The Batman Massacre: Numbers,Icons and Archetypes

The Batman Massacre: Numbers,Icons and Archetypes

What has been termed as the Batman Massacre, in the early hours rampage at an Aurora, CO movie cineplex currently lists 12 dead and 24 others wounded (a fatality #13 would complete an occult number sequence).The youngest victim was 6-year old Veronica Moser. The fatalities also include an aspiritng sports journalist, Jessica Ghawi, who had survived the shooting spree at the Toronto Eaton Centre in June.

Khris at Clandestine Rage Revealed has posted this:James Holmes ♦Dark Knight Rises Assassin ♦ MK ULTRA? Another Manchurian? 

Everyone is doing the forensics on this case, so the “facts” are out there, and more will emerge. Looking at it from the viewpoint of iconic, archetypal imagery a few details do pop up:

Mike Adams at Natural News posted a report: Colorado Batman shooting shows obvious signs of being staged:

There is already conjecture that James Holmes may have been involved in mind-altering neuroscience research and ended up becoming involved at a depth he never anticipated. His actions clearly show a strange detachment from reality, indicating he was not in his right mind. That can only typically be accomplished through drugs, hypnosis or trauma (and sometimes all three).

One theory that has been promoted by a Florida PI is that the alleged shooter, James Holmes, was a part of the extreme left wing “Occupy” movement called “Black Bloc”.

The New Batman Series #9: Night Of The Owls

First, as always, if this was a mind contol operation in line with theories about Columbine or the Tuscon shootings by alleged triggerman, Jared Loughner, which injured Congresswoman Gabriel Giffords, numerology will reveal some initial patterns. 

 Ritual numbers are “fingerprints” in occult killings. Dates, times, sequences are all part of the syncronomies in mind control operations. The first will be the date:

The shootings, according to witnesses began a couple minutes after midnight (the film, “The Dark Knight Rises” was scheduled to air at midnight on July 20). July is the 7th month:



27/3=9 or 9+9+9

The numbers 9 and 27 emerge as a possible numeric “fingerprints”. Note that this fingerprint is both subliminal and archetypal—not conscious. The imagery that streams through many archetypes, including the Batman legacy, feed into the collective subconscience as well as serving to trigger and underpin an operation.

BaneMind control programs make use of archetypal images (or may in some cases create them in the media landscape) as a means to access and utilize subconciously layered programs. Numbers, imagery, and tactile responses can all be part of an access code woven into subjects for future use.

Heath Ledger’s iconic JokerThe Batman legacy includes some very iconic villians: The Joker (weird death of Heath Ledger, anyone?), Catwoman (classic feminine assassin-type), and the Riddler, Scarface, and Bane (featured in the “Dark Knight Rises”). The archetypes are adaptable to many different cultural shifts, including the post-91-11 world of terror-phobia. In many ways Gotham City, as it has been styled in the recent films, is a microcosm of the world as it has grown darker and more claustrophobic. See: NYC Police Commissioner said alleged shooter called himself The Joker for some more parallel poonts between Aurora nd the Batman legacy

The Batman is, himself, a product of trauma-based multiple personality syndrome. The death of his parents (outside of a theater) and the immersion onto his own phobia of bats are simplified versions of alter personality creation and triggering by icons. 

Number 9

Number 9 often occurs as an anchor number signature in these types of events, including the 9-11 events, the Tuscon shootings, the murder of Beatle John Lennon (who regularly invoked the number 9 in his music), and the fact that it shows up in the Batman meme connected to this particular event:

Century 16 TheaterThe latest story arc in the DC Comics Batman series reboot is called the “Night Of The Owls”, which centers on a secret society criminal syndicate named The Court of the Owls. A note here: that the Owl is also the mascot of the elite secret society enclave, Bohemiuan Grove, which is in full progress at the time of these events. 

As noted above the number 9 is embedded in the date code as both a sum and a divisor.

The shooting occurred in theater 9 of the Century 16 multiplex in Aurora, CO

The May 9, 2012 edition of Batman, issue #9  THE COURT OF OWLS


Alex Sullivan, a bartender, died in the event on his 27th birthday. 

Date code: 27 is the quotient of the triadic 9.

For more on the Number 27 see: The Chapter 27 Blogspot 

Remember that numbers can be spiritual/occult icons that stream through events. See the article, “Tuscon Shooter and the Randomness Effect” – 01-29-2011. Many bizarre “effects” stream through such events that traditionally beat statistical averages. MKUltra-type operations rely on dark occult imagery and sophisticated manipulations of consciousness—not just the consciousness of the “perp”, but the dream time collective consciousness (see-911 and the Crowley Code) of the public. 

Activated “sleeper” assets work on programs from which their own conscious personalities are disassociated. Their patterns, movements, actions, and thoughts are compartmentalized in such a way that the “conscious” personality” is unaware of the master plan behind their day-to-day actions. Sleepers can be placed in states of temporal (time) distortion, where they unconsciously move in seemingly non-linear time frames via technologies long held by secret government projects such as Montauck (see Duncan Cameron, Montauck Programmer)  

Also, events may be triangulated to key issues in the Cabalist agenda. The Tuscon shooting correlated to certain decisions ruled on by the murdered judge, John Roll, as well as the high profile Gabrielle Giffords and her astronaut husband (let’s not forget the little girl who died in the Giffords shooting, who was born on September 11, 2001). The 9-11 events clearly served an agenda to elevate political-military activites both in the US and in foreign theaters.

In the cases of the Virginia Tech, Tuscon, and Columbine shootings, near immediate press headlines clamored for more gun control. The timing of the Aurora shootings comes at a critical point in the process of ratification of the UN Global Arms Transfer Treaty, which would establish a registry of all private firearms, and a mechanism for collection of all such weapons under international law.

It also occurs at a time when gun and ammunition sales in the US are at all time highs and there is more than a whiff in the air of insurrection. It is not below notice that numerous patrioit and militia groups on the internet are organizing for mass arrests of financial and government criminals to restore a “Constitutional Republic”.

In many ways, the imagery of the Batman is one of a person taking the law into his own hands—with more than a twist of the “dark knight” vigilante imagery. The violent imagery of the Batman films by Chris Nolan are not to be overlooked as both iconic and archetypal, and feeding into the contrasts of the collective streams of consciousness in a season of unrest.  

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  1. Thank you Randy for taking the time to write this article. Initially, I was not going to say anything on this incident. I was feeling like I needed to shield myself. I found out a little later in the day on Friday that it happened during a Bat-Man viewing and I decided to carefully read a little more into it. I saw a picture of the young man and I noticed his eyes. I saw the classic glazed and disassociated look and I decided I needed to investigate more.

    I only touched the surface in my blog post as these events come home to roost so profoundly for me. There is so much evidence there. I wanted to be a voice for him. The big box media outlets will be a voice for the victims of his rampage and their families, but I felt I needed to say something that will help people understand what might have happened to him.

    These alters are not just loaded with a program and orders. A few of my alters are maniacal sociopaths. When these alters trigger, I say and want to perform diabolical acts. This is a very grave matter the big media giants avoid like the plague.

    Looking at Wikipedia, I see another event that happened on July 20th, 1977. I don't trust Wikipedia too often, but this is very interesting:

    (July 20th) 1977 – The Central Intelligence Agency releases documents under the Freedom of Information Act revealing it had engaged in mind control experiments.

    Thanks again Randy and excellent work on getting the numerology and other viewpoints involved in this article.


  2. Randy

    Also found it interesting, via David Icke's website, that Lil ' Wayne released a video on the 7/7 that shows him dancing in a cinema with 12-13 skeletons!? WTF!? Predictive programming?


  3. Hi Randy and Kris,

    I have to tell you that this was my very first thought, too. I don't want to be cynical, but it immediately struck me as a MK setup. Not only do I feel truly sad for every person harmed, and those connected to people at the theater, but I also feel sorrow for this shooter's family. Thinking about this shooter as possibly being programmed to do this breaks my heart. He could be any of us.

    I saw a picture of Sirhan Sirhan this last year and he's a wrinkled up old man. He still claims he doesn't remember shooting Bobby. He's been in prison for over 40 years now in solitary. Chapman was denied parole last year. It's possible Holmes will be one more.

    Or maybe he is guilty and plotted the whole thing from some wicked place inside. It just doesn't look that way, but we'll see. Then again, what the heck do I know. I'm 1,500 miles away from CO and I only know what the news tells me.

    Either way, there are devastated lives… :(

  4. here is some more information about his money and the PHD program he was involved in, Neuro Sceince is allot of what we all talk about concerning these things going on in the world.

    so i wonder how much a part was the College.

    here is a vid on utube that goes into how he funded his gun and armour buying.

  5. Thanks Randy and lots of love your way…Synchromysticism website also goes into depth about Olympics connection.

    I have only seen one photo of the suspect with red hair (like his Adult Friend Finder photo) reported in the news..once…in a UK paper .that shows the same profile photo with a brunette woman in the background. Apparently, this gunman is not a "solitary" individual. It seems pretty obvious that the cops were quick to wrap this case up as a lone gunman, which, imho, is the government's only clear hand in this case (gun control? not likely). Why so quick to allege one perp? Why not wait until the apartment is combed? This crime REEKS of more than one perp. How the heck did he prepare his apartment AND do the shootings?

    I wanted to point out that, like Loughner, many people are commenting on his "crazy wide-eyed appearance." Loughner had a good legend-build of word salad and craziness (schizoid, paranoiac) but this guy appears to have just had an outright break, and the telltale sign is his eyes. Looks exactly like Graves thyroid eye disease. Graves hyperthyroidism causes severe aggression, paranoia, psychosis, and in men especially, eye disease (Marty Feldman was a famous sufferer, Barbara Bush had it as well).

    I'm not trying to excuse the guy and I think Holmes is going to get crucified regardless of insanity. But I would like to point out that hyperthyroidism, unlike schizophrenia, is pretty easy to CAUSE. Thyroid hormone is completely tasteless and there are some MK reports on its use to induce stress in targets.

    One big connection I want to leave this post with is Anschutz–the grant-giver who funded Holmes'a first year of PhD. He made all his money from owning AEG, the LARGEST MOVIE THEATER group in the world (but not Century theater?) and also several news media outlets. His grant-giver, ironically, stands the most to gain from this "incident".

    Corporations have taken all the lessons learned during the MK Project. Neuromarketing: "Dark Knight Rises" opened with largest box office opening weekend recorded for a "2D" film.

    I don't dismiss entirely the possibility that this is an experiment or nefarious psyop but who would be interested in the results of this except for Big Media? Keep in mind these synchro theories are neat, but, like the MSM, keep the programming alive, i.e. BUY BATMAN (and guns). The dark knight/batman franchise will sell to the next generation after the next big shooting, and the next–I'm sure even masks and comic books are flying off the shelf. Last, even more blatant than numerology, there is some serious NLP (neurolinguistic programming) going down in the media referring to "mayhem," etc. blurring the lines between fact and fiction. Any moviegoer who associates the incident with events portrayed in the franchise is going to end up as blurred and delusional as the suspect. Neuroscience/neuromarketing…gotcha!!!!

    If this is a thyroid dose/second perp/neuromarketing experiment orchestrated by Big Media, Holmes might recover a normal appearance in about six months, if his Graves disease goes into remission or the jail doctors catch it and treat it. The "holy shite" stare of hyperthyroid patients was once described by doctors treating shell-shock as "terror frozen on the face."

  6. This is what i was worried about when i heard he was a neural scientist.
    but which part of this crap was he into, and where was he, how close to the air force bases was he.
    crap crap crap.
    Temporal Illusion,,,,,,,,,,,,,Retro-Kinesis. or a derivative

    .James Holmes Theater Shooter Video Emerges Online


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