Sarah Stanga

Disturbing, raw video interview with Sartah Stanga… 4 hour interview in 2 parts. The details require a strong stomach and the replay button. Marred by insensitive questioning by interviewer, Miles Johnson, but required viewing for anyone who wishes to grasp the whole childhood stolen phenom:

Bases 10 The Sarah Stanga Blogs

  • In what is the most traumatic and highly disturbing BASES to date, we introduce Sarah Stanga, who came to The AMMACH Project for help. She has compiled a series of long blogs, parts of which are included in this major 4 hour interview in 2 parts.
  • The subject matter involves ritual child abuse, Shadow Beings (NOT ETs) US, UK & German Military, MILABs, training very young children in psychic warfare.
  • This further connects Shadow beings, which are known for their involvement in Crop Circles, Circle makers, UFOs, Greys and UK military.
  • 10ft tall German “Non Humans”, in German Castles, Greys, at MILAB BASES IN THE UK, All material alluded to in Bases One, by Barry King.
  • James Casbolt is mentioned, in one of these groups, as Sarah describes her life from a very early age and alluded to in her Blog.
  • Now she is being “Gang Stalked”
  • Highly disturbing material.
  • Stanga independently deducted much of the material sourced and researched at a major West London broadcaster, so accurately, she was initially thought of as a “company” plant, to discredit the investigation.

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  1. Nice work Randy. Miles apologizes for his questioning style in the video introduction as he was under time pressure but the work is out and I'm doing my little bit because as you know, day by day the infinite power of accretion is going to topple the bastards in the war business on both sides of the Atlantic who are too lost from their own humanity. Psychic/energy attacks can be disturbing if people don't know what's going on but if they know the desperation is self evident. We're dealing with desperate enemy.


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