Philip Coppens, researcher, author, and anomalist…passes

It appears that the rare cancer with which he was diagnosed  has completed the course of this life for writer, researcher, and contribuior to “Ancient Aliens“,  Philip Coppens. Nick Redfern has posted the following  on Facebook:

Filip Coppens*, I have shockingly learned today, has passed on. As many of you know, Filip was a regular on the History Channel’s Ancient Aliens, and a fine writer. But that’s nothing compared to the loss that his family and friends are feeling right now, and who my thoughts, condolences and prayers are with. I had corresponded with Filip over the past year and finally got to meet him and hang out with him at the Minneapolis-based Paradigm Symposium just a couple of months ago. What a terrible tragedy that Filip is now gone. RIP mate, and again, my thoughts go out to all that knew Filip and those who followed his work.

“I was diagnosed with an extremely rare case of cancer, angio sarcoma, which affects less than 200 people in the US. Each case is almost by default unique (unless if it features an evolution of previous breast cancer), and so I found that the man who normally studies anomalies, has become a medical enigma a well.” – Philip Coppens, 12-16-2012, in what appears to be his final blog post

It was my privlege to have interviewed Philip this past September for a two-hour live show. Philip and I had discussed his returning in 2013. I am saddened by our loss of a great spirit and researcher…our loss is the Universe’s gain, and for Philip that Whole New World is now in view. 

OffPlanet Radio Live-08-29-2012-Phillip Coppens-Hour 1

OffPlanet Radio Live-08-29-2012-Phillip Coppens-Hour 2

*Note: Philip also used the Gaelic spelling of his name.


  1. So sad, was a big fan ! R.I.P

  2. Very sad news to wake up to today

  3. It is sad news!. Filip is so young. He is in a better place now.

  4. My prayers go out to Phillip's friends and family. Hope now Phillip has some of the answers he soughts – maybe there are aliens in heaven, too! On a darker note, I hope that Phillip didn't start researching things others didnt want him too. Cancer can be induced by poison, radiation, etc.


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