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Summit II Wrap Up

Summit II Wrap Up

It has taken a few days to “recover” from the second Camp Hill Summit with Duncan O’Finioan and Miranda Kelly. By recover I mean to fully grasp the immense power that comes from people of purpose gathering for a time of sharing, touching, and gaining new skills and insights. To communicate the full scope is impossible: it was as personal as each participant’s experience.

Duncan and Miranda together extended their energies and experince into much deeper realms this time as the focus was on the ELEMENTS of Earth, Water, Fire, and Air. In the beautiful natural surroundings of the private retreat area beside the ancient native waterways of the Conodoguinet Creek, surrounded by old growth trees, and abounding in the spirits—along with some animal guides who made appearences—the attendees for this retreat experienced the “full effect”. 

Camp Hill II Summit: Energy & Healing – July 28-30, 2013

Archery shooting (used to focus the mind and direction of energy), a fire cleansing ritual, learning to visualize plasma balls, and an energy pool (courtesy of a natural fed spring); crystal energy healing, and plenty of one-on-one, plus a daily round-table discussion were all just parts of the 3-day event, as well as the annual Saturday night cookout with live music and lively discussions. Duncan working the energy pool spring

These events are never scripted, but arise out of the direction of the Spirit of the gathered collective, Spontaneous and playful, but also serious and impacting, we saw people touched and real healings: emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Connections are made and relationships form as we begin to realize that none of us are alone, and that each of us is a unique piece of a dynamic whole that spans continents, cultures, and dimensions. The POINT of these gatherings is always to sow seeds that will ripple out into the “field” as we pass on our wisdom and vision to a dying world.

As usual, the dark forces tested us by sending yet another of their agents to disrupt. As usual, these usurpers are intercepted, neutralized, and ejected. Nice try, guys! We appreciate the target practice.

My thanks, as always, to Duncan and Miranda for putting out a full-tilt energy flow and continuing to daunt the critics by making a difference. Extra special thanks to our hosts, Sam and Alice for the safe space and service-to-others spirit. My blessings to all who attended. May we meet again soon…maybe on the battlefield.

Randy Maugans
5 July 2013




  1. Another great event. Sounds like it was fantastic! I was there in spirit, and this was the one I really wanted to be at, but not to happen this time. Take care all.. Cat

  2. hi randy,
    nice to read that camp hill was sucessful. living in another continent i could not be there in person but in my thoughts i was there.
    duncan looks good with the new hair style not so white anymore.
    all the best much love sabina

  3. hi randy,
    nice to hear about the camp hill gathering . I was with you in thoughts because living
    in another continent i could not be there in person.
    duncan looks great with his new hairstyle not so white anymore …much younger
    all the best and much love sabina

  4. hi all ,
    happyly your camp hill summit was a sucess , unluckely iam too far from you means km
    i could not be with you in person but in my mind i was with you
    duncan lookas great with his new hair style much younger
    all the best and alot of love sabina

  5. Sounds like you guys had a marvelous time…not surprising. I'm so glad. :)

  6. Although I missed it last year, I was fortunate enough to be able to attend this year's event. It was, in a word, wonderful. Everyone there brought something to the table. I have never before experienced such an energetically charged yet peaceful and unconditionally loving environment.

    For the record I would like to say that Duncan effortlessly walks his talk. He is mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically gifted and together with Miranda he made some amazing things happen. Yet for all of his abilities, he remains humble. To any and all naysayers out there, rest assured this is a man that you want as a friend.

    Many thanks to Randy, Duncan and Miranda for their hard work. Many thanks, as well to our incredibly gracious hosts, Ray and Alice. And last but not least, many thanks to the other participants for helping to create such a special event.

    As to the interloper… was that the best they could do?

  7. I attended Camp Hill I & II. There are countless experiences that I will carry with me for my remaining time in this life. Setting the valuable experiences and learning aside, what struck me the most was the kindnesses, gentleness, generosities, humbleness and patience shown by both Duncan and Miranda towards ALL. Then, there is the kindness and sweetness, and the love they show each other as a couple was thought-provoking for me as well.

    I had never witnessed that kind of a "dance" in a couple, growing up in my extremely dysfunctional family, nor had I experienced that in my own personal relationships. At least not anything like what Duncan and Miranda have. I grew up amongst constant putdowns, extreme physical and hateful mental attacks (followed by denials of what had happened), very personal attacks that counted as victories in an invisible war that was always being waged, and favoritism that could turn on a whim without cause, or a made-up cause that would leave the victims completely powerless and bewildered. If there was something that resembled kindness or gentleness shown, it was always with an objective in mind to obtain something, therefore it wasn't real. Because there was so little of it, as a kid, I would yearn for it and crave for even a tiny morsel of it, for my soul to experience it. The crumbs I/we did get would inevitably be used to cut me/us off at the knees. I've been asked what I value more than anything else, and I've always responded with "kindness" followed by "love" and "gentleness." Duncan and Miranda have that, and more, as a couple. I love seeing it, I love being around it, so I know it's real and true. It was a whole new experience for me, something I've never witnessed in a couple before. THIS more than anything is what has made the biggest impact on me.

    Duncan and Miranda do not have to do these training sessions with us. They don't make money on these get-togethers and hopefully they break even, but that's doubtable. They are just doing what they do, the best they can do it, hoping each person will take away some training, some experience(s) to help them as they go through the rest of their life.

    What I've taken away from our training, is far more valuable than the training itself. It was something for my soul. I'm very grateful.

  8. That was really well said, Xyz. I completely agree with your comments about Duncan and Miranda. They embody "kindness". And I've been there, done that, with the dysfunctional family, too… you really nailed it. I would beg to be told what "right" was so that I could always do the "right" thing. But I was ignored or told to shut-up. Yet it wouldn't be long until there was yet another reason to punish me for being "bad" and doing the "wrong" thing.

    For me, the Camp Hill weekend was therapeutic in more ways than one. And for people like us, the kindness and compassion shown by Duncan and Miranda is literally priceless.

    Thanks, again, Duncan and Miranda!


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