Survival Training: FWHO Astral Projects into Wrong Worldline

Survival Training: FWHO Astral Projects into Wrong Worldline

It’s the end of the 05-05 “Super Moon” night as I write this post…our energies touched the “others” out there, who celebrated with us. We were heard and seen by the galactics…we howled at the moon. More about the weekend gathering later.

Duncan O’Finioan Survival Training-May 5, 2012“Former White Hat Operative” took note of our little gathering here beside the lazy Susquenhanna riiver, and overshadowing the dark energies of the cabal enclave called Harrisburg. We call it survival training, but the people who actually DID show up know what this is…and everyone else will just need to wait for the outcome. 

Yes..Dorothy there really IS a Camp Hill…”

Our favorite fake blogger and wannabe, “Former White Hat Operative” took note of us with a fake post from his fake reality in Whooh-Whooh Land. Funny, people think this jerk-off was an OPERATIVE? His post claims he was in “Norristown/Camp Hill”? Dude (and/or dudette?), the two locations are 92 miles apart, in different regions of Pennsylvania!

You’d think this ace could at least have dialed it up in Google Maps so his fake story had a tinge of truth in it. But, no. FWHO bi-located his ass across the PA Turnpike from Philly to Harrisburg. Funny…MAD Magazine was so much better at satire in the day. And even Project Cam-A-Lot is still more accurate (Hi, Mom.)

“But I am here with you and group, here in Norristown/Camp Hill, Pennsylvania. I have to say the breakfast at my hotel is a real home-cook style meal, and the steak, which I had a few hours ago, was decent. Tomorrow I will try the pizza down the road.” -Former White Hat Operative post-05-05-2012

Yes. Dorothy, there really IS a Camp Hill, but it’s nowhere NEAR Norristown. And what is the name of that hotel  again? See it’s all about details…a REAL ace would’ve included that  Unless you were there…you wouldn’t know that. This is why Sonny Boy is a FORMER White Hat. Even in the age of GPS he still gets lost. Call us, we will be glad to help you write a REAL blog post…from people who have real lives and purpose. (Oh, and the blog numbers are tanking there, Junior)


  1. Bhhhhhaaaaahahahahahahahahah….his name is: F***ingWHO?

    ….from whoooozville…

    Nice to see you all working for our good Randy…can't wait to hear more about the seminar…many of us felt your reach during the work…awesome!

  2. Despite the literary skills of a remedial 10-year-old, "FWHO" is obviously a space-time continuum ninja! I am thoroughly CONvinced that this quantum degenerate is able to simultaneously befoul two entirely separate locations with incredibly clandestine stealth capabilities, proving that even an intellectual cripple can still find some sense of adventure without ever leaving the comfort of his mother’s basement. Well played, Einstein, very well played.


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