O’Finioan Blog Goes Dark


I’ve gotten emails from concerned listeners, so here is the short story:

The blog was taken down by Duncan and Miranda last week, a casualty of the endless wars that wage on the web. You can find Duncan and Miranda at: http://duncanofinioan.com/ and on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/duncan.ofinioan

The Duncan and Miranda page

 Soul Survival Training and Healing Seminars with Duncan O’Finioan
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  1. hi randy,
    was a big fan, until your over involvement with duncan and his lot. i've got two words for you, mind control. find your way back, we miss you!!

  2. hi randy, i gotta agree with the above poster. i still think you are one of the very best interviewers out there–you show compassion and empathy toward all the guests and ask really good questions. i too was worried when you shifted to wsr, started having technical probs and duncan seemed to hijack your show as his own marketing platform. i know they are your friends but i believe andy basiago before i believe that miranda and duncan held on to military choppers in SE asia as little kids with dave corso. everything got paranoid on wsr, and now there is a problem in your chat room. i migrated to your chatroom because it was free of the paranoia characterized by wsr.

    you've been booking outstanding guests and my advice is to just let your chatters handle the trolls–don't read our chat unless you are looking for questions. i used to look forward to live chatting here on wednesday nights and believe me, trolls came in but the chatters had their own way with things, and we complained about the music a lot of the time but that's not a reflection on you personally–most of the time it's a production issue that causes our ears to bleed.

    all that being said, i hope you can go forward with no fear, no paranoia, and keep that same empathetic randy persona on the air, and the chat will fill up again.

    now, for some high level guest requests on mind control–peter levenda, kenn thomas, hank albarelli jr., david mcgowan, richard sauder, alfred webre, stewart swerdlow, jordan maxwell, and crazy john lash.

    keep up the good work and let the dark go dark!

  3. hey randy,
    glad to read I'm not the only one feeling the shift here. ( thanks rett, I couldn't of said it better myself). I came over from wsr,and really enjoyed the vibe here, until now, where is all this anger coming from randy ? please don't turn into the chat room Nazi like dave corso . you sounded just like him last week with your rant of its my show and my chat room blah ,blah ,blah. who was being childish then? look, I like you and the show, but your listeners are gonna drop like flies if you don't chill and do what you do best, which is interviewing the shit out of your guests.
    if I come off as a hard ass it's because I want you to do well.
    enough said, peace out

  4. Oh rett, please, don't worry.
    YOU and the rest of YOUR ilk, surely will not have to be "put out" by us again,
    Now please, go back to your day dream.

  5. Where so many other speakers in the fringe community have piffled about with this-or-that morsel of 'inside information' or 'certain theory', Duncan and his company have provided tangible and integral insight, experience and advice. They have led by example and spoken from the heart.

  6. Thanks for saying that BX. I have heard this before and agree completely that Randy's personality changed considerably when he became involved with Duncan, and not in a good way. Randy lost his empathy and became arrogant and hostile with people. Duncan was just another marketing idiot using him for publicity but fortunately for most a very transparent one and now he has taken his ball home because almost nobody was fooled by it. Tape it up Randy move on, we all get scammed at least once in our lives.

  7. whats wrong with you people you dont have to beliee or agree with people t allow them a voice thank goodness that randy allows this


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