The EMP Attacks on Human Ascension

I had the following brief exchange with Rebecca Jernigan this morning over Skype. The synchronicity was thick…I have been struggling, as have others, with the various physical and psychic side-effects related to Chemtrails and HAARP, including respiratory issues, skin problems, appetite and sleep disorder. I am also aware of the intense disruptions that are occurring in others around me, and the many struggles of intuitives, psi warrioirs, and especially children with regards to episodes of depression, rage, and hoplessness. It is apparent the battle is in FULL ENGAGE…we are being hit with unimaginable ferocity, largely due to the advancing energetics in the planet, and our own changing DNA and spiritual structures. 
Rebecca and I will be doing a special edition broadcast to talk about this, the details are here.
[10:17:23 AM] Rebecca Jernigan: “Chemtrails contents include pathogens, polymers, nano-particles, heavy metals.  Lung disease has skyrocketed corresponding to chemtrail spraying. Life expectancy has  plummeted 8 years in the U.S. and Canada, corresponding to chemtrail spraying.”  [Chronolog] “Toxic levels of barium create immune system problems, and it can also cause miscarriages. Aluminum toxicity leads to muscle cramps and memory problems.[1] Dry mouth and attenuated tissues is a symptom of barium poisoning. Barium, strontium, and aluminum are principal heavy metal components of chemtrails.  Overnight and today I have the return of the same early symptoms of the “mystery respiratory illness” everyone is reporting from India to Labrador to Florida”
[10:49:15 AM] Randy Maugans: Great summary on chemtrails, Rebecca! I am having respiratory problems, memory issues, and signs of immunity breakdown (which I am remediating with slected herbal supplements). Also-very important: they are deploying EMP via the conductive upper atmosphere using HAARP to disrupt the human electromagnetic system, with designs to short-circuit the ascension process which is now ongoing…even psychic manipulation is occurring via satellite stalking and mass distuption of sleep cycles and much needed
dream state.


  1. Last two nights have been an hours sleep max before waking up every hour.

  2. Hi Randy…so glad you are doing this show…the issue of chemtrails as a weapon against our ascension has been in my mind for a long time now…everytime they cover the sky with that horrible blanket I KNOW it is a spiritual/psychical attack as well as biological and the myriad other purposes and agendas of the spraying…for one, it provides the plasma medium for the microwave frequencies and god knows what else is beamed in to our bedrooms at night! Also, it covers the sun which i think has a part to play in our ascension. whenever the sun comes out i run outside and do my "sun meditations"…just soak in the light…as my third eye becomes visible…then all the colors…then the visions, like images in remote viewing…then the silent download of higher, vibrational frequencies…this is the part that is most difficult to describe or articulate…i believe that frequencies from the centre galaxy "speak" right to our dna…so chemtrailing the sky would certainly disrupt this communication…I look forward to the show.


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