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The Alice In Wonderland Trance State

The Alice In Wonderland Trance State


Yesterdays article,  The Global Economic Opera: Hypnosis , was the opening volley on a whole series of “triggers” employed by cults which are rampant on the internet. By no means exclusive, but certainly a dominant force, is Scientology, which cleverly plants its agents into the streams of internet “chatter” to create conditions by which the “Church” may gain advantage through constant cycling of repetitve churning of confusion and obfuscation. 
The language of that article was VERY deliberate—it was, itself, a TRIGGER pattern designed to expose and thwart the systematic deployment of cognitive dissonance now exploding on the human consciousness scale.  The following from L. Ron Hubbard should completely spotlight the curent churning of patterns and memes in a posture of mass hypnotic suggestion. 
L. Ron Hubbard Lecture, 20 May 1952 “Decision.”
“A confused person has their conscious mind busy and occupied, and is very much inclined to draw upon unconscious learnings to make sense of things. A confused person is in a trance of their own making – and therefore goes readily into that trance without resistance. Confusion might be created by ambiguous words, complex or endless sentences, pattern interruption or a myriad other techniques to incite transderivational searches, (TDS.) (A psychological example of TDS is in Ericksonian hypnotherapy, where vague suggestions are used that the patient must process intensely to find their own meanings for, thus ensuring that the practitioner does not intrude his own beliefs into the subject’s inner world.)
When employing the confusion technique verbally, steps are taken via verbal wording to overload the subject’s mental abilities. This can be done using a play on words such as “knows, nose, nos.” Furthermore, irrelevancies and nonsequiturs can also be employed to achieve the desired results.”
Hubbard hereby cites Erickson:
“A confused person has their conscious mind busy and occupied, and is very much inclined to draw upon unconscious learnings to make sense of things. A confused person is in a trance of their own making – and therefore goes readily into that trance without resistance. Confusion might be created by ambiguous words, complex or endless sentences, pattern interruption or a myriad of other techniques to incite transderivational searches.”- Milton H. Erickson with respect to using the “Confusion technique” in Ericksonian Hypnosis, circa 1948. 
While Hubbard’s techniques, those of Scientology, are deployed in a session to individuals, by no means are these techniques exclusive to Scientology’s internal programming. If one takes the time to analyze the programming which occurs now in mass scale in media, we find the SAME methods being used to steer the collective consciousness.
How many times do you hear the term “Alice In Wonderland” used directly, or indirectly to the subculture dealing with subjects such as “mind control”, UFOs, conspiracy theories, “whistleblowers”…etc.? Now pay closer attention to the interogatory…pay closer attention to HOW these subjects are fused to a suspension of judgement (McLuhan) or even a deliberate confusion to create a state of disassociative behavior.
Now you can better assess the collective electronic environment, and its effects on destabilizing coherent decision-making, assessment, and rational behavior. These devices flow perfectly in a mixed-media electronic environment and are cleverly used by agents to install cognitive dissonance via a state of internalized trance.
The Dark Art of Interrogation

Then there is “Alice in Wonderland.”


The aim of the Alice in Wonderland or confusion technique is to confound the expectations and conditioned reactions of the interrogatee … The confusion technique is designed not only to obliterate the familiar but to replace it with the weird … Sometimes two or more questions are asked simultaneously. Pitch, tone, and volume of the interrogators’ voices are unrelated to the import of the questions. No pattern of questions and answers is permitted to develop, nor do the questions themselves relate logically to each other.

**If this technique is pursued patiently, the manual says, the subject will start to talk “just to stop the flow of babble which assails him.” 
So now we see the endless “babbling” so omnipresent all over the web!



  1. Non sequiturs are the technique I see used most commonly in life. They are used to great effect in fast conversations. Sometimes – and I am a fast thinker – I can grasp that a conclusion did not follow from a statement but am not always fast enough to argue back.

    But worse, even when in print, and even when pointed out, non sequiturs seem to be invisible to some. My observation is that poisoned brains (fluoride, aluminium and aspartame) are no longer able to make the linkages necessary for logical deduction.

    I am currently editing a text written by a fundamentalist christian that is all about getting money out of the congregation to support the church – not something I would normally read. I have realised that I cannot edit it from my technical writer skill base as I am duty bound to point out failures in logic. In this book the author gives a biblical quotation, then an explanation that may have little to do with the quotation, then a "therefore you should give your money to us" type of statement – there are two non sequiturs in almost every point he makes, not just one. I have shown this material to a recently "saved" friend of mine and she is unable to see the lack of logic. She cannot see that the "therefore" style conclusions do not follow logically from the argument given.

    This is also reinforced by the degeneration of the human race into black and white thinking. You are either all for or all against something or someone. Someone has done something bad so they must be bad rather than just temporarily misguided. A true believer must believe all that their pastor says or none of it, so if their pastor has written a book full of illogical non sequiturs, then they must either totally lose their faith or render the lack of logic in the book invisible to preserve their faith. They cannot allow the possibility that their pastor can be wrong some of the time.

    How do we get over it? We must clear the brain of the toxins that are blocking the neural pathways and preventing logical thought. We must get off ALL, and that is ALL prescription drugs – they are part of the huge toxic overload in our brains and we must detox detox detox with everything we put in our mouths – and that food and drink must be very carefully and knowingly selected.

    Boring, I know. How can it be so simple; that the right food can fix everything.

  2. Thanks for this Randy. I was once cast as 'the mad hatter' in the 'pegasus arts program' put on for kids. the A in W is indeed rampant.

    I just met with an interesting person the other day, with whom I was discussing the multiple times in my life where I experienced something with some other people, and I felt about it one way, explained it my way, and yet everyone around me was very adept at asserting that I SHOULDN'T feel such and such because my explanation was INCORRECT. This person said to me, "yup, that's crazy making, when your personal experience of reality is repeatedly invalidated by others, and your emotional body is shut down before it even let's the feeling sink in." No wonder this country is so emotionally crippled, evidenced every day and in every way by the asynchronous responses to just about everything. This is the world we live in, and your last 3 posts all point to this. The forces have truly perfected a world that will make one crazy. The counter remedy to this, for me, is doing the emotional work, letting the feelings flow unimpeded, and realizing that one's own experience CAN NEVER be invalidated by another, truly. It's why we all came here in the first place, to have a unique, individual experience, as valid for us as it needs to be or will ever be. We have been 'scientifically' convinced this is not the case, and so the borders between sane and insane grow ever more indistinct by the day. Your commenter 'Larry' on the last post was a perfect example of this, the pattern to socially self-correct one's fellow humans in this direction is well-set now, and very few folks are able to avoid its traps. Thanks for providing a good small example of how avoiding it can indeed be done. Holding your space, and keeping it nice and CLEAR, right?! Angry is definitely a good thing.

  3. Thanks Randy,

    It feels like there has been a change over the last few weeks, like we are now entering a new phase. The last 1-2 years have felt almost hopeless at times after the initial flow of information and awakening of the last 5-6 years.
    As this winter ends it really feels like a shedding of the skin, I am actually starting to feel optimistic. As many prominent figures in the Consciousness movement have been saying, The way the world has been manipulated will come to light and there will be no hiding anymore.
    As I said previously, things are just feeling different right now and it is hard to deal with at times and scary – especially if no one around you is willing to even think about the wealth of information that is seeking us all out.
    The Truman show is more real than ever and at times I am convinced that I will stumble upon a TV studio hidden behind a fake bit of scenery that people walk past everyday.
    If I watch television, actors seem more like actors than ever! and politicians just seem comical ( I could go on forever at how unrealistic and desperate that the PTB really are), it is all just a big reality TV show.
    One thing that does bother me is how desperate some people have become to try to preserve the way things are, lots of people that I know, who used to be anti-establishment/authority etc, have thrown a 360 and now seem believe in the system. These are the people that will try to gently tell you (with their heads tilted to the side) that – "maybe you need some help…."
    I do wonder if our biggest problem will not be the N.W.O but the programming that has been done to people. I have noticed how these times are bringing out strange sides to people, people that you thought were grounded or had life sorted are now showing a different side(s).
    Like your article Randy, I have picked up on tricks that people I know (or have been around) have developed where they will use- tones/patterns/gestures to de-rail or manipulate people when they are talking. I find it quite alarming at how often I see this or experience myself. So is this programming or is it peoples true sides coming out into the open.
    The N.W.O is the main body that the Truth Movement focuses on, but that is only a fraction of what we are all going to have to deal with and work out.

  4. Your comment strikes a resonant chord, Annalie.

    "The forces have truly perfected a world that will make one crazy. The counter remedy to this, for me, is doing the emotional work, letting the feelings flow unimpeded, and realizing that one's own experience CAN NEVER be invalidated by another, truly."

    Whatever those forces are, they are, indeed, self-perfecting. An awful lot of people are dead inside, or, at least, comatose. The person with a rich emotional life – one who embraces a broad range of emotion varieties and intensities – is routinely characterized as reactive, undiscriminating, unintelligent and unstable. Affirming one's commitment to cold "objectivity" as commanded by The Hypno-Collective is a prerequisite for success in pretty much any public arena.

    Speaking of dead inside, I've noticed many of the more successful writers & personalities exalted in the ufology and paranormal spheres stick to a tried and true formula; one a thousand miles wide and a millimeter deep. They pose questions as statements to demonstrate their oh-so-admirable critical reasoning skills; and the moment anyone steps forward to suggest an answer, no matter how broad or narrow it may be, the contempt, ridicule and dismissiveness ensue. By their understanding (which, since it's commodified, must surely be correct), everything worth knowing is already common knowledge – something, if not proven in a lab, at least hypothesized by a chin-stroking Jacques Vallee, direly conveyed by John Keel or professed by some inaccessible academic or dead public figure. Someone who can't be harangued, diminished and re-executed. One would have to join a church or military to find a comparable level of numbing Authoritarianism.

    It sure as hell doesn't leave any room for mystical experience.

    Seeking is tolerated and often lauded, but finding anything never is. Naturally, The Seeker objects to that perspective. The Finder, in my experience, never does.

  5. "evidenced … by the asynchronous responses to just about everything."

    What a fantastic phrase. Recently I have found myself saying, to someone I am synchronised with, that I am finding more and more, in attempted conversations with others, that we are not “meeting”. I waved my arms around showing one arm going at one angle and the other going at a different angle and completely missing one another where they should hit.

    I have this problem with my current landlady, whom I now avoid as much as I can because we cannot even meet in a chat about the weather. One reason for this seems to be that she has an agenda for every word that comes out of her mouth. What should be a trivial "hail fellow well met" conversation becomes a laboured event manipulated by her to manipulate me into doing something for her; always an agenda to make a point, prove a point, manipulate a situation. I find myself immediately guessing what it is that she is trying to manipulate and responding to that rather than continuing the trivial conversation that started about the weather.

    As an example, she is trying to manipulate me into taking responsibility for the chickens, geese and ducks – to put them safely away at night, feed them and let them out in the morning – which I am resisting. So a conversation opening may be about what a lovely clear sky it is today, followed by a comment from her that another of the chickens has been hiding out and re-emerged with a clutch of chicks, isn't it lucky she has survived the foxes. My response is to struggle to find a link between the blue sky and the chicks – there is none; we have a non sequitur. I now guess that she is again trying to manipulate me into putting the hens away at night, to which I then reply, “I will be going out this afternoon and will not be home until after dark” (meaning I will not be home in time to put the birds in their sheds).

    I labour this example to show that in this conversation we have two non seqiturs following the initial comment about the blue sky. The second results from her attempt to manipulate me, and the third results from my attempt to avoid her manipulation. [I might add that I have already told her point blank (at the risk of being evicted - there is a power imbalance here) that I will not do her daily chores for her, and if she cannot manage them herself she needs to get organised so she can. I have told her I will help her from time to time to solve her problems and reduce her level of daily chores but will not help her to maintain her current practices.]

    I think if we watch these asynchronous interactions, we will find that they go out of sync when the other person has an agenda and is trying to manipulate a situation. I have (had) a friend who has recently converted to some backstreet fundamentalist church and the same has happened. We no longer “meet” in conversations where once we could prattle on for hours. Every conversation is her setting a trap for me to fall into so that she can then try to "save" me. Now all I do is skirt around everything trying to avoid giving her material that she can use. I can no longer say innocently to anyone, "gee, I had a bad day today". The christians will try to convert me, the astrologers will show off their knowledge of what planet is conjunct what, the psychologists will try to lead me through some deep healing of the inner child… on and on it goes; when all I want to say is that I had a bad day today and perhaps the other person could say – oh dear, tell me about it or coo something soothing!

    The conclusion – our culture has now become almost completely manipulative. Every interaction is about proving who is right and who is wrong, proving who knows more and who knows less, showing who is better and who is worse, demonstrating who has power and who does not. Every interaction is competitive. And we should not be surprised that our personal lives have followed the social and economic design of the controllers, where every interaction is competitive and about winning and losing – as above so below.

    So, if this is an accurate identification of the problem (and it may not be) my next question has to be to ask what is the solution. I assert that we have to be the change we want to see. In this case, we have to stop lying ourselves and start telling the truth at all times no matter what the consequences. The consequences are likely to be that we lose our jobs and lose our homes because of the power imbalance between ourselves and those we are being truthful with, but sobeit. We either combat the problem or become part of the problem – and become manipulative power brokers ourselves setting out to destroy everyone we come into contact with. There is no avoiding the problem – at least, I have not found a way in many years of trying. We have to confront it head on and refuse to play.

    I have been building up to that, but cannot say I have been 100% true to it as my financial situation is disastrously vulnerable and I do sell out to earn the next dollar or get a roof over my head. My brand new approach – only a week or so old, is a determination to never again enter into any relationship with anyone I am not “synchronised” with, and that includes all my service providers like car mechanics, back therapists and landlords. If I cannot prattle on freely with them, and if I cannot have them hear what I say, then it is another night homeless in the back of the car, or another few days with my back killing me. I will not compromise for one more day. I will live my life with TOTAL honesty and integrity or perish in the attempt.

    So Annalie, Ben, Arvin, what solutions are you experimenting with? Perhaps we can learn from one another and find a new way.

  6. Randy knows that I am a Scientologist, and I try not to make any bones about it.

    I don't much like using the word in my posts, though I sometimes do, because of the reaction it triggers.

    I want to make it clear that I am posting independently and of my own free will.

    I was in the Sea Org for 26 years. I am convinced that it is doing valuable work. It is also very clear that this work is being fought.

    I believe that Hubbard studied aberration in order to solve it. That he studied confusion in order to undo it. I have listened to hundreds of his lectures. And yes, some of them are very colorful. But when one bothers to take the time to look at the material broadly, I think you will discover a definite and honest intention to help.

    The enemies of Scientology (and I assure you, it is Scientology, as a subject that they are worried about, not the church or Mr. Hubbard) are on a concerted campaign to convince us that Hubbard was basically an evil-intentioned psychopath who has successfully conned thousands of church members. Excerpts from his own lectures, taken out of context, are quite effective for that purpose. He talked about, and often joked about, almost everything in his lectures.

    The big question is: Is this picture they are trying to paint for us the truth?

    And in the case of Scientology, you actually have the choice, if you want to spend the time, of studying the subject and coming to your own conclusions. The books are publicly available, and so are most of the lectures. You don't have to join the church to obtain these materials. You don't have to take a special course. These materials are available to the public.

    What a great argument, though, to dissuade you from even studying the materials, to tell you that Hubbard "was a master at hypnotizing his audiences." So if you listen to his lectures, you will also get hypnotized, so you better not listen to them! Wonderful, eh? So no one but a few thousand "gullible victims" bother to study the subject to find out if there is anything useful in it or not.

    Realize that this argument, broadly applied, could keep a whole planet ignorant of the most basic technologies it operates on. If someone is so concerned about all of us being hypnotized without us realizing it, why don't they develop a fool-proof method for resisting such an attack? Or is that what they are really afraid of? Is that what Scientology really is? You'll never know if you are too afraid to even read a book or listen to a lecture.

  7. I agree with your last comments Randy.

    I like Janet and Stewart Swerdlow's idea that by being true to yourself and living the best way for yourself is a good way to teach others, lead by example.
    I try and be as honest as I can and know that I am no better or worse than anyone else but I am trying to be the best I can. Sometimes this causes unwarranted reactions from others as it can be seen as trying to be a Goody 2 Shooz.
    Your right Randy the world is full of competitiveness and who is right and who is wrong, it makes me feel ill thinking about it. A world of chatter and no substance. Actually the New York Dolls – Chatterbox – sums up the feeling quite well.

    I like what you were saying about ufologists Arvin, I find it amazing that so many Ufologists are fully committed to their subject and fully believe in space people/creatures – but will discount the idea of reptillians??? and accuse people of being crazy for thinking that it could be real.
    So , they believe that there are little grey space men and tall white, blonde,blue space men etc, but ridicule the possibility that there maybe green scaly creatures….. I wonder if they believe in dinosaurs? I believe in all possibility, surely that's the safest bet.

  8. ben, thanks for your comment. When swimming in the mysterious, unfamiliar waters, I've learned the hard way (like I learn everything) it is generally more useful to think in inclusive rather than exclusive terms and concepts. So when you say "I believe in all possibility, surely that's the safest bet," I think you're onto something. Consideraton brings its own set of hazards, but with humility and discernment, it introduces possibilities for growth.

    We all have our own bias set because we each have our own unique set of individual experiences – and Experience is the real language of Life. As someone for whom writing is one of the few things I do reasonably well, this was a less than welcome realization.

    Some biases are more entrenched than others, and some are closer to truth than others. When new experiences demonstrate the falsity of a deeply entrenched bias, a genuine paradigm shift occurs. People who speak hypothetically about a new paradigm lack an appreciation of just how painful it is. A paradigm shift is a dragon, not a unicorn. Who wants to part with The Familiar? Who wants to admit "Practically everything I thought was true is not true." It reminds me of the old saying, The Devil You Know. Regardless of whether the emergent paradigm is more beneficial, it is very much human nature to desperately cling to the toxins of Familiarity, and reject whatever strange bounty avails itself for our nourishment.

    I like what you were saying about ufologists Arvin, I find it amazing that so many Ufologists are fully committed to their subject and fully believe in space people/creatures – but will discount the idea of reptillians??? and accuse people of being crazy for thinking that it could be real. So , they believe that there are little grey space men and tall white, blonde,blue space men etc, but ridicule the possibility that there maybe green scaly creatures….. I wonder if they believe in dinosaurs?

    The problematic part of that scenario is there truly are psychologically disturbed people who project their every fear and fantasy on The Phenomenon. I have to be very vigilant about this – listening, speaking and thinking – and it is exhausting.

    One of the biggest downsides of being a Contactee is that once I start disclosing my experiences, people stop listening to what I am saying and how I am saying it, and begin hearing me confirming their biases. It is very, very difficult for anyone, including me, to truly listen with an open heart and open mind, and knowing how prevalent and formidable that dynamic is, speaking with an open heart and open mind becomes that much more challenging. This is where Discernment – the vortex of context, intuition and judgment – moves front and center. It is a struggle, though always a worthwhile one.

    * * * * *

    I know Discernment is a subject near and dear to your heart, Randy, most likely for the same reasons it is to mine.

  9. Arvin, I think I have a good example of what a paradigm shift means in my own personal experience.

    Since the 80s I have known about reptilians, long before Icke hit the hustings, but I had done nothing to integrate them into my, at that time, theosophical world view. Only in the last 10 years or so has it dawned on me just what their presence in our reality means. As the world has started to look crazier and crazier, I have found only one "rational" explanation for our collective madness, and if I follow that through to its logical conclusion, nothing is left of any reality I once believed in. The entire place of man in the cosmos is shattered, and that is essentially the foundation of our world view.

    This can be illustrated using the American perception of their place in the world. Americans have a similar albeit smaller problem when they go to live outside of America. The American world view is that all the nations of the world are built on the foundations of America. Americans, once they realise that Germans or English or any other nationality don't agree with the American view about America, have to experience a pretty major paradigm shift or run back home to get back into their comfort zone.

    On a larger scale, humans think we are at the centre of life on earth, and that we are choreographing the show here. We are happy to farm livestock to serve our needs and kill all animals who challenge our ascendancy, but what happens when we realise we are not the centre of life on earth? What happens when we realise that WE are livestock for some race as superior to us as we are to the cattle we farm? The poor calf has no idea what lies beyond the farm gate and it is a real shock when we wake up to the fact that we have also no idea what lies beyond the "farm gate" – in this case the limits of our 3D perception – that is keeping us fenced in and compliant.

    I am happy to admit that my new “world view” is largely logical deduction from the experiences I have had personally with reptilians, with my understanding of cosmology from theosophy, from the reported experiences of others, and from my personal scramble to make sense of something so outrageous it is almost impossible to conceive. There is a lot of re-thinking to do to find a new equilibrium.

    I am happy to admit that I am pretty much a prisoner in 3D reality and my few abilities related to breaching the farm perimeter only give me glimpses of what lies beyond, and not the high level view I would need to confirm my entirely 3D logical deductions.

    And I am fully aware that when I talk reptilians to others, they are perceiving what I am saying from inside their current paradigm – not from the point I am coming from now. In my life I am a professional communicator – it’s what I get paid for – but I have no idea how to communicate what I now understand about life, and have my listener grasp even a fraction of its meaning. I think you may have a similar problem. Doubtless I also would do the same to you – I would hear what you are saying from within my new paradigm which may or may not bear any resemblance to your new paradigm. You would do the same to me. At this point in history when the human world view is crashing around us, those of us who have experienced the crash have not yet agreed on our new construction of reality and our new roles in that new reality – and that is causing a great deal of distress and bloodletting amongst and between us. Hopefully enough of us can remain respectful while we regain our equilibrium.

  10. Larry-
    First, understand I do not wish to denigrate anyone's belief system. This was not a personal attack, as I find you, personally, to be a wonderful person. I will say that I am taking a postion on Scientology based on my own experiences.

    Yes, the books to which you refer are publicly available—for what we would call the "outer court" of Scientology and the public's consumption. I am also certain there are many fine, committed members of Scientology worldwide. Unfortunately, the outer circles of Scientology are merely the "useful minions" who give credibility and financial substance to a much darker inner circle.

    We both know about the Church's Celebrity Center in Hollywood; about the programming embedded in the cult status of people like Tom Cruise and John Travolta; and the lawsuits and even abductions that have part and parcel of Scientology's methods to control public perceptions.

    Undoubtedly, their "tech" may seem alluring until one encounters the "clears" in a psychic stare down. The fact is, that higher level Scientology operatives can be compared to vampires when engaged in a "full-on"…I know, I 've been there. The street level Scientologist has NO idea what type of power these higher order initiates ply until one crawls through the mind to "read" them. Trust me, these are not "nice" evangelists, they are spiritual predators!

    You have alluded, as did Hubbard, that the planet would benefit from Scientology's "tech"—Hubbard's statements (taken fully in context) indicate an agenda that includes a global assimilation. Go listen to Tom Cruise's speech where he says "Do you wanna clean this up?" —oh, that's right, you can't because it was pulled from YouTube. Inherent in Scientology's mantras is the assertion that ONLY Scientology has the answers. Implicitly, Scientology would hold that those answers be installed into the global system.

    Now, don't feel bad. I am not picking on Ron (but really—if he was such a great guy, what the hell was he doing with Jack Parsons in the infamous "Babalon Working" ritual, and what of his initiation into the OTO? Parson praised Hubbard in a letter written to Crowley in 1945, as well), or Scientology—I have some even harsher comments on Evangelical Christianity to serve up, as well.

    Like I said, the street level "workers" of all major religions can be fine people, but they are deceived by the inner circles' distortions, greed, pedophilia, and operations in ritual mystery black energy—all of which is really very old "tech". My absence in the past of critical comments—on Scientology, as well as other religious structures, should not be mistaken as endorsement. That said, I am not about the business of criticizing an individual's right to practice wahtever they wish—but I will call out the dark wizards regardless of their professions—I have been through the gauntlet and seen them for who they are.

  11. thanks for this input

    Thanks for this input Randy….i have been invesigating the Scientology ruse for a while now…ok, i am going to say it straight up…..that is one blackheart organization…WAKE UP you vulrnerable people…don't give your soul and money and support to an obviously obtuse and dangerous INSTITUTION….back out, keep searching…it will come to you…cat



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