Time Travel at CERN , Or Dimensional Rift?

Time Travel at CERN , Or Dimensional Rift?

Time travel may find home in Large Hadron Collider

Vanderbilt University researchers to try out time travel theory - By Layer 8 on Wed, 03/16/11 – 10:56am.

Vanderbilt University researchers hope to check out in theLarge Hadron Collider - the world’s largest atom smasher located in Switzerland (CERN). “

The mission of the Large Hadron Colider (LHC) at CERN, Switzerland, has always been murky. Although scientists, using arcane technical jargon seem to have mapped out the mission of the super collider project, the actual end game of this monstrous “instrument” have nevertheless eluded the average person’s understanding. 

Amid the numerous safety concerns (no pun intended) and shutdowns, are unsettling questions about the theoretical science that underpins the assumptions of the working groups around the LHC. Reports, often unconfirmed, hint that CERN LHC already exhibits capabilities to open portals, may be either more disinfo, OR a “hint” as to the agenda at CERN. Again, because the theoretical science, itself, is inconsistent, specualtion on outcomes of key experiments remains veiled, but begs the question: “What the hell are they doing?”

In two recent Exotica shows with ex-Project Talent asset, Duncan O’Finioan, listeners have heard a far more ominous tale: that CERN is a portal for bringing onto the planet an army of nearly immortal interdimensional beings. An experiment so dangerous, that it must be stopped. According to O’Finioan: “…they crossed the line…” (hear the interviews: Part 1 and Part 2).

The current status of the LHC, as reported January 2011, is in a post-shutdown evaluation. It is reported that CERN now plans to run the LHC in 2011, and continue full scale LHC runs into 2013. While press reports continue to available from the CERN consortium, the substanitive data is currently locked down on the website.

Given the above article issuing from Vanderbilt University, regarding possible “time travel” experiments, and the persistent expectations from researchers that the LHC has the potential to unlock “parallel universes” (“CERN scientists eye parallel universe breakthrough” at http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20101020/sc_nm/us_science_cern – links now dead!), we should watch carefully what is going on at the CERN LHC. The information I am seeing indicates that the pronouncements by Duncan O’Finioan have far more weight than the casual listener may understand…largely because there is, in my opinion, deliberate obfuscation of the intentions at CERN, and likely more black science of the type evidenced at Montauck and other earlier attempts to manipulate space-time. 

The grave consequences of the Manhattan Project (1942-1946), which unleashed the deadly power of the nuclear bomb, and opened the era of unthinkable destruction…even,according to Robert Oppenheimer, “…Shiva, the destroyer of worlds…”, pales in comparison to the enormous consequences of humanity faced with the potential rupture of the membranes between dimensions, and the attendant “dark matter”—of which we hold only a clue as to potential consequences. That same “Shiva” now stands on the grounds at CERN…a grim harbinger of what may well be the final excursion by man into the realms of powers he does not comprehend, not can control.




  1. Thanks for this CERN is definitely on the map now.

  2. Good post, definately watching CERN and this dark matter stuff. it's all really scary when you come right down to it. Thanks for your work on revealing these things.



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