Sarah Stanga: Psychic Stalkers and Predatory Triggermasters…

Anyone reading this blog for a while knows I have been dissecting the culture of the “truther”  and “whistleblower” media outlets for some time. There is a thin line between the “exposers” and expoiters, and a double-mindedness about the operation of mind control by these same media figures. 

It becomes all the more oblique when certain devious, cowardly, and morally bankrupt “operatives” deploy a campaign of ludicrous, deceptive, and exploitative assaults against witnesses who come forward about mind control projects, ritual abuse cults, and pedophillic death rite rings—all with the smirky nod of a certain high profile “whistleblower” site. 

Sarah Stanga’s latest article calls out some abuses that cut  to the heart of the dangers to disclosers. I have reports from several such witnesses that concerted efforts are underway to “flame out” the survivors of these Satanic cabal operations by massive waves of abuse on every level. As the most recent months events have played out, notably in the wake of the Bill Brockbrader/Project Camelot fiasco and the emergence of the “Former White Hat Operative” site<wink, wink>…the agents who populate the internet culture have been busy using every means to destroy any unified efforts to push for public disclosure of these hideous cults and projects.

As Sarah writes:

“I am also concerned about the “truth movement” at large from this, as these people are also closely connected to other well known “truthers”, especially Anya Briggs, and this gives me pause for thought as to what these people are all really up to and what any agenda is. Can we trust people who will attack those most in need in our society and who need help, who claim to be victims themselves? Where is their compassion and empathy for others who have gone through the programmes?

Yes, naming names and calling people out is propoer! Damn right, it is even necessary. I have repeatedly called out Kerry Cassidy to settle the questions I have about HER complicity with FWHO website…how is it that she links to the site ONE DAY after it posts it’s first article? How is it that after this collective, callled “Former White Hat Operative” posts a series of posts savaging innocent victims/survivors, and even the webmaster of Project Camelot, that Ms. Cassidy still found them “amusing” (and linked to them—oh, by the way, she would not link back to Wolf Spirit Radio on the same blog)? (And where DID Kerry really go on that 3-day speed cruise to Belize?) 

The “old guard” media have been co-opted. The CIA storefront websites (you know them…) are going gaga! over anything that leaves a slime trail, and IF these agents and their inept lackies could succeed…the people like Sarah, with stories to be told, would be silenced…mocked into suffering in silence,. Abused by the people who make their living selling the “official conspiracy”.

They are NOT going to succeed. A new standard is rising soon…

The article from Sarah Stanga: 

Help Required……….

After another three days of being almost constantly triggered, I am exhausted, and feel very tired. The one place I need to be open today, the Buddhist Temple, is closed for a “meeting”.

I have been sent a rather poor email by a particular “Super Soldier” relating to his wife being anal fisted in an airport by security with a rather nasty energy attachment in the form of a spell for me which entailed a red fist which entered my aura and actually was meant to make me feel having such penetration up my own anus! This person has been none other than James Casbolt/Michael Prince, in retaliation for whatever I am supposed to have done to him…………. which has been nothing. And further advised me he is also a member of a Druid Order, and has been for quite some time……….. Somebody that I was actually well advised to avoid all contact with, as many people have apparently had bad contacts and nasty energy work thrown at them by this particular “truther”, black magician he now is in my book, he also stated that he was known for anally fisting men and women to programme them sexually and he would like to do it again, and if I had the codes, could he have them as he would like that power again……… Very very sad, and a bad day for truthers…………..

I have also been triggered through all the psychic attacks by him and other “truthers”, into having repeated memories and also had many alters coming through, which has left me exhausted, tired and pretty much disabled psychically due to such enormous psychic attack and being energy depleted. They seem to enjoy what they are doing to me though, they seem to think it is fun. One of the other “truthers” has been Anya Briggs, who claims to have close telepathic contact with James Casbolt and to work with him astrally…… She has also been astrally attacking me quite viciously psychically, for over a week and a half, and has done much to trigger me and also cast rumours about me. She also claims to be in contact with the guy who is writing the “Former White Hat” blog, Louis Khan Nin, who tells her he is also CIA and has her file………. apparently and that James Casbolt really gets on with him alot……. I have received many psychic attacks from “Former White Hat” also……. who claims to know Aaron McCullom…… amongst others……..

I have also had psychic attacks from an ex-boyfriend who I believe to be programmed also, so it has been quite a time for me in one way or another, and I have to say, I have huge doubts about the integrity of anyone who deliberately triggers and psychically attacks people who are vulnerable, isolated, have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and mind control issues. To me these people are satanists, nothing else.

I am also concerned about the “truth movement” at large from this, as these people are also closely connected to other well known “truthers”, especially Anya Briggs, and this gives me pause for thought as to what these people are all really up to and what any agenda is. Can we trust people who will attack those most in need in our society and who need help, who claim to be victims themselves? Where is their compassion and empathy for others who have gone through the programmes?

I am asking once more, for any true Light Workers out there, who know love, to send this situation, healing peace and compassion. To help these people to move on, to get help and assistance and to get back to God. This is no way to be a truther, at all.

I am naming names for one reason, people need to know that some of the most vulnerable people, are themselves the perpetrators of such things I have described, are getting themselves into a mess, casting poison arrows and sending hate and fear rather than love, consideration, compassion and peace. These people need our help and support too, and maybe they will learn not to attack out of fear, but to trust the cosmos and to know God and love and peace themselves again. I feel that this may also be the only way to help heal this situation, by aiding them in this way. I had trusted Anya and James and others, and know they have their own programming so do forgive, but this has to stop, it is no way to be human, and they need to learn forgiveness and heal, that is all that I ask, and that they get the hell away from Satanist porn fiend”Former White Hat.


  1. I to want answers Kerry. Where do you stand?
    This is a war, and I do know how to fight a war/
    There is so much I know but tell no one.
    That is going to change, very soon.
    The beast,,,has been turned lose.

  2. I am waiting to hear answers also……we all deserve the answers…….stakes are getting high……

  3. Fascinating article… sending as much light as possible. K

  4. Sarah,and all whom stay in the Mystery. I suggest: Keeping your living spaces filled with smoke as they ,"the Others"cant stand smoke.
    Remember,We Have the Power; They can only get in thru your uncertainties.Light is information.Dont were Black or Red .God knows that if people would read the Scriptures its all there.its only thru Ignorance they can control you.
    Stay Away from People,as much as possible.We have only .and only need thru with Faith,Alone .how ever long it takes to know your thoughts and recognize whats Yours.
    Believe in Your Self and know from reflection on all the times you should have Died,that we have Help Butt.If your not Sure or insecure at all.That help watches Helplessly.
    Find Some way of seeing the Poetry in your life. as all the Drama builds Ballast .as we release uncertainty were creating a Mind field that the Others Cant Enter
    Dont fall into Salvationism ! No one died for your sins and you are Responsible.and No one is going to Save you but U.
    Anyone whom may feel me in these Truths is welcome to contact me. and I am in a position to help with Knowledge that Only comes thru Experience and Understanding.
    The Earth is Ready To AdJust the Earth Releases so too will we have some relief in our emotions.were the Mind can ,as trauma releases.See the Light.
    Semper Fi

  5. I am in search of a cult that has been giving out psychic assault weapons to people who I encounter in my day to day life. Maybe you've even heard of this. It all started when an x-coworker was angry at me and resorted to spying on me and came upon this psychic cult. It has been eight years, she faded away and others took over her spot and I have been unable to shake this off. I am currently unemployed even after switching jobs, states, trying to get rid of my psychic stalkers. The stalkers after me, follow me around with the images of celebrities of a recent T.V. program or film I've watched and anyone else she can see in my thoughts. So clearly it seems she can see anything I think of. I have had verbal debates with her, attempting to befriend her, trying to negotiate and persuade into stopping, but she won't. The police can't help, they say. She loves just getting me upset. I wish I could ignore it but people get caught into it and they have to be pulled out. So many people have come through, I want to help them end it all but I can't. I mean I have had out and out psychic fights with celebs b/c they help her, such as some high profile Christian Scientists, w/c of course was just another hypocrisy of theirs.

    I still want to help remove this hold. I have no idea who they are that distributed this craft, they seem like they want to help out people who seek vengeance or even help bullies out.

  6. I have a really bad psychic attacker. Email me with a solution, its been 5 years. In the subject, give me a valid phone number.


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