OffPlanet Radio Live-01-23-2012-Jerry Lane

Jerry Lane

“The Adventure Of Being Human—The Urantia Revealtion”


Jerry Lane is a retired carpenter and project foreman with a masters degree in creative writing who has transmitted lessons from Michael and Mother for the last eight years.

The Adventure of Being Human:
Lessons on Soulful Living from the Heart of the Urantia Revelation

Transmited by Jerry Lane • Edited by Byron Belitsos

An Unprecedented Offering of Celestial Wisdom from Our “Heavenly Parents”
—An Updated “Gospel” for Our Time

The living Jesus that we encounter in the New Testament loved to teach and heal ordinary people in everyday settings, often by using simple metaphors and stories that could reach the common people of those days. Two thousand years later, according to The Adventure of Being Human: Lessons on Soulful Living from the Heart of the Urantia Revelation (Origin Press/Celstia, October 2012), Christ is using a similar manner of approach: He’s teaching regular folks, but this time via “transmissions” from Jerry Lane, a retired carpenter and an advanced student of The Urantia Book—and he’s instructing us in a humble setting, Jerry’s living room in northern California. Jesus is updating his ancient biblical teachings—speaking cordially but with authority about such topics such as:

• the unfathomable preciousness and infinitude of each human person
• our true human nature: body, mind, soul, spirit, and personality

• how our soul grows through experience—and is expressed as our “character”
• our inner “home base”—and how to locate it reliably in stillness or prayer
• the true meaning of our pain and adversity in the human adventure

“This is an altogether remarkable, inspiring, and compelling book that will forever be regarded as a rich source of information and revelation of utmost importance to our world. In this single volume, cocreated by Jerry Lane and Byron Belitsos with elegance and clarity, the reader is informed about The Urantia Book, the Correcting Time, and the Teaching Mission through transmissions from divine sources as well as helpful background materials.”

—Bob Hunt, Professor Emeritus of Mathematics, Humboldt State University
“I have been significantly impacted by my reading of this text, which I perceive as having great significance to the planet.”
—Marty Risacher, former Superior Court Judge and faculty member of the National Judicial College

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