Sandy Hook: It Doesn’t Add Up

Long time friend and correspondent, Jeff Cross, called me on Christmas eve to discuss his own roving inquiries and media activism over all the glaring, ridiculous omissions of evidence in the Sandy Hook School Shootings. Like all of these high profile media mass trauma events, as far back as the JFK assassination, the facts and evidence shift and move in the shadows of a clearly  scripted narrative. Following are the questions that beg some hard answers:
Hello Happy Holidays and please forward this to as many people as you know: this is the link to the CBS News article titled “Conn. school shooting. What we know” .. . which isn’t jack SQUAT!  Please read my comments and ask yourself these questions – which I pasted below as well:
Here’s the article link and here’s my comments: (which are posted at the top)
The Economist readers truly bring informed opinion to the fore when it comes to the debate over Gun Control and the 2nd Amendment, but given the glaring and unforgivable LACK of actual evidence brought forth by the mainstream media and the ‘authorities’ about the Sandy Hook incident it is FAR too early to have this debate until the FACTS have come out. Here’s just a few simple questions I think should be answered before we go any further:
1) Are we really to believe there’s no cell phone calls or video from the cell phone of a SINGLE teacher or adult from this school? (The Wikipedia entry on Sandy Hook says that teacher Laura Feinstein “attempted to call 9-1-1 but was unable to connect because her cell phone did not have reception.” . . .  no reception – really . . in a town 18 minutes from Danbury, CT and less than 90 minutes from Manhattan . and I supposed all the teachers in a school over over 600 kids all hat that problem too. c’mon people!
2) Now that the killer is dead is there REALLY a good reason not to show the security camera videos from the school?
3) Are we ACTUALLY going to believe the state coroner who said on camera that the families weren’t able to see the bodies of there children but were shown pictures of their faces? (see this guy’s RIDICULOUS press conference at

4) What happened to the second shooter that was taken into custody that FOX News and local affiliates reported on?
5) What about this Kaitlin Roig – what were the names of the 14 students she saved? How is it this Connecticut school teacher sounds like a total valley girl from California in her interview with Diane Sawyer. And how exactly did she fit 14 kids into a bathroom?
6) Where are the pictures of shot out windows and bodies and blood?
7) Where is any ACTUAL evidence that anybody died or was wounded? I did a Google Image search for an hour and came up with nothing – how do we know any of this actually happened?

(Editor’s note: a list of the names of the alleged victims was released on Saturday .)

8) As far as I can tell not a single eyewitness actually saw this Lanza kid at all . . witnesses saw a man in battle clothing, bullet-proof vest and ski mask.
If anyone cares to respond to this – please keep this to FACTS and EVIDENCE rather than emotion, and skip the Gun Control debate for now – let’s just uncover the TRUTH of what happened first.
Jeff Cross



  1. randy…pls interview duncan so we can get the inside info on this. in my opinion this new info on the possibility of mossad being behind the murders is not true…i think it is more likely the cia did it and is putting out confusing disinfo because too many regular folks are getting wise to their evil acts…and a smokescreen is needed in order to further confuse, dissociate and take people off of the track…my prediction is that the mossad story will come out as false on the mainstream news…then people will give up and turn away from alternative theories. i mean come on…really…the ptb would REALLY allow a smack down and mud fight with israel…NO CHANCE. different scenario…but same tactics as all the other bs…911…kennedy…etc…

  2. Randy, thanks for covering this. That medical examiner was an idiot. There was no way that guy was a PHd. There are a lot of PHd idiots lately, aren't there? I do not know what is going on here, but something isn't right. I don't think the fathers were involved in the Libor issue, but it does appear they both work or worked for G.E. capital. Is there any way to get death certificates in this matter? I also thought about doing a paid people search to see if any of the adults even had address in the Connecticut area and if they're names and ages match what the media gave. I hope no children were killed, but I agree there are too many things out of place. Also the fact they want to arrest people who are talking like we are is telling. I don't think they are concerned with false information about the incident getting reported, I think they are concerned with the truth getting reported. There were clearly more then one person arrested or detained. There is much more to learn on this.


  3. Interesting and disturbing if true. Allow me to play "devils advocate" for a moment. If what you're suggesting is that this event was staged (crisis actors portraying grieving parents) and no real casualties occurred – would it not be reasonable to expect that the local residents would be all over social media, radio stations, local newspapers calling out this charade? I would think out of all the six degree's of separation (so to speak) somebody in town would say " WTF is going on here? Nobody has been shot in the school that my kids attend… I don't recognize any of these names… My sister is a teacher there and said no shooting took place…etc"
    There's a huge story here for an investigative journalist – hell, I'm thinking about going to Sandy Hook myself to hang out in the town diner's and coffee houses, barbershops and bars, see what the town folk are whispering about.

  4. From a UK viewpoint. Whispers in hallowed corridors are "Clues come in many guises, and please define for yourselves the actual meaning of a psy-ops operation, clues are right in front of your noses". Thanks, Barry

  5. Duncan and Barry I would be interested in anything you might have on this, I am trying to put odds and ends together and there is so much about this not making sense. I am considering a trip there myself to do some more digging. Great Job on writing this up so far and it just gives me more questions un answered. please anyone feel free to send me a note or two.

  6. Granted this is not actually evidence, but judging by a simple behavioral analysis, I cannot believe these people are experiencing any grief whatsoever. And if they are actors, which they clearly appear to be, the implications are truly astounding. I saw the first press conference given by the governor or mayor or whatever. As guided by the media, I was fully immersed emotionally and was truly shocked, as was my wife, to see people behind the mayor or governor OPENLY LAUGHING. I wish someone could find this clip! It was real casual. Then to see more and more of this after I had witnessed that, when I was ready to accept it all without realizing the media can just show an image and have it be truth, well it just shook me telling me something is just not right. The media IS see-eye-A run. This has been admitted. Where has the story GONE? Where are the harrowing accounts? I have yet to see a genuine eye witness. I think this is hardcore psy-watware. Call me crazy for not believing known liars and images I see on a screen. I was ANGRY seeing fake emotion and smiles!

  7. The children that were killed were shockingly racially diverse. I think they had a beautiful picture of at least every race present. Just a thought…

  8. First– the gall of the police chief threatening social media for spreading rumors is appalling on the heels of the Media's glaring errors resulting in utter chaos in the reporting of this story. I have been trying to wrap my head around this "story" as it has unfolded in an attempt to determine between facts and conjecture. There is so much mis-information that it is difficult to sift through just to find a grain of truth.
    I do believe that a tragedy occurred and that children were killed. I also believe that actors have been employed for purposes of pushing an agenda(s,

    Second–there is another story that no one has really touched on and I just ran across it yesterday. The props master for the Batman movie, Scott Getzinger, actually lived in Newton, Conn with his family. (This could easily explain the incorporation of Sandy Hook onto the prop map for the movie, as perhaps it was familiar or available at the time.) What is more interesting, however, is that this family has been in legal battles with the board of education in Newtown, Conn. The day after he exposed alleged corruption in Newtown schools, Scott was killed in an auto accident. His wife, Susan, continues to battle the school system as an outspoken critic of the education board and the legal system in Conn.

    We all know just how corrupt small town politics can get and just maybe that stench we all smell around this story has much to do with local corruption, coverup, and CYA on the heels of a tragedy.

    It would seem like a plausible explanation that corrupt Newtown politicians have seized the opportunity to side with big government and their agendas to deflect the truth of what is really happening in this school system. And if corruption is occuring in small town Conn., then it can be/is fully embedded in any small town in America.


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