Right said, Fred…Dramas with David

Right said, Fred…Dramas with David

The last few weeks have been remarkable for the level of drama. Watch around you, now…people are being exposed…look at the shadow side, it’s where light pierces. The battlefield of the mind can be as brutal as the one where blood runs…the imaginations of puppet masters, who ARE the puppets themselves.

Duncan O’Finioan just posted a blog article on the weird spectacle that continues on Project Camelot:

David Wilcock — As I said, going by the words of a mutual friend of ours, I am going on the very loose assumption that you were not part of this dog and pony show that was your death threat and subsequent radio shows…And let me be plain. The timing of your death threat has not escaped me, nor will my continued clogging along about Richard C. Hoagland. And I also must say I am very very ashamed and saddened by everyone involved in this dog and pony show. And I do mean everyone.

The DRAMA-It’s all so surreal, yet like a dime-store detective drama. Who buys this shit?—Worse, who is peddling it? (from David Wilcock’s blog): 


[UPDATE, NEXT MORNING: On the same day this article came out, Benjamin Fulford was allegedly detained in a hotel against his will by a “CIA-type group”… and his life may be in danger.
This caused him to miss his appearance on a TV show he was scheduled to be on. The videos are at the end. This could be serious. We pray for Ben’s well-being and encourage you to help spread the word. Publicity is protection!
UPDATE, 12:44 AM SAME NIGHT: We just found out that Fulford is alive and OK. He may have been held in the hotel for his own protection, but we do not know yet. More information will follow as soon as we get it and will be updated below.


UPDATE WEDNESDAY 3:48 PM: I have received a very serious death threat from a highly-placed insider, who told me it would be “a very good idea” for me to release Part Two tonight. I will be working non-stop towards that goal. More at the bottom of the article.

UPDATE WEDNESDAY 5:43 PM: To all holders of the Wilcock File: DO NOT attempt to contact me in any way. Your instructions are now included in the most recent update.
UPDATE THURSDAY 5:30 PM: We are scrambling to get Part Two finished but making good progress. David was contacted by Coast and will be appearing briefly at or around 10PM Pacific time to give a short three-minute synopsis of what happened. This SUBSTANTIALLY increases our protection and security.

UPDATE SATURDAY 5:15 PM: My phone has been literally ringing off the hook since I made these announcements. I am geting calls stacked up on call waiting just while I’m trying to complete the ones I’m already in. This has been very distracting!
I do not believe I am in danger any longer. This article now has 350,000 hits and I was told that anything over 200,000 would practically guarantee no one would come after me. I am scrambling to finish Part Two and will probably have it out tomorrow.]
First off, it seems that Ben (I like Ben—he feels like a character out of a Mickey Spillaine novel…a real “gum shoe”) took off for the woods to make a secure phone call…seems a nice big stream rolling makes good acoustic masking against drone and satellite surveillance (and you get to pee in the stream…sounds nice). Second, there was no hotel room with CIA-types…just whatever fuzzy critters are padding around the woods in Japan:

About my “kidnapping.” (from Ben Fulford’s blog)


For the past couple of days the internet has been filled with reports that I have been kidnapped. The reason for this is that through a misunderstanding I missed an appointment with Chodoin Daikaku, the head of many of the world’s largest martial arts societies and an important ally. When all attempts to contact me failed, he assumed something nefarious must have happened to me. Given the various attempts on my life and other harassment directed towards me by the cabal, that was an entirely realistic assumption.

The truth, however, is that I went to a stream by the mountains in order to have a private conversation with a certain individual. These days mobile phones are GPS enabled portable listening devices while drones and other surveillance technology make having a private conversation almost impossible. For that reason, I find it necessary to go near a loud (lots of static) stream in a narrow mountain valley to make sure I can have a private conversation. However, I can assure everybody that I am just fine and was not “kidnapped.”

To complete the drama…a hastily arranged interview with Kerry on her live Wednesday show…oh, and that mysterious “Anonymous” guy (hey! aren’t those weirdo computer hackers called “anonymous”? What’s next, a girl sidekick named “Occupy”?) Notice how all the drama builds to the final scene: 

“This article now has 350,000 hits and I was told that anything over 200,000 would practically guarantee no one would come after me.”

Right. we all know that hitmen are scared silly of viral internet articles—yaaaayyyy! Little David, happy at last. Please check the NY Times Bestseller List…it’s Chrtistmas time!…a handy stocking stuffer for that little Ascension buff on your list…hell, buy two…take that you brutish globalist money lords..off to Nordstroms. Ho!




  1. There is no doubt that David's posts (and interview) have been dramatic.

    On the other hand, I see his emotional reactions as sincere. The whole spiritual side of this game, especially when it is interpreted in a New Age leaning manner, is not taken seriously by the major players. So as long as David stuck with that, he was safe.

    Fulford is living in a different world. I'm not sure David realized how different. Most Americans don't realize how isolated they are from the "realities" of life. When David got a taste of this, even if it was "all in good fun" it was heavier than he expected. I think I would have reacted similarly.

    Notice that Duncan never mentions Fulford. Yet their involvement in the game, respectively, is more on a par than is David's. And neither Duncan nor Benjamin talk much about ETs, etc.

    For those of us who haven't yet been directly touched by this deeper game, the conflicts between what the various players see as important are confusing. How do we sort this out?

    One way to rise above the game a bit is to think in terms of survival. This was the approach I took. We know that bodies have relatively short survival spans. We have learned that planets survive for what would seem like almost infinity to a body, but not forever. The same goes for stars, galaxies, etc. They seem to go through cycles similar to those that bodies go through. So if we want to work for survival of something that's meaningful to us, most of us would pick the family bloodline, or the human race, or all of life on earth, or something like that. I personally wanted to shoot for the biggest game I could, and so I was starting to look at space arks and stuff like that.

    Then I found out about the spirit.

    Now, most people find out about the spirit via the ancient teachings. But that's not how I found out about it. And as a result, I have no particular respect for the ancient teachings and the crowd of interpreters they have spawned because it's so hard to tell what they really mean. I was reading books and listening to lectures by an American who had been doing original research on the question of survival and had arrived at his own conclusions, which he explicated in modern English in a manner that was usually quite clear.

    But what he was telling me was extremely difficult to swallow. He was telling me: Sure, go ahead and fight for the survival of the planet and its life forms. We need those things to survive. But remember that ultimately all those things are just a part of a game. And if you do not become spiritually free, you will be stuck in that game. And while you are stuck in that game, if it dies, you will think that you have died. But if you are spiritually free and this game dies, you will know that you can move ahead and create a new one.

    So now: Which do you think is more important? The survival of earth and its life? Or the freedom of the spirit?

    What the more enlightened people of the New Age are telling us is that we should work mostly on our spiritual freedom. What the least enlightened people on this planet say is that "spiritual freedom" is a crock. What I decided is that you have to work on both. But as long as my spiritual work remains half-done, or even barely started, my value to the planet is greatly reduced.

    I think what we have been seeing play out in the past few weeks or months are the clashes of viewpoints that arise from the differences in spiritual awareness amongst the various players.

    David has been getting very good response from his recent book. He sees this research as really cool. But I have read books on similar subjects that came to similar conclusions that were written in the 1950s! His work is not particularly news to me. Why is it to so many others? David, along with so many others, took a conservative approach. They wanted to wait for science to catch up with the ancient teachings. And now they are seeing signs that it is. But if they had studied the material I have studied, they could be a lot farther along in their spiritual work right now than most of them are. And a lot more valuable to the cause than they are right now.

    I am a little frustrated with my own group, but I can understand its position. This planet needs to become more ethical. One of the main threats of criminal (unethical) behavior on this planet is that it tends to punish spiritual work. Therefore, while my group is eager to take on the criminals, and does so to a certain extent, it is trying to get 10,000 members to a certain point in their spiritual work before it puts the pedal to the metal. We are only about half way there.

    Outside of my group, I am not seeing many individuals who are very spiritually able. Most of them are simply letting ETs (or something) speak through them, and that's not what I call spiritual freedom. What we really need, and why so many of us look to the "ETs," is someone with an external perspective who knows what all the different sides in the conflict on earth are thinking and doing, and are willing to tell us that truth as they see it. There should be some humans able to do this, and if there are, I wish they would step forward.

    I just watched half a football game with my brother-in-law. I never watch football. He's the fan. When the ball carrier is tackled and the bodies pile on, he might not even know who tackled him, or which of his defensive men let that guy through. That's sort of the position most of us are in right now. It's maximum experience and minimum knowingness. But what if that same player was running his body from 15 feet above the ground? He still might get tackled, but he'd know exactly how it happened. We need someone who can bring a more exterior viewpoint to the game. In the end, each of us has to take on that responsibility. Meanwhile, someone has to start.

    I wouldn't curse too hard at the people who are trying.

  2. Larry-
    You raise valuable points:

    My core issues are less with Wilcock, than the entire smokescreen of the "Trillion Dollar Lawsuit", which, even if true and did wind up before a court, is NOT a solution—it is simply more of "them" pulling the levers of the global slave system. Gold/money, any fungible asset-based system inevitably leads to greed, murder, mayhem,wars, and human slavery. Instead of pursuing the elites in THEIR courts, with THEIR tools, people need to reorganize their own thinking OUTSIDE the present system.

    For all the BS talk of "ascension" by these new age savants (including Kerry Cassidy), they aren't very good at offering solutions in areas of practical exchange of values between humans…they really are ALL about the coin…no advanced culture would employ the limited value/zero sum game mindset of our present economic system, yet these people LIVE on that mindset! An effective change in consciousness regarding how assets and resources are valued and exchanged is fundamental in an "ascended" being.

    But we have from all these "whistleblower/truthers/conspiracy buffs" is the battle cry of the neanderthal: the soup pot and the club…the bankers and military…the rabble of the crowds and the brute force of oppression—these people do not even BELIEVE their own rhetoric, much less walk the walk. Wanna end mind control? Try zipping up your own mind and thinking completely DIFFERENT. They don't want to change the system, they just want to make it work for THEM.

    Clearly, I see the need to begin finding people with SOLUTIONS and new insights into consciousness-raising. Burned-out 60s flower children who think it is "radical" to go after the phantoms which the governments field for them is entertainment. Think about it: Kerry was a "failure" in the Hollywood system, but found her niche doing "guerilla-style" journalism…except it isn't journalism. The invented fictions of Project Camelot/Avalon IS the success Hollywood denied her…great entertainment, and no pressure to produce anything like real journalism. The problem is that witless dupes suck it up like it's their pathway to salvation.

    Wilcock's book is nothing new…NOTHING. He cleverly weaves quasi-science, left-wing politics, and re-hashed spirituality into bromides which sell books and fill conferences. The "reincarnation of Edgar cayce", one would assume, would have come back more advanced…not as a pathetic re-treader…David found his own success by becoming what he is not…yet another theatrical coupe!

    Now—you wrote:
    "Notice that Duncan never mentions Fulford. Yet their involvement in the game, respectively, is more on a par than is David's. And neither Duncan nor Benjamin talk much about ETs, etc."

    Duncan and I discussed Fulford in our earlier interviews. Fulford is a separate matter: he does have some bbona fides—we know who he is, and we know his background…the guy actaully IS a journalist. He is likely up to his neck in the cloak-and-dagger of White Dragons and far east Mafioso…but he's solid and doesn't launch into hissy fits. I have seen bot hBen and Duncan on record about ETs/UFOs…but that is not the focus of either man's work. (hope that clears up those points)

    Spirituality—authentic spirituality—is PERSONAL! Which is why the human race will not collectively "ascend", ever. I do agree we are in a time of heightened consciousness—we have been for over 50 years, now. I do believe we are creators…as creators, we would not be fighting a system, but transcending it. This has not been possible for most humans due to the global tyranny of the "lizards". Duncan's role is NOT to fight the global elite, but to defeat the dark ones who blinded humanity thousands of years ago,

    Our battle is to begin the process of spiritual elevation and adopt the minds of higher beings…the war of minds and Spirit. This will not come from fear-based media and self-invented Hollywood types who hawk "solutions" that are as dead as the system it opposes. Their scuffling for money, fame, and pride excludes them from any such endeavor…the heart chakra is only ONE part of the whole human system…the MIND, guided by right spirit is what will drive it.

    Not sure if we agree or disagree…ETs/UFOs are really code talk for something far more ethereal.


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