A Brief Explanation of RnA Drops and ION

A Brief Explanation of RnA Drops and ION

Three days after posting this article on Facebook, and considerable commenting on the Facebook post, Virginia (Ginny) Gunther and Bob Dobbs/Neveritt/Dean recorded this podcast to critique my findings. I am flattered they felt it so important to comment. you decide for yourself. Like ION they use many “trigger words”, double-speak and convolutions to maintain a semantic state of unbalance.

To the listeners, readers, and viewers of OffPlanet Radio: A Brief Explanation of RnA Drops and the controversy between the former business partners. Where do we stand today? rna_dropsIn 2012 I began promoting the product known as RnA Drops, marketed by a company called NETWORK PARTNERS, LLC, which is owned by Matthew David Hurtado. After hosting two interviews with the alleged proprietors of the RnA Drops formula, Dr. Carolyn Dean, MD, ND and her husband Bob Neveritt (a/k/a as variously “Bob Dean” (not Cmdr. Bob Dean of UFO disclosure fame) and “Bob Dobbs”), who do business as NEW CAPSTONE, INC. I became an affiliate marketer through Mr. Hurtado’s company. My promotion of the drops was based on several factors including my trust in my friend, talk show host, James Martinez; the experiences I was having using the drops, and the promise that the drops were part of an overall plan to introduce a new form of holistic health products to humanity via the internet.


Dr. Carolyn Dean, MD, ND and husband, Robert Dean a/k/a Neveriit Dobbs, etc.

Implicit in this overall marketing scheme was the legitimacy of the so-called “non-physical entity” named ION, who was channeled by a man from the Atlanta, GA area named “JW”. “JW” was presented as being a multi-billionaire tech entrepreneur and jet-setting businessman. From October of 2009 to December of 2011, ION appeared on the CASH FLOW Radio Show, hosted by James Martinez, on the Achieve Radio Network. In December of 2011 ION allegedly “went stealth” and disappeared from the airwaves and all public presence. Interestingly enough: this time line intersects perfectly with the pending incarceration of one Jeffrey Wallace Edwards of Bremen, GA, who is believed to be “JW”, the voice of ION, on Federal charges of 11 counts of money laundering, 17 counts of wire fraud, and counts of mail fraud totaling over US$7 million of loss to investors in various schemes.(see: http://www.bizjournals.com/atlanta/news/2011/12/01/bremen-man-sentenced-for-7m.html) Rumors of this colossal fraud circulated around the internet, on various forums for several years and were openly dismissed by Dr. Carolyn Dean, MD, ND and Bob Neveritt in various scenarios. The most opulent dismissal claims that “there are 11-13 “JWs” who appear to have the same personality, which can all channel ION, and who overlap realities by means of bi-location/tri-location and dimensional worm holing (to paraphrase “the company line” from Bob and his various media shills). In the absence of ION, Bob continued his marketing activities on Achieve Radio Network by starting his own show, “PAY DAY”, which featured archive recordings of ION, along with his long-winded dissertations on Marshal McLuhan, his own treatise on existentialism known as “The Five Bodies”, his “Tiny Note Chart”, and the self-documenting Time Line wherein he regales the audience of his reminiscences of historical figures between 1922 – 1949 and forward. Neveritt/Dobbs claims to be 93 years old as of this writing. (See the OffPlanet Radio interview with Bob Neveritt Pt. 1 and Pt. 2 of July 2012 for more on this) In March of 2014, Matthew David Hurtado announced that he had parted company with Dr. Carolyn Dean and Bob Neveritt (d/b/a NEW CAPSTONE, INC.) and by extension, with J.W. Edwards, who he states is their business partner after receiving a report from Everett Stern of Tactical Rabbit, a business intelligence company located in Philadelphia, PA. (see the report here). A volley of accusations between the two corporate parties has now ensued for nearly five months, and played out across the radio shows, email lists, forums, and private conversations. I want to assure my audiences that I am still investigating and researching every aspect of this situation. I put my own integrity on the line, as this is the ONLY product I have ever endorsed or advertised on any of may radio shows since 2009. Like you, I have HUGE questions regarding the deceptions that appear to have been foisted on the audiences of numerous radio networks, websites, and marketing programs related to the RnA product line. I have concerns about the efficacy, safety, and over-all ethics of this group of promoters. This in not an ad hominem attack, nor is it being done without great introspection as to my own motives and, apparently, the deception I also labored under. As to the FACTS: there are many, and yet, there remain a number of “holes” in the story. The largest “hole” appears to be the reappearance of ION on radio in November of 2013 during what was promoted as “BOBFest”, wherein the self-aggrandizing Mr. Neveritt aspired to hold forth for 7 days (144 hours) of live radio from November 22-29th 2014. ION then began to appear more regularly in January, 2014 on the PAY DAY programs—even as J.W. Edwards is still incarcerated at Atlanta (GA) Federal Penitentiary. I am still working on the details of HOW this would be possible for a prisoner inside a FEDERAL prison, but have been assured that it IS possible. I am still working through information from FBI, DOJ and Federal Corrections officials. If true, then we also have to assume that J.W. Edwards is continuing to run one of his scams while INSIDE a Federal Prison! As to the RNA Drops fiasco: there are no easy answers here, except that humans continue to be assholes! The ONE thing I do know is that the drops are legitimate. I know this because Dr. Carolyn Dean and ION did not invent them. While Bob and Carolyn have disclosed that the drops were the result of an older experiment dating back to the 1970s/8os from the Cosmic Awareness group, called the “D Cell”—they have failed to disclose that the formula, which was a barley-based water filter developed by Ralph Duby and Paul Shockley-was a closely held secret that survived the deaths of the inventors. Carolyn and Bob, as I have been told, went to great lengths to obtain the formula, which they then re-launched as “insulinose”, the i-cell, or i-block, and which was the basis for the RNA Drops formula. While they claimed to have filed a patent on the i-Cell, it appears that patent is now abandoned. I have information on the person who had the original formula, and from whom it is said, they (The Deans) obtained it. As for Matthew David Hurtado: I have had my differences with him. I paid Matthew money—$1,500— to become an RNA Affiliate in 2012. I never received solid bookkeeping from his company on my earnings from the sales of the drops, and other products, for the period 9/2012-07/2013. In July of 2013, Matthew began requiring that I (and other RNA Affiliates under his NETWORK PARTNERS, LLC) become “legal” companies with IRS Tax IDs and “legitimate” business structures. If you know anything about me, you know I am not going to do that, based on my beliefs about the IRS, CORPORATIONS, and the process of compliance to business standards which regulate and strangle legitimate personal business ventures. As result, I ceased being an RNA Affiliate, although I maintained the advertising until the end of 2013. I am still investigating the material facts behind Dr. Carolyn Dean’s company, NEW CAPSTONE, INC., and the business dealings related to convicted felon, JW Edwards (a/k/a “ION”). This is murkier than a bog in the Bayou. The Deans (a/k/a- Dr. Carolyn Dean and her consort, Bob Dobbs (Neveritt/Dean) appear to be running one of several corporations that are involved with the manufacture, marketing, and distribution of RNA Drops and other health products. The products ReMag and ReLyte, are not directly related to the RNA Drops, and are formulations of Dr. Dean (it appears) that use 3rd party formularies. The RNA Drops and ReNew Serum, do appear to be manufactured by some other operation run by two long-time associates of the Deans from a home-based operation. Despite protestations and huge amounts of hubris by the Deans, I still find no compelling evidence to support claims to the contrary—the drops may be legitimate, but the whole operation is a bit like a cosmic version of “Breaking Bad”. As to ION: the history of “channeling” (and, yes, someone is channeling an entity here) is replete with all manner of confusion, dishonesty, and spiritual deception. I have researched the history of channeling from ancient times (the Cybils of ancient Greece) to the periods of the late 16th century (Dr. John Dee and his scryer, William Kelly in the 1580s) to famous mages like St. Germaine, Caligostro, Casanova, on to the “modern era” of Jane Roberts and the Seth materials. What one finds is that there is “something there”…that said, the history shows that the CHARACTER of the individual actors (both human and “non-physical”) have a great impact on the effects of any such dealings with no-human/non-physical intelligences. History also details that in these occult interactions, there can be massive spiritual deceptions, frauds, Casanova-like schemes for money and power, even leading into eventual madness and utter disgrace of the human agents. The ION material contains many “nuggets” of arcane wisdom. It also is largely mined and regurgitated from the well-spring of existing occult knowledge, and some of the material, such as ION’s alleged Revelation chapter 23, is even plagiarized from existing copyrighted materials, which “he” then re-tooled and appropriated. For this, I have exclusive documentation that I have not yet disclosed publicly. In closing (for now): I have now spent nearly a year and a half researching the ION material. Like many others, I also was “sucked in” to the non-physical vortex of this, admittedly brilliant, charlatan. Because the actors in this whole drama (JW Edwards, Bob Dobbs, Dr. Carolyn Dean, and their sympathetic followers) have significant financial and reputitional stakes in continuing the ruse—and because they have cleverly employed multiple CORPORATION entities to secure their alleged “rights” and profits; and because against all reason, they continue to insist that the self-same JW Edwards of Bremen, GAa convicted felon, who swindled over $6 million out of his “investors”—is NOT the same JW who channels ION; it has been daunting to pierce the veil of this elaborate scam completely. I am still investigating. And while, I do have substantial facts, and have contacted all parties involved for their various statements; there is still no definitive summary to all the shenanigans that have occurred. I am still fact checking certain aspects of this case, and am awaiting a phone conversation with Mr. Everett Stern, whom Mr. Hurtado hired to investigate both his own company and the Dean/Edwards consortium. The Deans, for their part, continue to spin, obfuscate, and churn a mixture of “medical” authority laced heavily with metaphysical distortions. We can only presume, at this juncture, that many people have fallen for a spirituality-for-profit scheme (nothing new there), that has left many thousands of people caught in the spin cycle of very brilliant, and very corrupt operators. This is witchcraft, or as the late Walter Bowart (author, “Operation Mind Control” and founder of the East Village Other, and ex-spouse of Peggy Mellon Hitchcock) termed it: “The disease of RichKraft”. This article is far from a complete vetting of all the materials I have amassed in over 18 months of personal and independent investigation, nor is this the “final word” on the subject. I have refrained from venturing beyond the scope of where my research has taken me, and I have spoken with all parties involved EXCEPT for Mr. Jeffrey Wallace Edwards, for obvious reasons. Pending verification of certain facts, and the potential for possibly more information to emerge, this is a statement to the listeners/readers/viewers to help clear up the situation of which I was a party. I intend to post much substantial material as it become viable. I am no longer using, or promoting, RNADrops. Sadly, the old adage of Jesus applies: “Ye will know them by their FRUITS.” I am saddened to have been a part of this whole fiasco. While I did not lose money, I also did not profit materially. Spiritually, I have gleaned much from all of this that I hope to impart to my readers/listeners/viewers very soon. Beware when some “non-physical” entity exhorts you to “TAKE BACK YOUR POWER”…then SELLS you a solution. I forgot that, to my own pain. You ARE Complete! Randy Maugans offplanetradio.com 14 July 2014   Randy Maugans’ Research notes (partial) of November 2013 – PDF: ION-JW Fraud Imprisonment – Data DOJ-IDICTMENT JEFFREY EDWARD WALLACE – PDF: DOJ-JW-INDICTMENT-05-13-09 US VS. JEFFREY WALLACE EDWARD 11TH CIRCUIT COURT OF APPEALS – PDF: US vs JW EDWARDS Additional links: Atlanta Business Journal Article – 05-13-2009:Bremen man indicted for $7M in fraud  US JUSTICE DEPT. Website: Jeffrey Wallace Edwards FBI website: Bremen, GA Man Convicted of Running Investment Scam


  1. Thank you Randy for your transparency and honesty in this issue. It has been very confusing to sort through. This post helps in a big way. Again Thank you for all you do. Sincerely Dennis W

  2. Hi I was a follower of Bob, Carolyn and Ion for a couple years until i was kicked off his “dupes”forum. For info on who bob and carolyn are, try contacing Dave Worster (it is spelled like worchester, i think) who i believe lives in Seattle, and his phone number was listed in the phone book. He was very forthcoming on who Bob and Carolyn are to some of my friends in the “cult”. Dave is as good friend of theirs and was not afraid of being honest about them, having known them for so many years and being a peer. Anyway this did not come from Dave, but Bob was born in june 1946 and many of his older friends and followers know this. i know his exact birthdate but the person who gave me his birth date was still freindly with Bob and i don’t want to out him so to speak. good luck with your investigating.

  3. Hi Randy! I am sorry you have come to the conclusions you have in your blog regarding
    the RNA drops.
    Because of you, I started taking them 2 years ago. I was one very ill women that had spent
    thousands trying to get well, with conventional as well as alternative medicine. Today, I am WELL!
    All I can say is thank you for your advertising the RNA drops.
    As for Carolyn & Bob, I have never had anything but good “fruit” from both of them. What Ion is has not been 100% defined, as yet. But the information he has given is never forced upon
    anyone, so I am free to listen or not.
    Thank You Randy!

  4. Randy I would like to thank you for introducing me to iON/Bob/RNA drops 2 years ago via your interview with Bob and Carolyn. It has changed my life for the better, I am healthier and happier. I am sorry its not working for you. You said in the interview the drops fixed an old shoulder injury – this testimonial really helped me give the drops a try as I always trusted your intentions. Are you now saying the drops dont work? All the best.

    • Jamie: What is the difference if Randy thinks they work or not? If a sugar pill has the placebo effect, isn’t the healing just as valid as if it was created by any other “legitimate” method? I am not debating the origins or background or validity of the product, but if it works for you… don’t give away the power to ruin that for you to someone else! Peace.

  5. Randy, what is iON’s chapter 23 of Revelations about?
    Did you purchase the recordings and texts?

  6. Ascension in a bottle… Ascension in a bottle ? Who? What? Where? Why? How? When??? Nice to see your head out of the cloud Mr. Maugans

  7. I did say that after taking the initial RnA Drops I noticed my left arm which had been broken in a cycling accident, was now reaching full orbital capacity at the shoulder. That was my experience. I take nothing away from the drops…never said they don’t work. We could say that the best effect is that they allowed us to relax and allow…

  8. I decided to try RnA drops based on testimonials, not because of anything Ion or Bob said. I had bad gums and fingernails that are now very improved, and I can’t find anything else to attribute that to except the drops. Placebo? Perhaps. I consider myself to have taken part in an experiment, that’s all. Randy, don’t take anything too seriously, this virtual reality life seems more like a sitcom to me as it goes on.

  9. Hey Randy….great article…very insightful.

    Spiritual deception is right on the mark.

    I speak not of the current situation as i know zilch about it.

    The the claim of any ”Advanced” being/conciousness involved with a profit making venture does not stand up…..for me.

    Hell…if i had a miracle cure i’d give it away for free to everyone…..and i’m just one of them backward humans ;)

  10. Hey Randy! Sounds like you and I have been on a similar journey (bizarre trip) w/ the drops(I never sold them)and this cast of characters and have come to pretty much the same conclusions(or lack there of). I’m over it except for one thing….where is James Martinez? I was a Cash Flow listener and became acquainted with him briefly back in 2012. i liked him and have both missed hearing him on the radio and frequently wondered what the heck happened to him. I hope he is well and would be interested to hear his thoughts on “all this.” I know he is of trustworthy character despite the association w/ the RNA/ION peanut gallery.


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