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The End Game On Dis-Info—Alternative Media Is a Front

I am posting all of this now because I was called to task over my rant  on the 11-21-2012 show  about the blogger, Former Whiter Hat Operative, and specifically, Kerry Cassidy‘s complicity in what can only be called a sleazy circle of deceit. The “game” ends here. The audio (and the YouTube) stand as the evidence against ALL the complicit parties, direct and indirect. If you see a problem and you don’t take care of it—YOU are the problem. Khris’ original blog post is also archived (below) as a PDF for download, and is securely stored in the event his website experiences any “problems”.

The 11-21-2012 rant

YouTube Video: The Alternative Media Disinfo: Game Over

PDF: Michael Hemmingson is Former White Hat & Louis Kahn Nin – Period! « clandestine rage revealed

I was informed by Dave Corso at Wolf Spirit Radio that, following the release of Khris Neal’s article and my on-air commentar,y the owner of Revolution Radio had taken pains to place a video camera on the talk show host, Michael Hemmingson on a certain night when the FWH, who now posts as the Idylwild Group, had posted a blog article. It is reported that Hemmingswood was not recorded blogging in that period. Thanks for the effort!

The problems with this scenario are several: 

  • First, I have examined Khris Neal’s article, and all the data points therein, several times over the last few weeks. Much of what is presented in that article is parallel to findings that several others, including myself, had also discovered in tracking FWH from a previous pseudonym, Louis Kahn Nin, a blogger and writer of grade B porno novels with a mind control twist (see my March 23, 2012 article); and tracking various IP addresses associated to these names that appeared in FWH’s other activities, including comments on blogs such as this, Khris Neal’s and the Duncan O’Finioan blog; as well as comments on YouTube (where IP addresses are VERY identifiable).
  • The links made in Khris’ article follow a very logical progression and make CLEAR CONNECTIONS between these various fictitious entities up Michael Hemmingson. While mistakes, and even coincidences, can happen, it appears to be statistically improbable that IP addresses could be tracked so precisely as to link these three entities; that overlapping references in posts made by all three could bear som any common “markings”; and that by his own admission, Hemmingswood enjoys using fictitous identities and blogs to character assassinate his prey. (I like to make fake WordPress blogs to slam people — WordPress has the best indexing with Google.”-Michael Hemmingson)
  • Connecting FWH to the Louis Kahn Nin is pretty much a no-brainer, connecting FWH and LKN to Michael Hemmingson (and we can deduct that is not the end of his fake names) was more elusive, but Khris’ article ties it all up tightly with enough linkages as to escape being mere “coincidence”.
  • While I appreciate the report that Revolution Radio attempted to clear Michael Hemmingson with “voluntary surveillance”, that proves NOTHING! 

    Being the savvy internet mole he/they is/are, it surely would not have escaped Mr. Hemmingson, who is savvy in the use of WordPress.com, that WordPress has a feature that allows blog posts to be SCHEDULED—a post can be composed and uploaded, then timed to go “live” at a set date/time by the user. So, any such “proof” still falls into the well-traveled realm of deception and trickery. Sorry!

  • To date, Mr. Hemmingson has not contacted me directly, nor has anyone from Revolution Radio. I have not seen the video, nor has anyone attempted (to my knowledge) to rebut the proofs in Khris’ article, or my commentary. If Mr. Hemmingson is an innocent victim of some kind of almost incredible series of “coincidence”, then we need to go back over all the proofs with a fine tooth comb. What stands in the body of evidence is a strong conclusion that Mr. Hemmingson is, in fact, the FWH blogger and Louis Kahn Nin (as well as several other names I located but cannot conclusively link at this time).

    That Mr. Nin is a disgusting misogynist expoiter of both women and mind control subjects is beyond speculation. That FWH has literally libeled and defamed innocent people is also fairly obvious. Parody and satire do not cover the malicious, vile intent behind the Former White Hat and Idylwild Group websites. Also, Mr. FWH, in persona, has stalked and wrecklessly imperiled several of his “subjects” in a manner highly reminiscient of black operatives under certain government programs.

  • Ms. Cassidy is busted! From day 1 of the FWH blog’s inception, she has been promoting, with tongue in cheek, this nightmare of a human being. Whether she is clueless, callous, or completely in league does not matter. Her words and actions betray her.  
  • “Guilt-by-association” falls on those who are also so inclined to mingle themselves with this ilk. Lorien Fenton, her “super soldier” group, the cozy nest of networks, promoters, and radio talk show hosts, who all sqabble and scramble for a piece of the action inside this venue (and I have witnessed the blind ambition and opportunism first hand), are complicit morally for the devastation of the landscape. 

 Long before the FWH came on the scene, I was warning that this EXACT scenario was all part of an exquisite game, in the two part series called “Gatekeepers and Handlers” (Part 1, Part 2) where I wrote:

The key elements of secret projects are compartmentalization, obfuscation; deliberate misdirects within the ranks, and of course, the never-ending re-scripting of events and scrambling of data. The best researchers quickly learn that the evidential trail is rarely linear; that it is often jumbled and random; that verifiable facts can be elusive at best, and inconclusive even when revealed.”  

The methods shift and adapt, but the underlying actions never change. The goals are to de-stabilize, obfuscate, install fear, to create shame and mockery; and to foment the psychic breaks that lead to ruptures and eventual erosion of a group fidelity to truth.

The entities known variously as Louis Kahn Nin and Former White Operative—and by connection, Mr. Hemmingson, have succeeded well in driving a schism into the alternative media communities. Ms. Cassidy, who has often declared herself a “light worker”, is found in the shadows of these murky denizens along with a parade of willing dupes who trade integrity for some fleeting glimmer of noteriety and perhaps filthy lucre.

I do not retract my comments, and as far as I can see (which appears to be rather intuitive), if anything, those of us who were maligned, smeared, and harrassed by this itinerate spook have been far too careful in our comments and actions. It costs something to have integrity, and I have no doubts that this will cost us more. So be it.


  1. I myself have posted in several blogs about the info on the former white hat being definitely pinned to the identity of mike the scumbag hemsinger ive been unfriende by solaris blue raven doug dietrich and eva moore from fb because I posted on their pages what they thought about this scumbag being identified I was also labeled as a troll and kicked off revolutions chat oh well u were right mr maugans and I am on ur side with this one

  2. Randy, if I may, I would like to add to this excellent piece of work several questions for the people out there to take and ponder on. I would like to know why Revolution Radio had to take pains to place a video camera on the talk show host Michael Hemmingson. Did they have any belief that he was indeed FWH and subsequently the now infamous Idylwild Group? I, too, would like a published statement from Revolution Radio. One must also ask, as you did in the above article, if Mr. Hemmingson is not connected with these two libelous blogs, why does it seem impossible for this person to publicly state so?

    It would seem to me anyone being accused of being involved with these two blogs would want to clear their name. It is also a serious matter when others have been questioned about their involvement in simple yes-or-no question form cannot give a simple yes or no answer. Some state as their answer, "I can't help it that he (FWH) likes me." Guilty by omission?

    Another thing that must be taken into serious consideration are the people who have gained, and stand to gain, from these two blogs. Cui bono. No one would go to the length and level of complexity of the personalities in the blogs without having a purpose. We must ask what was/is that purpose? It would seem that the attacks were aimed at a small select group. Granted, there were a handful of red herrings thrown in the mix, but make no mistake — these blogs and personalities were created to try and destroy the reputations of a small, select, few. Again, we have to ask why?

    What is it that has all those involved in these libelous blogs so frightened? It is most evident that they are frightened –severely frightened — of something, someone, or some group. Another question that must be asked is, where is the alternative media in this matter? Save for that small handful that is the target of these involved, they have chosen to remain deathly silent. Why? It would be most interesting to hear some of the reasons for remaining silent.

    The matter of these two slanderous blogs and their personalities runs much deeper than the general public readers could ever imagine. The reasons for such are more nefarious than they could ever imagine. And the consequences of what has been perpetrated will be much more severe than ever imagined.

    All of the facts in this charade have not been made public . . . yet. But they shall be.

    I was taught at a very young age: There is no such thing as a coincidence. That believing something is "only a coincidence" can get you dead. I don't believe in coincidence.

  3. ha ha ha lol im glad and honored u put up the posts from fb when I am wrong im man enough to say it again I will state that you dave corso and Duncan ofinian were right about this guy what gets me I realy don't get how eva moore who used to rib me about quoting what fwh and the fact he ripped her along with dave yourself and Duncan could not say a word I thought she had a lot more character then that just cause they put her on one night a week.sadisnt it.

  4. Randy, this post was just brought to my attention. You are one paranoid guy who sees things that do not exist. Take into consideration that there are some out there with an axe to grind and go after raio stations and hosts, the way you have done with Kerry Cassidy. I will be a guest on her show next month to address these things. I am not FWH. However, I do know who is: there are five people involved. Yes, I supported the blog when it began and posted it on my FB, but some have confused my interaction with the White Hats with this former one. I do not own the Idylwild Group blog either. I am not some covert government agent (where is my gov paycheck if I am?), a black ops dewd, or part of any MKUltra program. In fact, I think most of the MKUltra folk are either making it up or are insane. But I do know some are legit. Frankly I think you are a bit on the paranoid and delusional side and it is obvious you are and have been jealous of Kerry Cassidy's success, but I dig your show anyway.

  5. I have re-read your many tirades against Kerry Cassidy over the past year and longer, Randy,, and my assessment is you are jealous of her. No, I do not agree entirely with her approach. I see the green monster if nothing else. Perhaps you need to step back and examine the real reason why you hate her and Camelot, and not an excuse over what she has said and done. She has never slighjted you. I will address this at the top of my show tomorrow, about hosts bashing hosts and the reasons why.

  6. I want to remind a few people, the FWH (Former White Hat) situation has deep roots. If FWH aka Michael Hemmingson were just some 14 year old kid poking fun at people and a few black-projects survivors, we’d probably have said our final words on the matter 6 months ago. I want to remind everybody: FWH is blogging about people’s phone calls and about their emails. Where is FWH getting the data to blog about? Who is FWH taking orders from? Which group or agency is listening to the phone calls, reading the email etc. and then ordering FWH to do blog posts about the calls and emails? How does Revolution Radio and Project Camelot tie into this? Is the Super Soldier Summit a super psyop? This is important! It’s not just the satire; it goes deeper than the satire. Anybody requesting people to forget Hemmingson/FWH has a screw lose. Those saying to forget him appear to be attempting to cover their own butts and hide their own connections. It’s important people understand what is going on. Wouldn’t former MK-Ultra survivors and other black-projects dis-closers want to know they are on the radio with a guy taking orders from some intelligence agency? Wouldn’t they want to know who is libeling them and be given a chance to avoid the culprit? Wouldn’t certain people think this whole exposé was a service to them? Wouldn’t people want to know before accepting an interview on Revolution Radio, they might get libeled and slammed for doing it and have a chance to make a different decision? The rats have decided to stay on-ship in some strange twist which is just as revealing as if they had jumped. What is going on is a little more important than who’s writing the blog posts as FWH and the Idylwildgroup. Look deeper! Hemmingson was exposed; now look deeper to those behind him and you’ll understand why this must be done. There is no doubt people are going to be hurt by this exposé; many people were hurt by Hemmingson; many people can be spared from getting entangled in this elaborate web which has been covertly spun into the independent media. It’s a bitch when somebody jerks the curtain down and exposes the people pulling the strings. Those sitting in the chairs next to the string pullers are just a guilty. There’s no getting out of it. Some of you had many chances to speak up over 8 months. Now you are getting swallowed by the current. I won’t be at the river’s bank offering flotation devices. Sink or swim people- it didn’t have to be this way!

    I think an entire network of cabal assets was exposed. I don’t think anybody tied to Hemmingson knows what the hell to say or to do. They’re silence speaks volumes. My guess is they’re damned if they say something and damned if they don’t, so they’ll just say nothing. CONVICTED!

    Thanks Randy for carrying this added weight during the Christmas season. It is a great service to many of us and those who’ll be educated in the days ahead.


    P.S. I refuse to play FaceBook politics. Anybody wanting to unfriend/unsub, please do so. Facebook is the least important thing in my life.

  7. I was on the thread you posted from Bill Brockbrader group, Randy. I find it very odd that Eva immediately told everyone to not even look into it. And that it was a message from Bill. Also, why hasnt she come forward in her group and give an explanation? There have been some very shady ongoings in that group in the last couple of months, which caused me to leave the group. Constantly asking members for money, for one thing. Thank you for exposing whats going on.

  8. hey kris brilliantly said this is my last post hey mike h whats a mattersounds like ur buckling tough guy you know who it is so don't I you yes you you putz and khris your right on after what this character said about eva moore and I hope someone posts that for mrs brockbrader to tell me me and randy should move on what role does she play I supported her I was just looking for a simple anser why;and one more thing all the garbage you said about Duncan ofinian hes a p—y hes a clone and those were the nicest things you said id love to be there at a convention to see you be a man and say it to his face but I doubt that very much and for lorien fenton personaly I think shes the handler

  9. Admittedly, I don't know much about Michael Hemmingson/Former White Hat saga, but as a former member of the Bill Brockbrader group, I can vouch for all the weirdness going on lately with Eva Moore and her close circle.

    I became a quick supporter of Bill Brockbrader and quickly joined his Facebook group because I've heard his interviews with Kerry Cassidy and felt he wasn't given a fair voice. At the time, I also noticed his lady friend, Eva Moore being given a platform and felt it was also unfair for Ms. Cassidy not to let her tell her story or the journey that brought the two together and the intel they've learned.

    As the months passed in the Brockbrader group, I've noticed an increasingly diminished role Bill Wood/Brockbrader was taking on as Eva basically dominated and turned into his voice. Furthermore, it became apparent that Eva didn't have any intel or knowledge of Bill's life experience. She was just a woman who later became his wife because she read several books about mind control and understood his situation, I guess. Throughout the months, Bill's role was completely negated as he left to be jailed and Eva completely took over.

    At around the time, I had been noticing the changes in the group. Tons of members yet no one posted regularly. Most of them seemed to be randomly generated names with blank profile pics or pictures of various images. The new members that were posting, were also posting more of the dark, heavy, negative nature of news articles.

    Eva also seemed more attention-starved as her profile pictures changed daily and of a more sexual nature. With her radio shows and other Facebook groups, she asked/pushed for support of Bill Brockbrader, in the forms of prayer, meditation, letters and mainly donations. I assumed Bill Brockbrader willingly turned himself in as a statement. Now, we're suppose to rescue him? Okay? I didn't get it..Yet again, I didn't think anything of it. I just decreased my role in the group.

    In October/November, I noticed a few members being deleted/censored. I would see posts of protest or different subjects by certain members and their posts or they themselves would be deleted. I found it odd. Most of these posts centered around a particular admin, Dragondave Dave and another admin or two. Dragondave is known to give heavy donations to Eva's cause and he is really a great support for her.

    Yet in the same token, Dragondave has also been known to sexually harass, degrade and share his exploits about certain women in the group, to the admins. One particular member who I know had a run-in with Dragondave. Both had innocently been flirtacious or involved in dialogue and at some point, she let him know that "this" wasn't moving beyond the internet nor was she interested. As a member of the Brockbrader group, her information disappeared, posts got deleted, her name dragged through the ground, etc.

    Eva knew of this, turned her nose up, scolded the girl and demanded the two of them focus their attention on the most important thing – getting Bill out of jail. The matter of harassment would be discussed later, yet it wasn't. It was swept under the rug. The female member left the group, as did Dragondave and he was asked to rejoin days later.

    Despite what the situation may be, on a smaller scale or larger scale, I find it disgusting and discouraging for something like this to happen as it already represents what's going on and to young women already. Without considering this female member's opinion, Eva accepts this guy with open arms and pretends nothing happens. Eva Moore preaches her stance on a society that demeans/degrades women, but when it comes down to it – she's willing to stand behind a guy who disgustingly does so. Mainly because his donations to her cause are large.

    And with that said, it's just surprising and a little disappointing how she's willing to run away from the truth since that's the focus of that group. How far it's fallen. There's no such thing as a public forum or a voice of reason/fairness for her or her admins to be able to hear their perspective. If she doesn't like what's being said, you're "attacking her".

  10. Thomas, did you not learn basic grammar in grade school? Periods and commas make one's text easier to read and comprehend; instead of sounding like an illiterate nincompoop. Maybe you "think" it is cool or iconoclastic to use the English language in an unducted fashion, but it is neither.

    Re; Eva and Bill's message, it seems she is telling you people to get a life. Some of you who spend "days" on a rabbithole looking for things that are not there, or making the wrong connections, becoming obsessed over it — well, that is pathetic. Don't you have better things to do? Eva is fighting to get her husband out of the hands of the bad guys so he can be safe; she does not have time to dwell on trivial bullshit and the paranoid fantasies of some lunatic who thinks people are lmonitoring his emails and phone calls (and did he not say somewhere else that the gov was using tech to read his mind as he clutched his Arcturian doll for support?). This is a basic problem with you nutcases: you really think you are THAT important that anyone, let alone a gov agency, would waste resources and time on?

  11. Hemmingson/FWH-
    Did you ever proof-read your own posts? Did you fail to notice your own patterns of typos/misspells? We've noticed them.

    Did you also fail to notice your own speech patterns in text? Or the compulsive need to doggedly pursue minutiae in evading substance?

    In fact, Michael, it was refreshing to finally hear the vocal cords behind all the pseudo- personae you write behind, and match speech patterns to text. Your rhetoric is worthy of the social programming installed in you.

    All of this and your pathetic little lecture on your show last night do not mask your admitted complicity in promoting the FWH/Idylwild Group. At least you connected those dots. You name-dropped the usual suspects in that speech—we're impressed with your "shredding skills", which apparently includes shredding human souls.

    I did not post the Facebook chat to impugn Eva or Bill, and unlike you, I have never hidden my criticisms of people, like Bill Wood, whom I believe to be authentic. The Facebook culture is a mild aspect of the ugliness you embrace and advance in all your own clandestine agendas, but it is not slanderous/libelous, nor are the people hiding behind false names and identities.
    I, too, think punctuation is important. So did Khris Neal in his blog post: Michael Hemmingson is Former White Hat & Louis Kahn Nin – Period.

    So either deal with the substance of what has been presented and refute the evidence or shut the fuck up. A grammarian with a mean streak is not a truth-teller, just a pornographer with an agenda.

    P.S.-Clever little hook putting "Dr." in front of your name. Another little attempt to add some "authority" to your fake personalities? Shall we call you DR. WHITEHAT? DR. NIN KAHN? Or Dr. Puke? Your arrogance is typical of the grandiose, over-arching attempts by the elites to co-opt the alt-media. Could we see that Ph.D?

  12. ha ha ha lmao lol lol ok first things firsmikey my boy i was all done in what i had to say but one of my rue good friends told me you mentioned my name on mr maugans site and i only think its fair i get a chance to respond ok with you jabroni well mike in regards to eva moore i was a supporter of evas cause when you were writing all that slanderous hype bullshit about eva and bill eva used to say to me tom how can you listen and follow that fwh guy don't you see what hes writing and saying i wasn't a fan of yours shmuck i simply wanted to see if the stuff you were saying had a smidgeon of merit i thought you were an ex cia or fbi guy yes i admit you had me fooled till the day on your post you titled it hey tommy from ct and you threatened to take one of my legs off not knowing one is already for a car accident in 09 because of trying to rely find out if you were legit i figured a man posting the things you posted about Duncan ofinian could realy be connected but id surely give up my other leg to see you bump into mr ofinian at a conference to see you shit your pants you gutless piece of shit now getting back to eva my my im confused i simply posted on evas timeline hey eva what do you think about randy and that guy chris identifying thru rock solid proof its mike h from revolution and she unfriended me not before she told me not to waste my time cause bill said not to yea ok and the pope is jewish now then i message the man known as doug dietrich a man who i friended on fb and listened and emailed him on his shows cause again i thought he was an honorable patriot what does he do he unfriends me then the light bulb went off and oh yeah i know im a bull in a china shop for the way i type if you don't like it go kill yourself asshole. so im getting tired of typing it aggravates the shit out of me so my final thought is lorien fenton sean david Morton and nighthawk i like your show but the harm that your radio host did how could you have this gutless puke on your team my hat goes off to randy maugans randy this jabroni will get his day in court im a listener to your show and being honest respectful and truthful is still the way to go in my book please add more air time we need guys like you on alternative radio not people who say they support super soldiers say there patriotic and then support a gutless piece of shit like mike the jabroni hemsinger.

  13. Hey everyone. I was also a member of the Bill Brockbrader group until recently. I was an active member, always posting comments, and promoting the said cause, to free Bill from incarceration and to spread his story. I retrospect, I this as an embarrassment. In light of recent events and continued information, I feel obligated to "blow the whistle" on this whistleblower's group. The woman at the head of this group has done a great job of making herself look desperate by posting pictures of herself in very revealing outfits and continuously promoting her sexuality. Being a sexual person myself, I see nothing wrong with this, unless you are in her situation and trying to make a legitimate stand for your cause. This raised a red flag in my mind. Also, her constant requests of the members of the group to donate money bothered me. An administrator of the group who calls himself Dragondave, made a constant effort to make sexual advances with me. I'll be the first to admit that I allowed for some flirtation, but flirtation turned to borderline obsession and he has made direct attempts to interfere with my personal life. He writes messages to members of the group, slandering us, namely women who have refused his advances. Please keep in mind that this man donates a lot of money to Eva, so when I exposed him for the creep that he is, she retaliated by making me out to be a promiscuous troublemaker. This was the final straw for me, as this woman preaches all day about equality and love and all that nice stuff. Meanwhile, there is slander and abuse of trust going on and all she can think about is how the attention is being shifted from her onto something else. She told me that my public complaint was a distraction and that it was being done by "design" Excuse me while I throw up, I call bullsh*t. This man is clearly being defended and this is being overlooked because he gives her money. Point blank. Any organization/group leader that chooses money over morality, is not to be trusted.

  14. Ph.D. in cultural anthropology, Indiana Univ., my dissertation ZONA NORTE is published by Cambridge Scholars.
    Two Masters: Literature from UCSD and Game Theory from the Naval War College in Rhode Island.

  15. Well, you did not deny that the real reason behind your hatred of Kerry is jealousy, that more people take her seriously and hear her than you. It appears to me that the only programming is coming from you: you so desperately want to point a finger at someone that your assessment of pattern recognition is wildly flawed. You fell down the rabbit hole like you have been programmed to and now you cannot get out. Don't you know They WANT you to believe there is some big conspiracy going on, when in fact the whole group of you "super soldiers" and "targeted peeps" are filed under Lunatic Fringe.

    But yeah, Brockbrader is authentic…to a point…he was also programmed to believe certain things to taint his truth.

  16. In his need to be recognized for his pedigree, Mr. Hemmingson provides the key link:
    Game Theory from the Naval War College in Rhode Island.
    Just remember that another very high profile talk show host, George Nouri, is (ex) Naval Intelligence.
    How exquisite! Every time we turn around another layer is revealed. Did we not talk about "the game" as regards this whole White Hat op? You may consult any number of references to "game theory" to now complete the understanding of this whole deceptive arena of psy-op. Mr. Hemmingson, in his role, now poses as the de-bunker to undermine anyone elses' theories, but his own and the consensus reality which he represents.

    Don't forget that William Cooper was also ex-Naval Intelligence (see my article:
    Gate Keepers and Handlers –Part 1

  17. One final note to Michael Hemmingson:
    As I pointed out previously, I dealt in substance with the issues I addresses vis a vis Project Camelot/Kerry Cassidy and the infiltration of "alt" communities. You have never dealt in substance with any of the material, especially the evidence that points FWH/Idylwild Group to YOU.

    I cannot "prove" I am innocent of "jealousy" because that is an internal emotional state which you are neither qualified, nor in a position to assess. What you do profess in the clever dialectic that is borne out of your own training, and your "role" in the massive campaign to disenfranchise independent components of the same "alt" communities.

    What was expressed, both here on this blog, and in your little radio show screed was your own NEED to be the smart guy, and to wag your finger in a moralistic pose at others, while running a campaign of obfuscation and mis-direction. We are very impressed with your credentials, Michael, your "pedigree" is impeccable!

    If your disclaimer of the "conspiracy theory" is valid, then you void the work of Project Camelot, not mine, as I rarely use the term. The real conspiracy, in the legal sense, has played out on the very page which YOU authored to discredit a group of people who are on the "enemies list" of the alphabet agencies you work for,

    Oh, and Michael, since you claim 1st hand witness of those Chinese troops in Mexico and the underground bases, I am guessing you bother to document such with some photos?

  18. There are far greater and bigger issues going on in the world right now to wallow in your pettiness, jealousy, and rhetorical mishmashing; for instance, the school mass shooting in CT and school mass knifing in China that happened on the same day. This is obviously a dark op done by your dear buddies connected to and in MKUltra and mind control programs. These people will go to horrible lengths to engage their agenda.

  19. Or…by YOUR bosses at Naval Intelligence/CIA/"The Water Co.", and whoever else funnels you. You keep talking, there, Mikey…why? My "puny" audience is hardly of any interest to you and your mastermind psy-op media buddies.

    You are unmasked—and that is only what is now public. Matching all your agendas with FWH/Idylwild…and yet you keep flappin' your lips! Narcissism, and your deeply self-important, pseudo-moralistic bent reveal what a limp dick you actually are.

    This was your last post here. The matter is concluded. For now.

  20. whhhhaaaatttt done by randys friends im 30 min from this thing and this asshole says done by randys friends I woulda grabbed his ip address and flown to his location you gutless piece of shit im not randy nor am I speaking for him but that comment right there is groutesquly obsurd wow hey nighthawk sean lorien real good sane guy you got on revolution radio.

  21. Well, Mikey. A.k.a Michael Hemmingson, a.k.a. Former whitehat, a.k.a. All personalities of the idol wowed group, a.k.a. Dr. Hemmingson, a.k.a. Somebody's little bitch. Lets address the Dr. Hemmingson first. Or as you say now, PhD. Oh hoora. My grandfather had a name for people like you, he called them "educated fools." You have a PhD, I could give a shit. In cultural anthropology, I guess that gives you a real insight in how to play multiple people online. Well, dr., all I got is a GED, and a kick ass give me he'll attitude. After reading all of your posts, on my friend, Randy Maughans, and listening to your endless drivel on your last show of December the 12th of this year, you are more pathetic than I ever thought possible. You stated during your radio show about you, that you pay the upkeep of three separate apartments, the expenses of all three, your child, and your baby's mama, your words not mine. One thing I know, poor finances makes you easy pickings to do someone else's bidding. Michael, you have been busted so many times that I've lost count. Your ISP addresses from San Diego and Mexico all match up, not only to th post that you have done on the blog of randy Maughans, but also to the most vulgar, vile, threatening emails that you sent to me, my blog, and my website. In many of those emails, you not only threatened me, (in your dreams pissant) you threatened family, and loved ones. That is a big no no. Doofus. All of which I assure you, have been copied, printed, and sent to many, MANY others. You will not get away with your bullshit, Dr., Mr. educated idiot, mr. White hat, some bodies little bitch.

    Michael, you have falsely accused me over the past several months of being involved in some extremely heinous acts that have gone on throughout this country. One being the Aurora Colorado shooting incident. A lie, Michael. Punishable in court. The temple shooting in Wisconsin, again a lie. Punishable in court. And several others. However, not even I thought that You could stoop any lower than your comment that you sent to randy Maughans today. In your "roundabout ways" you have pointed the fiber at myself and others from these damnable MKA ULTRA mind control programs, to the mass knifing in china and the shooting incident in the state of conitucuit today (December 14th, 2012). I guess what some propel sea is true, some just have no shame. You are total scum.

    A long time ago, I swore an oath to protect mankind. The human race, and the innocent n general. Michael, here is where it becomes very complicated. You are not innocent. Nor is anyone complacent within your group, nor is anyone innocent who could support you. Nor is anyone that could work with you, knowing what you have done, what you have written, the things you have said etc etc. they are just as evil as you. Justice will come upon you, Michael and all those that you either serve, or take orders from. Whether it be O.N.I, Carrie Cassidy, or anyone else. As an aside, tell me Carrie Cassidy, (I know you are reading this) do you still think all of this s just funny? Do you still think "former whitehat" is funny" there is nothing funny about this bullshit, there's nothing funny about degrading innocent people. There's nothing funny about slandering, there sitting funny about intentionally a causing pain to others. Carrie, you who said long ago when you sold out, and you now exactly what I'm talking about. When you did the David Wilcock, Jack Burns, poor David being threatened radio show, that was the last straw from me as far as you are concerned. When will you tell the truth? That the third party on that interview, that so many people out there in your listening universe thought was in a space craft millions and millions of miles away was actually jack burns sitting most likely Australia. When will you admit that that was nothing but a dog and pony show? And then after that, you have the audacity to begin asking people that you interview what they think about me. Just because I rarely ever comment about anything does not mean I don't listen. I speed read, I speed listen, and I have a photographic memory. I see words, and I forget nothing. And I forgive very damn little. This bullshit of the former Whitehat out of wow group, Carrie Cassidy, Michel Hemmingson, David Wilcock, Sean david Morton, Richard C. Hoagland, ends now. Either you people come clean about it, and end it, or by the gods, I will. Carrie, you know me. You know who I really am,, you know why I'm really here, and you full well what I am really, truly capable of. I will end this charade. Too many lives are at stake, the very future of the human race is at stake. Not this groups pathetic needs or wants. Michael Hemmingson, you have done nothing but misdirect any accusation made against you. You try to say that the Carrie Cassidy show is second only to coast to coast am, then answer me one question: why the fuck is she only on revolution radio? And the same goes for you, and the same goes for Sean David Morton, and by the way Sean, how'd it feel to be told to shut the hell up on stage? Bet you've never had that happen before. This, all of this ends now. Now you guys can go and do your interviews your radio shows, piss bitch whine cry and moan about people attacking you, wanting to get you down. Just wanting to hold you back. Two words for each of you: horse shit. Each and everyone of you had quoted there's more at stake here, you're damn right there's more at stake here. Because in the scheme of things, again read very carefully Michel, in the whole scheme of things nome of you are important. End this or I will.

  22. wow I don't know what to think mr maugans you made peace with eva moore well I would appreciate one thing if you could here is my email address tlalonde48@gmail.com before I fly off the hook and please take my email out if you post this can you explain to me how you did a 360 in your heart and left eva off the hook don't tell me they got to you with money or something 2 days ago you respected bill but said eva was playing their game know everything changed again I want to understand please respond to my email if you will and please don't print my email address if you print my asking you this question

  23. Are You Serious Dr, PhD.., My Ass!! Reading his above posts I doubt he even finished High School. That Hemminson is obviously an attention-seeker living in a fantasy needing to visit a good Doctor. If he wasn't so hurtful and malicious I would actually feel bad for him, instead I am embarrassed for him.
    Mr. Hemmingson, The more You speak the more You reveal and the worse You look.

  24. To Michael Hemmingson regarding your posts dated 12/11/12
    Tell me, Mikey, does Kerry change your diaper? Can you string together more than three words without mentioning or referencing Kerry or PC? Why do you need to run to Mommy, excuse me I meant Kerry, to address things? Why not address "things" here and now? Let Kerry speak for herself and stop hiding behind her skirt.
    Furthermore, everyone posting on this site has more than 2 digits in their IQ and are here because they are interested in facts and educated opinions. No one is interested in what you "think" (e.g., "I think most of the MKUltra people…" and "Frankly I think you are…"). Well I can think that I'm the King of France and I can think that the Tooth Fairy is one of Tinkerbell's aliases and my assessment is that her magic pixie dust actually contains 2% powdered baby teeth. Since I think it, it must therefore be true, right? That, Mikey, is called magical thinking and is present in small children and mentally disordered people. You are revealing some things about yourself that aren't so flattering.
    Are you so totally spineless that you are literally incapable of dealing with the FACTS that have been put forth? You call your show "The Art of Dreaming". Why don't you try "The Art of Reality"?
    Now, stand up like a proper porn writer and address the following all by yourself: If you are not FWH but know who is, tell us how you are involved, how ip numbers trace back to your known accounts, who is involved, how did you become aware of who is involved, why are they involved, who is responsible for the bugging, why are certain people being targeted and why you would stand by and allow such rubbish to be posted and not speak out against it?
    Your posts on this thread amount to a pile of incoherent babble and you addressed NOTHING on your poorly written and even more poorly delivered radio response. And you consider yourself a writer? There goes that magical thinking, again!


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