Red Ice Interview: Clif High on “Drake”, Wilcock, and Fulford

Red Ice Interview: Clif High on “Drake”, Wilcock, and Fulford

Clif High of and the Webbot Project, interviewed by Henrik Palmgren at Red Ice Creations. Hour 1 is the free audio posted here and part of a three hour interview for subscribers.

I may not always agree with Clif High’s analysis—or even the whole idea of linguistic analysis as acurately predicitive. The webbot is a novel approach to data mining and has a place in the sociology of the internet…Cliff, himself, is refreshingly skeptical, and well-reasoned within his own framework. This analysis of the “MASS ARRESTS” scenario is a fair way to balance all the hubris coming from Drake and his unseen handlers.

Download Clif High – Hour 1 – The “Mass Arrests” Claim, Fulford & The White Dragon Society

“…the military is mind controlled…schooled in hierarchy and the reptillian mind…”

Drake: ” a tool”, his language “betrays control…speaking on an agenda”, “his participation in this is not benign.”

Wilcock: “uncritical thinking” 

Fulford: “he is lying (Fukishima)…bullshit! (the Yakusa/Dojo statements about 10 million jedis aiding in an uprising against the elites)”


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