OffPlanet Radio Website Redesign, Changes…and Gratitude

OffPlanet Radio Website Redesign, Changes…and Gratitude

You may notice changes in the OffPlanet Radio site over the next few weeks (and perhaps even longer) as we deploy a gradual make-over  and re-formatting. Certain pages, including this blog, and the new Channels pages are now in an easier-to-read layout with simpler elements and more legible typography.

Comments from some readers indicated that the white-on-black text was very hard to read on screens—that was one of the first changes to be implemented. The menu system is also being simplified with nested menus to simplify navigation. We are also eliminating several sections of the website which are no longer pertinent to the current mission of OffPlanet Radio.

Finally, it is necessary to generate income to continue the website, radio shows, and expansion of our reach out into the mainstream, so selective ads may appear as well as sponsored content channels. Ads and sponsors will always be done tastefully,with discretion, and a view towards the interests of the listeners and readers.

While We are eternally grateful for the generosity of the listeners who GIVE, donations for the show and website are far below sustainable levels this summer, the result no doubt of a tanking economy. Giving comes from the heart, and carries its own rewards…the move toward paid, or sponsored content in no way diminishes the spirit of giving—those who have given will receive back in the transition.


Children of the Universe Are Not “Broke”

One final note: GIVING does not always mean payments of money. We would ask you to help by posting links, articles, and comments about us onto appropriate forums and social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. If you have a website or blog—PLEASE consider exchanging links with us.

While the world looks very dark, “The Game” is not over. There are people to wake up, spiritual paths to be embraced, and a world that needs to be reformed for the rise of an awakening populace. Always remember: you are Children of the Universe (The Source, The ONE), and the Universe is NOT  “broke”. Begin to move into prosperity by invoking the essense of prosperity and abundance…use GRATITUDE in all things, and trust that the WIll which summons will also provide.

I want to express my gratitude to all who have contributed to this radio show and website: the guests, listeners, contributers, and those who GIVE—of funds, time and talent. You rock! and we will try to live up to your energy.

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  1. Love the new 'do' on your site Randy……..much lighter and breezier…take care…Cat


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