Sold Out Twice:The MUFON Di$closure Project

Sold Out Twice:The MUFON Di$closure Project

(NOTE: the following article is not intended to impugn honest, hardworking, and dedicated VOLUNTEER MUFON investigators or their state associations; rather, examine the facts and discern that corruption occurs at the higher levels in any organization where profit, vanity, and ego preempt the valid mission of the MUFON group.)

Threading through a lot of posts on this disturbing subject. Has the UFO community been $old out by the largest volunteer UFO investigation group?

It’s stunning to think that abductees and contactees could be SOLD OUT TWICE…but that, it seems, is the case that unfolds in the details of an agreement by Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) and entrepreneur, Robert Bigelow. According to a February 5 post at Phantoms and Monsters: Mutual UFO Network signed an agreement with real estate entrepreneur, Robert Bigelow and his aerospace company, Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies (BAASS), for access to their content management database, turned over all the work of volunteer field investigators, sold the case files of 114 abduction reports for $14,000, and opened the door for BAASS to be the ‘preferred’ processor of reports referred by the Federal Aviation Administration…cost to Bigelow: he provided funding through an undisclosed network of donors! 

So much for the transparency of MUFON, and confidentiality in filing reports. At a time when the clamoring for “disclosure” on UFO/ET phenomena is high, it seems there are nothing more than layers of operatives…both private and government. 


Former International Director James Carrion’s recent articles: Strange Bedfellows and How To Take Down a UFO Organization 101 for a perspective of what happened.

More to follow.

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