Summer Solstice: Illuminati, high sacrifices, heightened attacks on TIs

Summer Solstice: Illuminati, high sacrifices, heightened attacks on TIs

The pervasive sense of heightened energies continues to roll out. Many contacts, including significant TIs (Targeted Individuals) are reporting off the charts encounters with dark forces, both physically and astrally right now. Reports of a planned cabal high sacrifice near Denver at the Kimball/Cherokee Castle have leaked out all over the web, largely due to information coming from Stew Webb (grab the salt and read this). 

The possible hype, disinformation, and sleazy “insiders” aside, it is a time to be circumpect about what is occurring and to be PROACTIVE in protection measures for yourself and others. Please listen to the new “Healing Path” show, Protection Frequencies and Symbols with White Wolf…especially those of you who known targets of Satanists, black government projects, and abductees. 

The amplified energies of shifting grids and unstable portals make for some very unusual days ahead, leading up to the night of June 20. The cabal has to work extra mojo to even keep their game alive right now. Nothing is more ferocous than a wounded BEAST, and this beast plays for keeps. Stay alert, stay protected, guard your home, your children, and your dream state. Don’t forget that right now, the re-animated/soul jumped Aleister Crowley is likely working a new version of the Babalon Ritual in preparation for 2012 escapades…the launch of the Moon Child Avatar. A prelude to the London Olympics? 


  1. Randy

    I couldn't agree more about personal protection in the astral realms. This New Moon in Gemini will be incredibly intense. The energy during dreamtime in the astral realms has been more intense than anything I've experienced in the last 35yrs.

  2. Randy
    Across the Pond here in Crazy Town (London UK) we are listening to you and your guests.Just in case you have not heard of this young man please check him out….Rik Clay on Redice radio listen to what he has to say about the OLYMPICS.Three weeks after doing that interview he was found Dead
    Suicide was the term used for his departing.He was a young guy with Blonde hair.
    BIG YOURSELVES UP Randy and all your guests/Teachers send regards to Mr B King can we hear from him soon when he feel well enough.PLEEEEZE do an interview with MR D Corso.Most of the stuff on You Tube is done by Kruella de Cassidy and Project F*CK you over A Lot.
    Randy you and your team are THE MUTS NUTS keep on mashing up the airways
    Hail up all your listeners across the pond.

  3. There are only 2 things: scared or prepared.
    Stay awake my people.

  4. With photography banned, anti-aircraft missiles on London rooftops, warships up the Thames, snipers in the skies, and sonic devices (Long Range Acoustic) confirmed to be deployed by the MoD, what could possibly go wrong? I never have liked crowds much.

    Crowley reincarnated … again? That guy keeps turning up in the darndest of places. Over the years, this is about the only point of contention in which I have been with Duncan, and now you Randy. Notwithstanding, the occult is definitely running on all cylinders this year and we need to be prepared for the shit storm — especially during particular galactic alignments. But we really don't need AC back for his work to be done. I'm not saying it's not possible. It's just not necessary. His work will and has continued through his disciples with or without him and has a long, sordid history of being used in conjunction with technology. Did the Nazis disappear when Hitler died? Did the Scientologists disappear when L. Ron Hubbard died? Which demonic prophet represents the most frightening demonic entity? Whose wicked and deviant ideology is the most twisted? What about the MIC?

    As far as the CERN “prophecies” go, I personally have never bought the public explanations for the existence and purpose of the LHC … namely that they're doing particle physics and looking for the Higgs boson. I think when they had the "accident" in 2008, that the "accident" was a cover story, that something happened which they DID NOT expect and that was not predicted by the standard model which sent them back to their drawing boards. I have recently been passed some info from an insider at CERN (still under NDA contract but very disillusioned) that the data suggests that Physics as we have been taught is dead. It’s about damn time!

    Naturally, some extremely strange phenomena are to be expected when one mangles the very fabric of space-time itself in this fashion. Are we looking here at an imminent visit from the superhuman clone hive-legions of some evil genetic queen-empress? Or dark nega-deities imprisoned for aeons that are hungering to feast upon human souls? Or a parallel-history victorious Nazi globo-Reich, or something of that type? Time will tell, but they had better move quickly if they plan to utilize CERN. Even with the power of the LHC, the “open door” could only be held a very tiny lapse of time, 10 to the exponent (-26) seconds, which represents an infinitesimal amount of time.

    That having been said, anybody who is able to entertain concepts outside the realm of academic Physics understands that you don’t need a particle accelerator to discover other dimensions and the easiest method of traveling through time and space is without the physical body. Is the CERN “prophecy” possible? Sure. Is CERN necessary? Nope.

    Timelines have been manipulated and “reality” distorted. Repetitious memes are passed like the telephone game. If one was to believe that we are currently living in the year 2012, one might naturally possess apocalyptic expectations due to “prophetic” statements. And through the law of attraction, “like attracts like”, so by focusing on positive or negative thoughts, one can manifest positive or negative results. Regardless of any so-called prophecies, we should already be living each day like it’s our last anyways.


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