The Sarah Stanga Blog

The Sarah Stanga Blog

Sarah StangaHighly recommended: For those interested in, or survivors of elite programming, sex slavery, mind control, SRA, occult ritual techniques, and/or negative ET contacts—Sarah Stanga, who has a series of videos released on the internet as Bases 10: THe Sarah Stanga Blog—now has her own blog presence with updates and articles. 

Sarah has been subject to all kinds of torture and harassment which continues and has even escalated of late with her coming forward. She has paid a very large price to bring YOU this information. She is subject to astral and electronic attack, being followed, having complete strangers accost her and scream at her in public, and being messed with on every level – mental, emotional, psychic and physical.”-Miranda Kelly, ex-Project Talent survivor/discloser 

Sarah Stanga’s Blog

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  1. get a life before you got locked up

  2. Nice! More fascist fuck-faces threatening people who tell their story, People like you are the reason people like Sarah have to speak out. Go find a cozy hole to crawl in.


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