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Links of related interest, sources, information, and inspiration

(The) Akashic Library

Alien Anthropology

Alien Jigsaw Puzzle

Alien Shift

Alien Scientist



The Arcane Archive

At Spirals End

Before It’s News

Bill (Wood) Brockbrader

Chris Holly’s Paranormal World

Charles Frith

The Chronicle Project

Confessions of A New Age Heretic-Bronte Baxter’s

excellent dissection of the new age spiritual movements and genuine spiritual attainment.

Cosmic Conspiracies

Conspiracy Journal

Corina Saebels-”The Collectors Online”
UFO/ET abduction information, home of the book, “The Collectors”


The Debris Field


Duncan O’Finioan

Visit Empath Community

Empath Community


The Fallen Project

Forbidden Knowledge TV


Goro Adachi:
The Time Rivers-Synchronicity and multi-contextual reality memes

Etemenanki | The Time Rivers | Super Torch Ritual Underground

HarpMagic.com-Peter Sterling
Contactee and harpist-music for ascension and DNA activation; music from sacred sites

Half Past Human-Cliff High’s webbot, The Shape of Things to Come reports

Haunted Voices

Hidden Experience-
Mike Celland explores the nuanced sides of synchronicity, UFO/ET abduction, and the culture of the paranormal:
Blog | Podcast 

A Healed Planet-Wade Frazier’s compendium of spiritual, technological, and free thought.

Higher Perspectives
Mutli-dimensional artist and contactee, Bryan DeFlores, catalogs the UFO/ET phenomena from the Galactic perspective

Hollywood Hologram

Information Machine

Ingo Swann:The Ingo Swann Database-collected papers and research
by noted remote viewer/psychic, Ingo Swann

Late Night In The Midlands with Michael Vara

Life In The Mix-UK

Kim Carlsberg

Near Death Experiences and the Afterlife

New Dawn Magazine

Nexus Forum

Nick Redfern

Norio Hayakawa


Mac Tonnies

Open Minds

Orange Orb

The Other Side of Truth

Paradigm Research Group

Paranormal Magazine

Peter Kling

The President’s UFO Website-
Grant Cameron’s research
into the White House dealings with UFOs as well as
other topics including UFOs in the entertainment industry.

Project PE -
Social network for paranormal experiencers and researchers

Pseudo-Occult Media

Psychedelic Adventure

Radio Misterioso


Red Cairo

Red Ice Creations

Sacha Christie-
UFO contactee/abductee/researcher-Leeds, UK

Spectrum Radio Network

Stan Romanek


Singularity Hub

THEY LIVE, In the Skies!

Through The Looking Glass

UFO Blogger

UFO Digest

UFO Disclosure Countdown Clock

 UFO Encounters Live with Ronnie McMullen:

Underground Video UK Bases)
Underground Video UK is derived from the investigations section of the former Irish UFO Research Centre.
Alien abductions, mind control, MiLABS, Satanic ritula abuse.

Unicus Magazine

United We Strike
Activist Radio Broadcasters: peaceful non-compliance, buying from local merchants and farmers, moving your money to locally owned credit unions, and personal preparedness in case of a disaster.
We advocate teaching your neighbors, friends and family so that they may teach others.
We, as one people of planet Earth need to stand together as one race to defeat the globalist agenda of the New World Order.
UWS Archives | UWS Community Radio

The Vigilant Citizen

The Vike Factor-Into the Paranormal

Ways of the Wild Institute -
website of White Wolf Von Atzingen, former black ops assassin, and now teacher and healer

 William Ramsey-author, 

Prophet of Evil: “Aleister Crowley, 9/11 and the New World Order”

Women of Esoterica


An extensive amount of online information from James, a former insider of a clandestine government organization that has extensive interactions with different ET races.

X Zone Radio

Xenopolitics Institute


 Articles, links, and resources for paranormal/conspiracy research  

steve-richards-dreamtime-healingTranscripts of the Dreamtime Healing Interview with Steve Richards: Full Transcript -Dreamtime Healing-Hour 1-PDF—Left click to save

Full Transcript -Dreamtime Healing-Hour 2-PDF—Left click to save

Interview: Part 1 | Part 2

 Barry King - A voice for public disclosure of UFO and ET evidence, underground base activities

related to US and UK covert mind control operations. As of May 3, 2012, Barry has decided to end his discloures dues to what he calls a “lack of interest”. (see Barry King: DISCLOSURE HAS BEEN CANCELLED….due to lack of interest) The Voice – UFO Newsletters from the 1990s “The Voice: The History You Need To Know” -PDF A compendium of Barry King’s “Voice” thread at UFO Casebook – October 2006 OffPlanet Radio interview with Barry King  

ringmakers-of-saturn-thumbnailRingmakers Of Saturn-Dr. Norman Bergrund – PDF

 At NASA Ames Research Laboratory over a period of years, Norman Bergrun took the photos of icing conditions experienced by the Curtiss Wright C-46 test airplane in natural icing environments. Photo laboratory professionals tutored him prior to the first flight. On returning to home base, he specified photo development requirements and analyzed the images obtained. For the Navy Polaris Underwater Launch Missile System Project, Bergrun established a closed area to receive and catalogue all photos and films obtained by test-range cameras. Its purpose was to provide assistance in the analyses of telemeter tracking data. During his years as manager of planning and analysis, he scrutinized miles of photo-coverage film of Polaris flight tests…successfully correlating these data with inception of malfunctions recorded by telemetry and thereby pin-pointing where hardware improvements were needed. Soon after publication of “Ringmakers of Saturn” in 1986, approximately four trips annually have been made from the West Coast to the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. During this time, beginning with the early missions, many thousands of images have been examined of Mars, the Solar System Planets and Satellites, the Moon, the Sun as well as Hubble Telescope and Shuttle images. This process is an ongoing activity of Bergrun Research. Websitehttp://www.ringmakersofsaturn.com/  

Walter_bowartWalter BowartWalter Bowart-(May 14, 1939 – December 18, 2007)[1] was an American leader in the counterculture movement of the 1960s, founder and editor of the first underground newspaper in New York City, the East Village Other, and author of the book Operation Mind Control. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Walter_Bowart)

Operation Mind Control-Walter Bowart-PDF The 1978 classic. Long out of print. Essential mind control source.-Posted-01-01-2012bowart-OMC

The Invisible Third World, synoptic chapter outline of Bowart’s unfinished manuscript, from 1990, co-written with Richard Sutton

   !UtopiAted!Net! || - A torrent tracker site for paranormal media of all types (video, audio, documents, pictures), including rare/hard-to-find artifacts and resources. A fantastic research tool. Nothing fancy here—just the torrents, all of which appear to be live and fairly fast. To use you will need a Torrent software client: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_BitTorrent_clients and possibly an archive program such as WinZip -Posted-12/31/2011

Transcript:“Elenin – Signs and Designs with James Horak “ -PDF Chris Holly: “Warnings Of Those Take and Other Assorted Details”-PDF An important article detailing research and information from a group of “real time” abductees. ICAR Survey: Contactee Blood Types Survey A really interesting study by ICAR (International Community for Alien Research)on a survey of contactees related to blood type and other genetic factors. This information is also corrolated on other websites, but this is a fairly new study.

fbi-vault FBI Vault Files

Zip Archive of historical files from the FBI on UFOs Download 

The Condon Report: Scientific Study of Unidentified Flying Objects-Conducted by the University of Colorado Under contract No. 44620-67-C-0035 With the United States Air Force Dr. Edward U. Condon, Scientific Director, 1968

Internet Edition Prepared by National Capital Area Skeptics (NCAS)
District of Columbia – Maryland – Virginia (USA)
[ www.ncas.org ]    [ ncas@ncas.org ]
With the Permission of The Regents of the University of Colorado
Release 1 – January 1999

Gray Aliens and the Harvesting of Souls  The Conspiracy to Tamper with Humaity by Nigel Kerner Free Preview at Scribd.com Nigel Kerner website Buy at Amazon-US UK In this new book Kerner reveals that the Greys are seeking to master death by obtaining something humans possess that they do not: souls. Through the manipulation of human DNA, these aliens hope to create their own souls and, thereby, escape the entropic grip of the material universe in favor of the timeless realm of spirit.

The Brightest Light of All-Dr. Andrew Silverman-PDF Paper from the Proceedings of the International Workshop on the Scientific Approach to the Acheiropoietos Images, ENEA Frascati, Italy, May 4-6. 2010 Dr. Silverman’s hypothesis of the Turin Shroud-evidence of a radiant burst of energy which caused the shroud image. Keywords: sentience, radiance,human transfiguration

 Discerning Alien Disinfo by Montalk-Text/PDF from Scribd.com-FREE

This book is about acquiring discernment in handling future relations with alien forces by seeing and learning from their current methods of deception. We must consider the possibility of alien deception so that we can preempt it. This book isabout acquiring discernment in handling future relations withalien forces by seeing and learning from their current methods ofdeception. We must consider the possibility of alien deception so that we can preempt it.


The Exotica UFO/ET Disclosure Project
A Manifesto

Exotica has been a presence on shortwave and satellite radio for over seven years, detailing many aspects of the “secret” world that exists within and without our own perception. ET/UFO disclosure is the most significant story of our times, and is NOT being covered by the major media in the traditions of  fair journalism, or with the best interests of the people of planet Earth.
While certain realms of media do provide outlets for speakers, contactees, researchers, and insiders, this media is largely viewed “tongue-in-cheek” and with the occasional dismissive grin. Serious subjects deserve serious consideration, not tokenism and cynical ghetto-ization. The UFO/ET spectrum deserves to be vetted by a fair exchange of information, ideas, and experiences uncolored by jaundiced perspectives or colorful “spin.”
Witnesses should feel safe to present their stories without judgmental or patronizing attitudes, condescension, or theatrical window dressing. Researchers should be allowed to air data and evidence that may be examined by both adherents and skeptics without enduring the hive mind of the major paranormal forums on the web. Above all, the line of inquiry begs the diligence of the presenter to air valuable information in a format that may be accessible to all interested persons freely and on-demand.
To that end, Exotica, purposes to connect with witnesses, researchers, and presenters from all walks of life…from high profile authors and video producers to the unknown contactees, experiencers, and abductees who wish to be heard. Your stories are an important part of the real “disclosure” puzzle, and we are sensitive to your needs. We will present your story and preserve your anonymity, IF that is required. We will be sensitive to your personal conditions…many contactees are traumatized and have faced ridicule, censure, even personal harm, as result of their efforts to be heard. We do not take lightly the responsibility to protect sources and to care for your personal safety and well-being.
Because major media does not provide an outlet for this big story to be brought forth, it is the responsibility of the community of small, independent media producers working in the “alternative media” to network, share information and resources; utilize the viral aspects of the internet, and effectively “push” the subject to the forefront of public consciousness so the light may shine into this presently “dark” subject.
I am inviting my colleagues…those of you who have a sincere interest in these subjects…to please share assets, links, contacts, and information freely. This mission is not about creating a franchise, but we can all prosper—in a spiritual sense—when we choose to be inclusive and expansive with sharing, and providing open access to the public and to those who presently hold valuable witness and information. This is, in a true sense, an “underground railroad” for experiencers, contactees, and those who are in abduction/trauma cycles.
By our example, we would hope to inspire a few honest professional journalists, within the corridors of major media to begin pressing the issues surrounding the UFO/ET presence:
The information has been known for over 45 years of the presence of extra-terrtrial beings; craft are spotted in hundreds of accounts daily from around the planet. The quality of witnesses—many with solid documentation, and even physical evidence—is now too solid to be ignored and dismissed by the fair-minded skeptics.
It is TIME to honestly open the inquiry, and NOT wait for any “official” statements—which will only be managed by the ruling elites toward more obfuscation and disinformation.
We would hope to draw some who are “insiders” in the government, military, and intelligence fields to also consider their moral responsibility to end the blackout, and fully disclose the evidence to the people of planet Earth.
IF there are truly benevolent factions of the ETs currently operating on the planet, we also ask you to help move the agenda forward, and to actively aid those who are in distress because of negative ET/paranormal interactions. Humans are not “science projects”, and no government treaty with any entities—in an exchange of subjects for technology—is valid without the advice and consent of the persons, and of their lawfully appointed delegates.
You have already been deceived by the human leaders…just as the unknowing victims have been, likewise, betrayed. You know this, and now need to advance to communicating with “white hats” inside the governments and the spiritually advanced among us who have demonstrated good will and benevolence. You know who they are! It is time to end the trauma…time to break the silence…time to begin operating in integrity, and with cognizance to the higher spiritual laws under which ALL beings are bound.
Look dispassionately at the evidence that is abundantly available in print, video, audio, and across the internet. Support the efforts of independent journalists with encouragement, word-of-mouth promotion, moral support, and if possible finances. You have been in the thrall of a media monopoly through major corporate take overs of ALL public media for a half century or longer. Your government, through intelligence agencies, media surrogates, and willful disinformation artists at all levels of media; have blockaded your RIGHT to know the truth, and to formulate your own opinions and actions based on solid evidence.
The truth WILL come out… truth must ALWAYS assert itself. How these truth impact you, your loved ones, and the world at large, depends on your own honesty…NOT the platitudes of so-called “science”, politics, and religion which now serve the BIG LIE!
Randy Maugans-Producer/Host, Exotica Radio
Contact at: exotica-radio.com using the web email contact link
Voicemail:  (717) 910-0544 – Your calls will be returned