Spiritual Warfare: Game On!

Spiritual Warfare: Game On!

Anyone who follows this blog, or blogs from Sarah Stanga, Anya Briggs, or Duncan O’Finioan knows that ex-project subjects (“super soldiers”, or whatever) are being assaulted physically, electronically, and astrally. I have reports from a dozen people who are enduring horrific attacks on a daily basis. Add to that the amplified Earth energetics and the heightened activity by DESPERATE cabal overlords and we have before us a PERFECT STORM.

Not only are these ex-project defectors being assaulted, but they are turning on each other in some cases. What most people do not know (and in some cases, even the subjects themselves) is that programming was installed in mind control operatives that makes them hostile to the “others” who are not directly in the “command and control” level of their personality alters. Translated that means: they are hard-wired to attack (even kill) another!

This NOT, I repeat, NOT just a “super soldier” problem. Everyone on the planet has been dosed with heavy metal nanoids as result of the global “aerosol” projects called “chemtrails”. Do not think for one second that YOU are not “mind controlled”, or are exempt from the toxic infiltration on Earth of black energies. This is not just a problem for ex-CIA black operatives—this is a problem for HUMANS—we have been “terra-formed”!

If we do not recognize the problem, if we simply dismiss the overwhelming evidence of the above statements, and we simply WAIT for someone else to rescue us, or worse, if we act in the same manner as the reptoid overlords, then “THEY” have won! It is either “game over” or “game on!”

I assume that the people who follow this blog and my radio shows are SPIRITUAL people. I also assume that you are a cut above the media-fed masses, who still practice religion, watch mainstream media, and continue to FEED the cabal’s global stranglehold by acting like CATTLE. I assume that you also are proactive and will now begin to TAKE BACK YOUR POWER—are we on the same page?


As spiritual people (and YOU get to define that…we do not follow or prescribe dogma), there is a way out of the oscillating EMP fields (like HAARP—you did your homework on this, didn’t you?) and black magic spells woven over this planetary matrix. There is a Higher Power (Force, ONE-ness, or Creator) which, if properly engaged, can not only withstand, but overthrow their designs. This is where you—me—everyone reading this (and PLEASE circulate this post wherever you can) get to TAKE BACK OUR POWER! We are all creators, we are all part of the Universal ONE-nes…the “I AM”), and we are each potentially “LIght Warriors” (that is a real term, not some nice jargon wielded by weak, ineffectual wanna-bes). Ascension is 100% voluntary—ride the tiger, or be eaten by the lizards. Khris Neal at the Clandestine Rage site has posted the (below) notice of HOW we can now become proactive. It’s your choice: Do something, or Be Nothing.

It’s On! ♦ Sunday 04/22/2012 ♦ We Unite! ♦ Please Join Us!

by clandestine rage revealed

Khris Speaks



There has been an overwhelming response to my request for a collective effort to counter the efforts of the dark cabal being levied against us. The idea is for the people on WordPress and perhaps over venues to unite in contemplation and meditation and focus our intents and energies collectively. The main goal is to provide protection and relief to all of us who are experiencing, lethargy, confusion, irritation and other negative symptoms. Many are getting triggered or feeling suicidal.  There is a blatant attempt to stop the healing and spiritual progress of those of us who’ve been in MK-Ultra, Monarch, Milabs etc.  We shall not take this lying down.

 The plan is to have as many of us as possible on Sunday, April 22nd, 2012 to go into a quiet space and focus, meditate and do whatever spiritual actions you feel comfortable with or believe in and negate the negative, destructively qualified energies and frequencies being thrown at us all.  Many of us are going to be in action around 6 p.m. Pacific time on Sunday. If you cannot join us in that time zone, please choose any time on Sunday to participate. Please ask that your efforts and intents be merged with the intents of everybody else that has participated on Sunday.  If you have any questions or further thoughts, please contact me. My email is Khris_neal@Yahoo.com.

 Here is a list of my intents and items I will be working on. Much is this is from Michael Relfe. You can do an internet search on him.

  • Demand-Ask-Request- All scalar Attacks be cut off and FOREVER prevented in the future.
  • Demand-Ask-Request -All Radionic attacks cut off and FOREVER prevented in the future
  • Demand-Ask-Request- All Psychotronic attacks cut off and FOREVER prevented in the future.
  • Demand-Ask-Request- All Remote viewing and remote surveillance be cut off and FOREVER prevented in the future.
  • Demand-Ask-Request- All Witchcraft, dark magick, curses,spells,hooks (including disease and death hooks) be shattered and FOREVER prevented in the future.
  • Demand-Ask-Request- All Command & control operations of the enemy be destroyed and FOREVER prevented from being operated in the future.
  • Demand-Ask-Request- All Energy supplies, drains and remote influencing be severed and FOREVER prevented in the future.
  • Demand-Ask-Request- God, I AM, Higher Self, etc. to Destroy all the bases, assets and ships of (Negative) Reptilians, Winged Serpents, Draconians, Gray Aliens, Insectoids and FOREVER prevent their diabolical plans from manifesting against any of God’s people or substance.
  • Demand-Ask-Request- All Soul ties,contracts, communication points, insertion points and all Implants be severed, rendered unusable and inoperable to the negative ETs military intelligence, NSA, CIA, DOD, NID, FBI etc.
  • Demand-Ask-Request- Impregnable shields, force fields, walls of protection be put around all who are holding to the higher ideals and attempting to serve life the constructive way. Demand they be sustained infinitely without end and constantly expanding
  • Demand-Ask-Request- All demonic attachments and possessions be removed and the person(s) be forever sealed from further intrusion or attacks.
  • Demand-Ask-Request- All stalking: Gang, cyber, dream lodge, and in the waking state be FOREVER PREVENTED.
  • Demand-Ask-Request- The sinister plans, operations, bases, equipment, activities of the enemy be made revealed to all man kind and their intentions exposed.
  • Demand-Ask-Request- Divine intervention on behalf of all children everywhere on the Earth from being kidnapped and placed in programs where they are systematically tortured, raped, humiliated and slaughtered. Demand divine dispensations to stop all Military Abductions and needless desecration of children and adults.
  • Demand-Ask-Request- All energy, life force and essence that was sapped, drained, stolen from any and all of us be returned immediately.
  • Demand-Ask-Request- All irritations, lethargy, exhaustion, negative thought forms, triggers,health problems etc. be shattered and FOREVER prevented from acting in our lives and worlds.

 Here is a list from the comments section of  ideas and suggestions. I love these ideas too and will utilize them. Thanks to everybody that helped me get this organized.

Demand-Ask-Request – All GOD consciousness trapped in programming cubes and in other forms of traps must be released and never trapped again.

In addition to your list which i think is brilliant, here is my two pence worth, some more ideas,some of it you may find useful if not disregard. as you can see this takes into account another angle which may be present:

1.Theta healing commands

It is commanded to:

Remove any and all guilt
Remove any and all false beliefs that you are evil
Remove any and all belief that you deserve to suffer and be attacked
Remove all beliefs about needing to suffer to do penance, such as karma
Remove any curses put on you by yourself or others in this and other lives

Download knowing what it feels like, knowing that it’s possible to, knowing how to (all the following):
• Forgive yourself
• Accept God/Creator’s forgiveness (and download creators definition of forgiveness)
• to know that you are a perfect and innocent child of God/Spirit/Creator [whatever works for you]
• to know that as a child of God you are perfectly invulnerable.
• To know what its like to live without attack
• To remember your true identity as a child of God

All of the above removals and downloads to be done:
• On all 5 levels
• For all parts, alters and the spaces in between
• On all dimensions

2. hopono opono (spelling?)
To do this you consider in your mind the attack situation, and while holding it in mind say these four phrases to God/creator [note you are saying these to Creator, not to any attacker]
-I’m sorry
-please forgive me
-thank you
-I love you
Can be said many times the more the better

3. This prayer from A Course in Miracles, has saved me from attack and dispelled all kinds of adverse situations for me. To the perceived attacker, in your mind say:

“I give you to the Holy Spirit as part of myself
I know you will be released unless I want to use you to imprison myself
In the name of my freedom I choose your release
Because I recognise we will be released together.”

May sound very weird i know,all i can say about the last is, it’s saved my life a few times I think.






  1. …but but but.

    We can all simply call on hour higher selves and above for protection and we will get it. It doesn't need to be complicated, it doesn't need to be hard, and we do not need to hand our power away to others. Find your own invocation – one that is unique to you and practice it so that it comes to mind when under duress.

    …but but but.

    Please be aware that the human brain cannot decode a negative. Don't think of a pink elephant instantly causes the brain to think of a pink elephant. I am not fat is heard as I am fat.

    Almost all of the above examples are negatives. You MUST re-couch them in positive language if you are not to contribute further to the problem.

    "Remove any and all guilt" is an interesting one. Our capacity for guilt is what makes us human. Without guilt we ARE the psychopaths we claim to be different from. So what do we replace it with "I have no misplaced guilt". Well no, because the brain will hear "I have misplaced guilt."

    As an exercise in clear thinking print this out. Then go through each carefully. Cross out ALL the negatives and try to replace them with a positive statement that does not contain the words no or not. Then see if that is really what you want to say. As with the guilt one, it might not actually BE a good thing to say even in its positive variant.

    Sorry Khris, but what you have suggested above is good in principle but disastrously worded in practice.

    …and yes, ALL light workers are under heavy attack at present and many are turning on one another. But all we need to do is surround ourselves with ONLY other light workers – the heart knows who they are, and call on our own high self to guide us.

  2. Hi Christine…I would like to comment on your comment. Yes, the conceptualization and wording of of guilt can be tricky…and deceiving. My understanding is that individuals ABSOLUTELY need to take personal responsibility for their actions…even when challenged with the fact of being pushed, coerced, traumatized and in some rare occurances threatened with death if certain acts are not carried out. Randy's latest interview with White Wolf covers this subject well. White Wolf talks about healing with the mind…he explains that even though he was trained and mind controlled to do terrible things, he must take personal responsibility for his actions if he is able to fully integrate all the aspects(alters) of his split mind…and further he must be accountable if he is to heal. If an individual regards himself as a victim without responsibility, then guilt would be a natural companion to that victim mentality….you see it is a trap….when a victim feels guilty then there is no room to take full responsibility….victimization and guilt go hand in hand…one method supports the other. Recently I have discovered that guilt was part of a program to keep me locked in and my alters engaged. What is important is to distinguish guilt from accountability, true remorse and right action. There will be no healing with guilt. It takes a stronger person to actually take responsibility and commit to healing and helping others. Guilt is a trap. One of the oldest ones in the book.

  3. Christine,
    When I was learning Reiki, my friend and I had several conversations about the symbols. We had discussed that Reiki probably isn’t Japanese in nature. We think the symbols are not the original symbols used by the monks etc. She and I think Reiki came from China or India, but we can’t prove it. When Randy interviewed White Wolf the other day, White Wolf reiterated some of the same message. He said the symbols were not the right frequency and I gathered he felt they were not the original symbols or wrong symbols. My point in all of this is intent. When I use the Sei He Ki or Cho Ku Rei symbols to “power on” and invoke God or become one with God, I do that with the intent to power on and ask God to be with me. I can feel the power/energy go through me and notice it around me when I start to perform Reiki. With that being said, it’s the correct or positive intent that makes those symbols that are wrong function properly.
    What I’m attempting to say is I think you are correct on the positive versus negative aspects of my suggestions. I do not disagree with you on changing them into a positive affirmation or just rewording them. My intent was to give people some information on what is being done and what needs to be stopped or corrected. I’m still certain the intent will override the wording in the end.
    When I learned my physical and spiritual power/energy was being drained for me, I set myself into action to correct the problem. I demanded, with my feelings, all power drains be stopped and all attempts to drain me be thwarted. I was in a tub of water with salt in it when I did this. I went to bed and when I got up the next morning, I gave the command/demand once again. When I got up to move around and starting turning on lights, the light switches popped and crackled and the bulbs flicked and fluttered when I walked under them. It was obvious the commands worked and helped me regain my power. Perhaps my wording wasn’t the best energetically, but it still did the job. I’m certain my intent made more of a difference than anything else.
    I know tomorrow will make a difference for many. I hope you will join us and see if we can help Sarah, Duncan and Miranda and everybody on the planet being hit with negativity.


  4. I realised after I posted this that we were using the word guilt differently – I was actually using it as an abbreviation for guilty conscience, or conscience. We must have a conscience if we are to be truly human, and when we – and we all do – go against the dictates of our own conscience, we must feel guilt – it's a personal response to betraying ourselves. The difficultly is when someone else manipulates that guilt for their own purposes – and they do. The Catholic Church are masters of this.

  5. I"ve posted the following Don Juan Matus quote several places now, as I feel it underscores the point Randy and Khris and others are making now en force. There is no need to fear our freedom, only the consequences of continuing to play the time-worn game of warring against ourselves and choosing complicity to those who have orchestrated this disasterous, demonic 'arrangement' which humanity has been locked in for too long. May we all find the courage, TOGETHER, to face that which is ours: our own freedom.

    In peace, with love, for joy,

    From 'Tales of Power' by Carlos Castaneda:
    "Our fellow men are black magicians. And whoever is with them is a black magician on the spot. Think for a moment. Can you deviate from the path that your fellow men have lined up for you? And if you remain with them, your thoughts and your actions are fixed forever in their terms. That is slavery. The warrior, on the other hand, is free from all that. Freedom is expensive, but the price is not impossible to pay. So, fear your captors, your masters. Don't waste your time and your power fearing freedom."

    May we find a way TODAY, as well as every other day henceforth, to move beyond the mass mentality into our own individual spaces. Therein is where true freedom lies.

  6. Dear Christine and everyone
    It was me who left the Theta command list suggestions on the comment section of khris's post. If you'll note I prefaced them with these words "some more ideas,some of it you may find useful if not disregard". They are ideas , for people to think about.
    They are written from my experience as an SRA and MK survivor, Theta Healer and long-time student of A Course in Miracles. As you can see i also gave the hopono' (sp) prayer and the prayer from a course in miracles, none of which are actually in any way synonymous with the term "spiritual warfare". Warfare is not my way.
    In Theta Healing we removed "negative" and download "positives", that's how it is done, and it works. however the commands were given here as food for thought. In A Course in Miracles philosophy, all guilt is extraneous. It is not guilt which keeps us from killing and wrongdoing, it is our inherent connection with God/Source , which we connect with by uncovering everything that covers it, including guilt. If unconscious guilt is present, when you look in the outside world the mind projects it out and sees it coming back as attack. that was the point of my bringing up the subject of guilt.
    I didn't know my list of suggestions would be published far and wide, but great, and hopefully what I have written here goes some way to explaining where I am coming from.
    everyone must find their own way, yes of course, just ask your higher self for protection and it is done absolutely.
    much love Miracles and light


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