Message From The De-Programmer: Kimball Speaks to the Disinfo Agents

Joel Kimball speaks to the super soldiers and disinformation ops. He is one of my long time “inside” contacts and one of my trusted analysts. He ,too, has paid a high price for his role inside the cabal secret forces,



  1. Intense…i have tried twice before to comment..lets see what happens today…

  2. i mentioned about networks and news feeds, and well anyone see the Chris mathews comercial blurb where he goes into America needing our true nature and spirit being brought back.

    i know many have issues with the mass media, but one must realize we all have to fight from the terrain we are on, things shift, sometimes slow sometimes fast.

    Now, to big to fail The Ed Show, this aught to be good.

    i know this sounds a bit nebulouse, thing is what i hear is for me to know and process and move forward.

    i can tell you after though.

    and just as i got done typeing that another shout out with a blurb of Obama, im sure if you go online and google the show and watch the begining there you have it.

    just one of them of many, is it the writters, the station managers what who where and how,,,,,,,the why ive explained my why's.

    my first why on this planet in a conceince thought was that of being reminded of what God looks like at my first christmas.


    The network broadcasting story's about the water mains bursting, as well as letting people know how many actualy break a day, they aslo went into how its getting worse and time to do something about it.

    So the wolfs are guarding the hen house and the Hound Lord(Cunomaglus Apollo) is hemmed in or is he.

    So yes we all must remind the media and others there place as well as do what you do and do it right and in a good way that would be pleasing to God&Mother Earth in all the names that we call them.
    This is all i know of what my Grandfather( high ranking Templar) was doing and what his group was into for a very long time.

    others i cant say on a personal level as this,,,,,,,,,but i can say the little ive seen im very offended at the defamation thrown at the Templars, prior to 1997 that is,,,,,,,,after that they went stupid.

    I wonder what Otto did about that other than give an interveiw for a book called "The Templar Papers"""

    i made them aware of it due to what i noticed going on in society, i knew that group held a linch pin that held idiots at bay at least enough to allow some to at least seek a nice life, so 1997 the bad guys thought they ahd it sowed up, 911 they thought they won,

    But by doing what i and others have done we have shown there folly as well as proved a better way,,,,,,,,,,I choose the Lessor of Good if i must, but i strive for the greater good,,,,,,never to i consider lessor of evils,,,,,,,,,unless its a fight then i would prefer to fight the greator of evils, i look to much like a bully if i flex around the demonic so i dont flex much i have barked allot, now that barkning stops and my bites over the net(get it, God code stuff)

    there are several God codes, depends on your Bloodline, which one you can read the best, you can learn other language God codes, but you have to remmeber that when one of that line that is of the leader family it is best to listen.

    as a boy an old man pointed to sky scrapers and said to me, they say those corporations are to big to fail, but you will bring them down one day,,,,,,i looked up and all i could think was the goods and comerce that would be affected would cause people to be sad, what would happen to my cartoons, if i could would they understand.

    what he was talking about was certain CEO's and such, not trade and whatnot, that will change into more of an older style, one of the type that the Real Templars developed long ago, this stuff now adays is Vatican, that was what the whole taking the merovingians lands and stabbing the templars int he backs over and over aagin until they hit them hard in 1307, then again in 1997, i could go on into all this but my head starts spinning connecting the paterns,,,,,,,,10 years short of the 700th anveversary, after the 700th wall st colapsed, it is realy that simple if one were to look.


    and now the Al Sharpton stop accepting it speach.

    memes can be a powerful tool, sometimes people have to be reminded some things then they will be able to handle the news.

    it works a bit like Reverse propoganda, counter-pcyops and of that nature.

    this is how things will,have, and will continue to go on until we reach a point that no secrecy otehr than in the moment type stuff, no need for coverups, there is not need for most of the crimes done and decided to do by only a few.

    everday i try to see others with fresh eye's, its a hard thing to do all the time but it can be done.

    To many in the truther movements and such stopped watching mass media, so is there a reason, could it be separate them from mainstream and feed them from set up operations of a sort, brainwashed groups created by movements in the 60-70s.

    it reminds me of when i was a kid, there were some adults that would not watch the jeffersons because they were a tv show with Black stars,,,,,,,,,, hear that same tone and such when i hear some say they dont watch then news anylonger and all they read or watch is alternative media, i blend them both, not that hard.

    thing is one should lookinto what thye find an interest in, not just what the in crowd is reading, venture out a bit.

    heck i watch that RT thing, even my FB page has russian news station, reason why is they are journalists and well i like well rounded.

    by the way hear about Puttins goddaughter starting up some of those protests and financing them.

    they even raided her apartment, took the cash she had on hand(she is the Russia Paris Hilton)) just seems shes a bit smarter, .

    makes sense shes' smater, no offence to Paris, but if Russias Hilton has that drive why does ours just act like a goofy blond, seems oh screw it why even go into all that.

  3. thank you Joel Kimball for giving us your voice…woa…i get shivers sometimes when i realize how precarious things really are…just underneath the surface of things…at this point in our journey, i think it is so important to live as simply as possible and align oneself only with the people who are true family members…and forego the rest of the entertainment/entrainment in choosing what is necessary for our survival and evolution…you helped me to crystallize these thoughts…i won't waste another minute in trying to figure out if those kids are supersoldiers or not…more important to strengthen and consolodate…and be ready for what comes down the pipes…(feel it? i do…) and also…oh ya…to enjoy the beauty of life…our loved ones…and the green, green nature that waits to be breathed in…we ARE ALIVE…not zombies…let's live…

  4. Incoherent ramblings don't advance your message. Get it together and get on point. Use some editing software and leave out the "clever" phrasings. Otherwise, you get this response from anyone generous enough to sit through your 15 minute "brief" message:

  5. Thank You Joel Kimball,
    I am also outraged after just looking into this James rink superSoldier ! I listened to Randy's podcast conversation with Barry King and Duncan. I held reservation of judgement although the entire conversation rang true and I agreed with all points of view. I though finally Somebody is calling the Bullshit on this Hyped out alternative media that has turned into National Inquirer type Fantasm media. so after listening to Randy, Barry, and Duncan I Clicked onto this james rink , Are You Kidding! He put out a picture of himself posed as a pumped up, muscle riden, holding weapon..LOOKS LIKE A CGI CHARACTER FROM MY SON'S PLAYSTATION GAME!! FAIL GAME OVER little Mr. SuperSoldier wishabe, And and anybody who supports or promotes him is Fail an does not belong in this so called truth movement, call yourselves something other than truth SHAME on them. Super soldier conference and Kerry Cassidy, I can't believe she has stooped to this level, Just more verification of the agenda's and marketing.

    Thanks Joel Kimball for also speaking truth and calling out the frauds and for your story,.
    Randy Maugins has started a unique thing in exposeing cons an hypsters. More need to do this.. Randy opened my eyes last year when validating my suspicions of Hoagland and continues to name names but more importantly, takes us inside the movement realizing what IT and the internet has become. I have been going down the rabbit hole since early 90's and closely past 5 years. I will only follow and support authentic truth tellers. I feel like I can discern them much better now..
    Keep leading on Guys.

  6. Thankyou Christine, its time to end the flashy deluded egocentric individuals polluting the internet. Hows about this idea……hows about a weekly little show consisting of few guys going thru weeks news etc and pulling apart piecemeal all the nonsense within the alternative media, naming names and calling BS where needed, praise where needed. Sorry, guess bad idea LOL. It started small but I sense a movement whereby logic and common sense are bringing together those within the community to stand up and say enough is enough, lets clear the muddied waters of the Internet.

  7. well Coherance maybe its just a cultural thing, maybe you are to ah that is your stuff.

    tell me would you take time to learn to edit and clutter your mind with all that while trying to do this.

    can you do what i do, if so show me.

    or can you help a person such as myself with a few pointers.

    maybe i should set you somewhere to do what i do with no preparations, no training just your mind and body and do it the best you can, do this then come back and teach me to edit a video.

    i thought i was pretty clear,

    just thought i would responde to clarify in-coherancy's in this matter(oops in-coherency's)

    So just so you know, i find it odd that someone putting up a single paragraph and a link to some vid with a stuxnet buble can judge what im saying without speaking upon anyone of my points.

    maybe you should watch Delta-Tau Vs. Operation Dormouse.

    also ask yourself this, have you ever been raped and tortured in many forms and ever spoken about it clearly.

    so insult me in however you choose, an intended insult without grounds is an insult no-matter how you phrase it, but instead i will take it as a question?

  8. To Coherance, Shoo Flea…. . This must be a generation thing! Your little comment is so revealing so go play your virtual reality games. Humblness is rambling? Sounded pretty coherent to me. You are just too young Babe.. You are incapable to listen and feel a persons history, experience, and thoughts. Instead you are more concerned over perfect articulation and flow. This is Reality not a game of robotic wordplay. You are another example of the infection and infiltration of kids inserting themselves into authentic truth of humanitarians attempting to heal the world of its old deep wounds via internet media.

    These Youngsters must find another Internet Genre to Play in. Something will come up and they will get bored. I have full Faith this intrusion will pass as a fad when new technology is invented for them to submerse themselves into. I raised 2 boys who are now into their mid 20's, believe me it will pass with a new gaming/internet technology.

  9. And thank you all for your support.

    doing this is helping with healing as well as with the effects of the repressions and inhibitors.

    yet there is still that re-booting stuff that happens.

    kinda sucks, passwords just sorta go poof, not all for all these accounts but enough to make it annoying, then there is my habit of making each one differnt.
    Might be why i dont put all my energy into editing if some out there want to poke then poke the information, poking me could make it personal if i were the type to take such things personaly.

    i understood things far beyond my years at a young age, that however did not prevent me from being a kid nor prevent me from missbehaving and acting out.

    Imagine having to wait until you body matched you, before then due to apearance and other factors most looked at me as more of a pretty boy, ya i know what its like to be a bit whistled at, called GQ and such things.

    Then there was my anger due to what i go into in the connect the dots video a bit.

    So, like im sure i comment earlier if those that want to judge my choice of words or aproach,,,,,,,,,,,i ask you to remind yourself and possibley put yourself in my shoes and ask yourself how would you be doing, also remind yourself of this, im doing this basicaly alone, i might see a familymember once a month, close freindships went away just after the towers were hit.

    i could go on.

    And to let you know, the only reason why i touched base on comments about my verbal choices and such,,,,,,,,,,im explaining this incase there is someone similar to myself that comes forward in the future, now people will have a clear veiw of someone coming out of there conditioning that is almost identicle to that of other claimants that claim to have undergone programing to be assasins and other such things.

    i go into it a bit why i underwent similar conditioning(programing).

    in a few of the vids i put up i also go a bit into other types of programing.

    there are types that you choose adn do to yourself, now ask yourself are your choices made due to social influencing that has been being done on many levels.

    CAn you dicern your true desires from what is asvertised, can you balance it all out in your heart and take the compasionate route that will save the most lives as well as perpetuate into progressing life and level of.

    Now do all that one less than $900. a month while being attacked, while trying to turn the whole dam aparatis around and smoke out the few in key places that were keeping it going.

    people in positions are like circuts, linchpins, ETC.

    if you know what your doing and have help from above, as well as count on God also getting through to some and guiding them you can do this without major stuff like a hundren 911's happening.

    I might be exagurating, if i am we will never know, if i am not then how can i prove that.
    what i can prove is at least a couple events of that magnitude have been averted since and before that tragedy.

    There are many Karmic threads, that is the best way i can explain how i see it.

    It is similar to that sotry Randy did involving that autistic boy that could see those threads.

    not sure if it is the same, maybe i have a lessor form of the gift, or maybe just differnt.
    So imagine if while you were typing you could see some of those threads forming, good karma plucking the stings of bad karma to find the bad ones and shake them loose of the karmic thread of the universe.

    Ya, stuff is realy letting loose in my noodle.

    so i better pace myself, .

  10. Joel….
    "CAn you dicern your true desires from what is asvertised, can you balance it all out in your heart and take the compasionate route that will save the most lives as well as perpetuate into progressing life and level of."
    These words ring sooooooo true for me and I KNOW it applies to ALL of us…this is the essence of the challenges we face now…being able to discern what is really my thoughts and feelings and what is not…knowing my true desires and intentions from the programmed inserts that run us like puppets to energetically feed the unseen ones…we are all mind controlled and manipulated to varied degrees. It is an honor to learn from you, as I know you have been through much, and I offer you my compassion, prayers and heart-felt….human….love my brother….when you speak out, you are helping us all to heal….

  11. "also ask yourself this, have you ever been raped and tortured in many forms and ever spoken about it clearly."

    No, I have not. I apologize for my flippant response to your video. I didn't know who you are, never saw you before that day and wasn't patient enough to understand. I know a little more now and I would take that comment back if I could. I can't begin to understand what you've been through. You have my respect and gratitude for doing your best to tell your story.

    I'm sorry for commenting like a jerk… I'm sorry for not really listening the first time.

  12. Apology addendum: I viewed your video with the wrong expectations. The title, "Message From The De-Programmer: Kimball Speaks to the Disinfo Agents"
    and the blurb:
    "Joel Kimball speaks to the super soldiers and disinformation ops. He is one of my long time "inside" contacts and one of my trusted analysts. He ,too, has paid a high price for his role inside the cabal secret forces"

    I expected something else…a message to the disinfo tools to put them in their place. A message to the masses that would help them see through the disinfo agents. I expected (hoped) for something akin to a flaming sword of truth, in the form of a youtube video.

    I am to blame for my wrong expectations and commenting while in a generally bad mood, out of deep, deep ignorance of who you are and what you've been through. I just watched 45 minutes of connecting the dots…I can see you're really trying hard, and I respect your strength of will to keep fighting. Don't ever give up, and don't let asses like me from last week get you down.

  13. I wonder am i supposed to wave a magic wand and bring the masses up to speed when even the big mucky mucks take a long time to even realize that i come to the answer a long time before they even knew there was a problem.

    If the masses have undergone a level of programing and learning by rote, attention spans created, talking points emphasised by triggers, most know this if they have gone to a speaking seminar how to influence a sale among many other types of self help seminars on how to influence and or gane the confidence of others, imagine that legal confidence men seminars(as in con-men)

    So to start i have to prepare the class, show examples as in real life examples and experience.

    Is it that frightening to realize that most of the populace is more brainwashed than those that were conditioned and such by millitary or other.

    It would be impossible for me to lay it all out in a less that four hours even if i made it dry and all technicle, and then in doing it in that way all i would be doing is reinforcing the programings.

    So ask yourself Coherence, how hard was it for you to realize maybe you were more let down because the magic wand is contained in each individual, how can anyone tell another to govern themselves then tell them what to do all the time, that would be a conflict.

    everyone wanst freedom but tell them they are responsible for it and acountable with what they do with it and all of a sudden they want you to tell them what to do, but when it points out that your doing something contrary to extending freedome to othrs all of a sudden tones change and such.

    What if an intel unit came to the rescue for you all, would you accept it or would you say it was a ruse, a conspiriacy and such,,,,,,,,,,Can anyone give me a definition of whom you would assume come to the rescue, what uniforms would they wear, how would there skin look, how would they talk.

    OH and there it is, nobody wants to amdint how biggoted and prededuce they truely are, and before you think im insulting or offending any of you, give what i just said some thought.

    So, now you wanted to know how De-Programing Works, well its an inside job with assistance from teh right people if you are lucky and someohw find them, or maybe some nutcase like myself comes along and force feeds some of it, as well as shows strength withing weakness.

    The pain and suffering you see in me is also in you, it is a refelction of the pain you all have hidden from yourselves.

    That pain is what you wold expect to see in yourself, so when you see strength instead it messes with yoru programing.

    shall i continue, can your ego's handle it.

    Or shall i continue the way i would rather go about this with information and correct perceptions on some things whle also giveing some opions i may have.

    Could it also be that, and i hate to say this, am i the only one that exhibits scars an such from such things and does that cause some to be confused.

    So take what i just wrote how you will, im doing about one a day now, or every other day to clarify some things as well as touch on other area's.

    what will go up tomorow will explain more of the meat of it.

    Im waiting to change the private setting to public until after im done enjoying my birthday tomorow, for several reasons.

    heads up, its called, Truth Overcomes All Bonds!!!.

    And by they way, why wouldnt such an operative like myself have to undergo a bit of hardships even a a bit moreso than those he's going to help,,,,,,,,,,,after all what does a SEAL go through in order to train to save a hostage or go to war, why shouldnt the same level aply for me, i go into this a bit in tomorows vid.

    Knowledge prevents brainwashing, sorta like Anti-Virus programs, you have to download virus definitions, and that is about at least an hour lecture to explain it in depth.

    I have been in a warzone, frontlines for a very long time, having to set firewalls, backfires, firelines ETC waiting for that gut feeling to start putting vids up.

  14. sorry to take up so much comment space.

    just wanted to mention, my words are towards addressing large groups as well as on an individual basis, if it aplys to group think aply i tthere, if you see it as individual then aply it there with yourself or someone you might see it in, yet if you do this also hold space that it is a question your putting forward in your mind and attach to that the intent to find the truth in it, and in this way is a basis for de-programing while also safeguarding traps set to entrap one into programing of a sort.

    i hope that hels clarify some things, if not now it will down on you at some point.

    im also sharing with you old traditional ways of a leader in the way they adress an issue without shaming others while being firm in the stance that change must occure or harsher words and courses will have to come about the longer the sickness lasts the more injury and the harsher the cure.

    kemo theripy i hate to say is a good example of when an illness has continued on to long and the cure is very harsh.

  15. Thank you for your posts Kimball.
    Happy Birthday and Stay safe .


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