
[10:54:36 AM] Kerry Cassidy: have you noticed there is something I practice and that is called 
“Freedom of Speech” on my shows 
[10:54:41 AM] Kerry Cassidy: asking me like this? 
[10:54:56 AM] mysticalw0lfman3: you have an opportunity to present your truth 
[10:55:00 AM] Kerry Cassidy: seriously CAN’T YOU SEE THE EGO AND INSULT IN 
[10:55:36 AM] mysticalw0lfman3: I have no ego when compared to yours and many people 
have made that same statement to me about you 
[10:55:51 AM] Kerry Cassidy: that is bullshit 
[10:56:00 AM] Kerry Cassidy: your eog is so evident its ridiculous 
[10:56:11 AM] Kerry Cassidy: frankly I wouldn’t give you the time of day forget it 
[10:56:34 AM] Kerry Cassidy: this is my FREEDOM OF SPPECH TALKING FUCK YOU 
[10:57:48 AM] mysticalw0lfman3: it appears to me that you are entirely ego driven by the way 
you try to lead people during your interviews where as I allow people to talk about what they 
CHOOSE to talk about and you are free to castigate me and wolf spirit radio as much as you 
choose to and I will not sink to your level by responding !!!! 
[10:58:45 AM] mysticalw0lfman3: you are being sucked into the rabbit hole you have created 
[10:59:58 AM] mysticalw0lfman3: you accuse others of what you yourself are doing which is 
SO typical of some one who is being controlled, wither you understand that or not ! 
This is the actual transcript of the Skype chat. Do with this what you will. I am sick of it! It seems that the dark forces succeeded in exploiting egos to SPLIT the alternative media and pit them against each other. The agents have been there all along, they positioned certain media outlets to be the big dogs…and big dogs do NOT like upstarts. This outlet, and those with whom I associate do not play “the game”…that is the real problem. We didn’t play “nice” with the handlers.




  1. Hi Patrick,

    I'm taken back a bit by Kerry's disrespect in this communication. Wow, the word choices from someone pretty visible in the alternative media world! Is this how she wants people to perceive her? Dave handled the communication well. Also, Kerry claims to be a spiritual woman. This is not spiritual behavior nor mannerly. Very 3d…

    Will pray for her..

  2. Not very professional of Kerry I must admit, nor very polite.
    Divide and conquer,….tis their game, and the ones that are falling for it
    should really know better ,… whether they are right or wrong.
    But thats just my opinion.
    Thanks for your work Randy,
    Stay safe.

  3. Viterperative: sustained & bitter railing & condemnation [def]….that was the word that came to mind when I read Kerry's latest blog, rt. before this skype call. And so it continued with this call.
    Dear Randy, you asked the rhetorical question in yr conversation with Duncan & Miranda, "Between Worlds ", ?Why do we do this? [tell truth, search truth]…and you so want this to be over. But wait, step back, detach; there's an essential microcosmic demonstration in this whole "soap" and thank you for your honesty & uprightness in providing the service of hosting the denoument of this soap…..along w/Dave, Duncan, & Miranda of course.
    The reason we "do this", alll of us, hooked together thru this electronic stream of consciousness is so that we can gain our freedom. This formulation was stated recently by Clif High in one of his recent interviews & he put it so succinctly, to help us understand what we are really engaged in. Asked, "How can we gain our Freedom?, he answered [paraphrased], No Secrecy will disable the 'elite' monster. The entrenched elite cannot function without Secrecy.We need to know how they hide stuff. People are waking up. Clif posited that the end of MSM News control will occur in March. This transcribed call is a small demonstration piece of such unraveling of Secrecy.In the past this behind the scenes 'hit call' would not have been shared. It's not nice; it's raw & the machinations have to be witnessed…….The public mask of "enlightened, awake & aware" cheerleader fell off.We must start to understand how this disinfo thing works, by careful study + sharing, as this is. Again, thanks, Aria

  4. Great sfuff!

  5. I'll tell you: I'm getting a lot more out of Wolf Spirit Radio right now than I am out of Camelot.

    But I would really like to see Kerry restored to the brighter being she once was.

    This senseless controversy suggests the existence of at least one "third party" in this situation.

    As we get wiser, we are beginning to gain a better appreciation of how third parties (who are criminally insane, or work for those who are) make it their job to drive wedges between people. All in a day's work for them. Some of us call this "psy ops" or "cointelpro" but this isn't just a military or an agency or a government thing. This is common, everyday experience.

    In Trinidad they have a special word for it: "Maco Man." This translates to "gossip" which is how they are known in normal social contexts. But as the mighty Sparrow points out in his song of the same title, the intentions of such chatter can be very malicious.

    This is the kind of awareness we need to get better at as we move ahead. I thought of Kerry as an ally. So it is painful to see her get torn apart.

    Realize that when third parties are the most effective, they are not recognized as such by either side in the argument. The proper thing to do when violence flares up is to do a "third party investigation" and then bring the warring parties together to go over the findings. Any other handling is likely to be less than successful, as those in conflict have false data about each other installed by the third party, who they think is reliable.

    It's a powerful technology. I wish it were more widely used. I hope it will become so.

  6. Hi,

    I hope this period of "the truth movement" -or whatever it's called- is just part of the process. I had noticed a while ago the big change with Camelot – I guess when Bill went away- and there seemed to be a lot of sub text going on. My assumption was that if the PTB had been trying to take down Camelot then Camelot had been resistant up until that point and it all seemed good.
    Soon enough it clicked what really seemed to be going on, instead of threats/actions the plan changed and certain people were sent in to tear it to shreds by singling out the individuals and then playing on their insecurities/ambitions/personalities etc, they would then sit back and watch it self destruct. I am guessing a lot of people have clocked onto this by the amount of messages I see plastered all over the internet.
    This whole saga reminds me a bit of the film "Scarface" ( Al Pacino version) in the way this has all played out. Replacing Cocaine with the "The Truth".
    I wonder if there is a way back from how things are getting, I hope so.

  7. Hi Randy. I just came across this transcript on facebook, posted by Bill Brockbrader on the Project Camelot page .. and wondered how the hell he got it in the first place .. but found it here.

    Like yourself, I am sad about all of this and also think that the controllers have won this round in destroying the credibility of alternative media.

    I am really concerned however that Kerry Cassidy is not getting help if she is a victim of mind control. I guess I would like it better if Dave Corso or Duncan would be stepping in to help her at this stage.

    Was this skype conversation meant to be public. Was it meant for Project Camelot tv?
    Or was it private? I just like to know the context.

    Thanks, I really like your interviews Randy and would also like to get behind an event that brings members of the alternative media – in this disclosure arena – together. It is just a idea at this point, which I have mentioned once to Tommy Hansen from PC on a forum. I think, with your collective knowledge, that such an event would make for a most interesting conversation, and be useful with an aim of creating some actionable solutions. Such an event, I think also needs a really expert facilitator, who knows how to engender dialogue .. not debate, which I don´t care for, never have.
    Anyway, I would appreciate some of your thoughts.


  8. we cannot allow this to be deployed against people who already have suffered, nor can we allow the term (and what it stands for) to be trivialized by someone using it for personal vendetta. That is the major issue I want to be made very clear.

    This, to me, is what distinguishes the controversy from he said, she said cliché.

    There is a power dynamic at work here because that's what Ms. Cassidy brings to the table: muscle and a prefabricated narrative. Substituting aggression for critical inquiry is something one expects from a marginally competent lawyer representing a guilty client – not an earnest interviewer.

    Nuance, respectful dialogue and organic process are not hindrances to the skilled interviewer. They are assets, and each depends listening. Ms. Cassidy conducts herself as if interviewing is some rare congenital talent when, in fact, it is a learned skill set with the potential to rise to an art form. Her failure to appreciate the difference likely accounts for the qualitative absence of professional development despite having done this for several years.

    It is understandable people invested in Project Camelot feel defensive of Ms. Cassidy, but the criticism articulated by you, Dave and others is leveled at her capacity for exploitation. As a truth-crusading public figure ostensibly facilitating the blowing of whistles – a very dangerous business, primarily for the interviewee – that criticism is wholly justified. I would pity Bill Brockbader were it not for the distinct impression he learned a few things by the experience and is emerging from it a stronger, wiser human being. Ms. Cassidy, on the other hand, remains proudly obstinate, tone deaf and myopic as ever.

    Admittedly, I've never been a fan of Project Camelot, which always emitted an air of lumbering credulity with a Fear chaser. However pure the motivations behind it may have initially been, the execution left a great deal to be desired. I shudder to think of how simple it would be (or has been; or is) to propagate disinfo using Project Camelot as a funnel.

    Randy, it is clear you and others here are engaging in compassionate advocacy; and, in doing so, all are serving the noblest idea of Justice; one predicated on simple human decency. However unpleasant the task, that is Love-in-action, and it signifies one of a growing list of reasons why I am grateful to have recently encountered your work.

  9. Thanks, wolf spirit radio , for reaching out to Kerry and offering this classic intervention a la AA to Kerry.
    Is this a clone of Kerry (they offed her)…?
    or maybe they're running her via wireless weaponry …?
    , or ……………….?………………………………..
    In any case, Kerry needed to call the medecine elders who began emailing her their phone number a while back. (But a remote control puppet won't be allowed to do such things)

  10. Are we watching the unwinding of Ms. Cassidy? Is she now dealing with, what many have dealt with in the past… that being dealing with the shadow self? The very simple back and forth between Mr. Corso and Ms. Cassidy was a beautiful display of disconnected I feel that Ms. Cassidy has become from her fellow man, and herself. It has been said that to know one's self is to know the universe. How can Ms. Cassidy claim to be free from ego, let alone an indigo or even enlightened with such anger within her? Please let it be known that I do not feel I am enlightened and do not speak from such a tower, I know that I know really nothing at all.

    I just wonder what will come next from her corner. What will she do next? She seems as if she needs a good friend. Not one that will say "YES" and agree in fever, but one that will be honest and tell her truth.

    Lots of Love and Strength!

  11. I do believe I've heard it all! I'm disappointed, Ms. Cassidy. This recent rant of yours is insolence and pretension of the first order. Incidentally, we still love you. Randy…I strenuously recommend that everyone's energetic focus be redirected on something categorically productive, thus detaching ourselves from this "festival of ignorance". There are serious karmic consequences here. Let us not debase any further…

  12. I feel a little sad that this has all happened – this yuckiness between Camelot and Wolf Spirit Radio. I like Aria's message (thank you Aria) "Why do we do this? [tell truth, search truth]…The reason we "do this", alll of us, hooked together thru this electronic stream of consciousness is so that we can gain our freedom…to help us understand what we are really engaged in….People are waking up"
    We have brave whistleblower's who have lit the way for others. We should be thanking them for their service. Perhaps they are not always on-form all of the time or maybe they have been "got-to" by the bad guys. And if that is the case, shouldnt we be standing together and helping them? This whole thing feels a bit like someone has come in to divide and conquer the truth movement, to split it up. If you still feel camelot has gone to the dogs, then dont listen anymore. People will vote with their ears. Peace, Love & Community!

  13. All the comments on this post are excellent, I love the spirit and YES—we need to re-focus, and also turn this negativity around. Kerry need prayers and energy sent to her, we also need to seek for the unraveling of any "operators" in the background of Project Camelot and hope that the Hollywood-style "star system" that presently reigns over the truth movements can be brought down.

    I am also circumspect that my own weaknesses could well be exploited if I am not careful. Humility and service to other must take precedence over the current egotistical, money grubbing, and "lifestyle" influences that overshadow the deep darkness of the subjects we cover. People are hurting, people are dying, souls have been stolen…and all for what?

    The final round of this episode will post shortly: the two hour special edition of OPR with Bill Brockbrader, Eva Moore, Duncan O'Finioan, and Dave Corso…Kerry was invited,she declined.

    One other note: thr Skype conversation was NOT private. It took place on the Wolf Spirit Switchboard which regularly has groups of people online. This was not a "privleged conversation", and Kerry was owed no sanctions of privacy in that regard.

  14. are you sure kerry is having these problems because of mind control stuff or whatever. you dont think the reason shes having these problems is because she is a chick. and the big macho guys dont want to listen to a chick. or do what she says? i'm glad dave corso kept his cool. i know how hard that can be. especially with kerry.

  15. Dan wrote:
    "are you sure kerry is having these problems because of mind control stuff or whatever. you dont think the reason shes having these problems is because she is a chick. and the big macho guys dont want to listen to a chick. or do what she says? i'm glad dave corso kept his cool. i know how hard that can be. especially with kerry."

    None of us are sexist. The women wanted equal rights, and they got it. Females can be jerks, too. Simple. No discrimination here, we call 'em as they fall. OK?

  16. Couldn't agree with Randy more.

    You can't act stupid and then when you are criticised call it "sexism". Btw I am a woman!.

  17. o for gods sake woman…get over yourself..take a step back and really think about what you are part of……………

  18. Wow, unanimity. Let's all hate Kerry. What fun. Get the bitch. How dare a woman stand up to a REAL MAN like Corso. Beware, unanimity speaks of mind control, or worse, censorship of any voices on this forum who have spoken up against this hate-fest against Kerry.

  19. Margaret St Alban ( wrote: "Wow, unanimity. Let's all hate Kerry. What fun. Get the bitch. How dare a woman stand up to a REAL MAN like Corso. Beware, unanimity speaks of mind control, or worse, censorship of any voices on this forum who have spoken up against this hate-fest against Kerry."

    You seem to obsess on this post, Margaret. Funny—there's a lot of differing comments, and all of them including yours' are posted. So there is no "unanimity" and no censorship (censorship would be if I stopped you from posting your opinions onto YOUR forum—this is my forum and I still allow free speech). I sense a deep kindred spirit you have with Kerry that is distinctly anti-male…you seem to have sexual issues! Funny, I love women, strong women…this is not about sexism.

    Kerry didn't stand up to Corso, she blindsided him. There COULD have been a dialog at any time, but that didn't happen because of a CONTROL issue. Kerry cannot tolerate anything that opposes her worldview, which she catalogs as a "Camelot" worldview. On the other hand, I have to say that the forum on Camelot is actually very unbiased!

    Your issues with so-called "censorship" ring hollow considering we are having a dialog here, and you have posted some of the most inane comments to date. I have dealt with SUBSTANCE in regard to Camelot/Kerry—YOU, on the other hand, come off as a whiny, bitchy little girl with sever fixation issues. Move on!

  20. Thanks for sharing.Ive had my suspicions about Kerry when i alerted her to the lieing of george Novell concerning Jack Sarfartti.I linked her with the story about Sarfartti placing a restarining order on Novell ,and she interviewed him on AFR 2 weeks later.

    BTW ,Aaron McCollum's info he used to have posted in the "vault" is what led me to the Novell/Sarfartti story (I would love to hear Aaron's take).

    Needless to say ,Kerry's flock will likely never hear the truth (no ,her forums aren't censored) ,and when they do ,it will hit hard.Be prepared for more attacks…lol

    Kudo's gents ,and thanks.

  21. As we all can agree, we are in some interesting life changing moments! Anything that comes across as separation or 3d is falling a part. This is a grand opportunity for a personal shift! If one opens their heart and reads between the lines, the most challenging moments have blessings awaiting. The door is now open…

  22. I find most of these posts so condescending.
    Kerry is under attack and she is defending her honour. So what? This takes a strong spirit. She is simply choosing to deflect the attacks. fight fire with fire.
    The interviewer came in with the intention to attack-not dialogue-and thus the vibe was set.
    oh, yes, high drama.
    Kerry has more unwavering courage and foresight than most. She is out there creating shows and setting up interviews…
    We are not so used to seeing strongly opinionated and confidant woman…Many are THREATENED by this. consciously and subconsciously. paradigms are changing.
    It is easy to sit back and to listen and then to post… words become weapons-
    Yet Kerry is on the front-line, so to speak-
    She provides speakers for you to CHOOSE to listen to. Don't like her style? Don't listen. Don't watch. Being a public figure, however, this seems "par for the course". To get bashed, as it were.
    I am from Australia and I should know. It is called, The Tall Poppy Syndrome!
    Cut down if one becomes too prominent! Takes courage and humility to stand in your own light.
    Her intention is simple- both personally and collectively (as I see it).
    To awaken people to further their own investigating…to uncover masks and to lift veils…
    To reconstruct reality…She follows her path. her guidance. her truth. Sure, we all have filters-
    even you reading this post…

    I have learned much from Camelot. Timelines, mulit-dimensional awareness. stargates..
    It is easy to attack with words, far more challenging to go out and participate physically and organically with "life" and with all the actors who walk the world stage.

    Thanks to Wolf Spirit Radio too for providing such range…and open hearted folk…some wise, some less wise. all part of the tapestry or production (choose your metaphor)

  23. I thought all this was closed, but apparently not, so I will add another Australian perspective to the one above. I just don't get all this whimpering about Kerry treating Corso "disrespectfully".

    In the Australian context, the dialogue above is nothing more than a lover's tiff. Australians seem to have our volume for various things set differently from the average American. I perceive the blood lust of those attacking Kerry to be at screaming volume and highly distressing, and I perceive Kerry's comments to Corso as being pretty mild.

    Those Americans who have commented on this, you might want to consider that Kerry has spent many years close to an English man and now is very close to an Australian man. Maybe her volume perception has adapted to those cultures and is now no longer purely American.

    I simply cannot grasp that a highly trained "warrior" such as Corso is supposed to be would humiliate himself in this way. To need to surround himself with a gang of dogs in his feeding frenzy on Kerry is pretty low. This spat should always have been kept private and resolved privately. Further, If he thinks Kerry is corrupt as he clearly does, he could have expressed that view rationally and with supporting evidence and allowed us to reach our own cool, calm, rational conclusions from the evidence he presented.

  24. From my memory at the channel I seem to remember Corso started throwing curse words at Kerry..
    Why are you manipulating the facts?

    Truth? Bah..

  25. Dear host (host of WHAT?) there is a PDF posted of the Cassidy/Corso Skype call. Now—my question to all you Camelotians writing in is: DO YOU EVER HAVE SUBSTANCE TO YOUR COMMENTS? The article was NOT about Dave Corso, or anyone else, other than those mentioned. This article was a MEDIA CRITICISM of the FICTITIOUS ENTITY CALLED PROJECT CAMELOT A/K/A KERRY CASSIDY, INC The living souls mentioned in this article are all divine creations, working out their karmic roles in contrast via space/time matrix—as am I!


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