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To the PTB: Fear and Loathing


An Important Message from James Horak 

An Ultimatum To the PTB


by James C. Horak
Welcome Listeners…
The Time for Sleep is Over…
I want the NWO, the ‘PTB’ (the ‘Powers That Be’) to know that they’re going to have to go deep into the ground like rats. Then, I want to, whenever its set up and primed tell them, “Go ahead and do it”.. You’ll all be in one place or several one places, you’ll be, by the fact that you’re there, you have lost your right to survive and you will be eliminated. Yes, you can go to your holes: like rats. And by the process of elimination being there that’s what you are and you will be eliminated and the reason is because of the rot that’s here and the fact that evolution is about to take its total steps. One way or the other it’s come down to it, either we get rid of them or they get rid of all of us including themselves. This situation requires a lot more consideration and maybe even intervention. We can give these bastards something to think about, I guarantee you that they will be eliminated before the entire planet will be. They will know that they moved against in their last gasp, they will know they’ve done wrong. They will know that, that’s what I intend.
Its come down to a point where as I see what’s going on I want these creatures to experience the fear and loathing that they are putting on people I care about and I’ll throw it back on them because that’s what going to happen. In fact the whole point of these demonstrations and of EMVs appearing where they do is to say “Hey, you’re not the ultimate decision maker here, you better wise up to that because if you think you are going to get away with this shit… You know, Nobody wants a neighbour like you that will do what your kind is doing to your own NO!”
Well thanks to the net, thanks to people like you, thanks to everything that has gone on, there has been an ample demonstration of Humanity on this planet having a spiritual awareness and the ability, groups right now probably make up hundreds of thousands of people who have awakened fully. I mean they haven’t just half way awakened they have fully awakened and they realise that unmitigated greed is its own undoing, only thing is the people who are caught up in it haven’t and may never. The minute that I can get out what I told about the rats in the hole then those that are will know what they are supposed to do.
On one hand I don’t want people to feel this is being done for them but that its not being done for them because they still have their part to play and if they don’t play it we are looking at another star, If they resist and they give an expression of growth that is undeniable through that resistance that there is something substantial to offer in the way of leadership to replace what’s gone and a trend that is promising of a higher level of awareness and values, YEH they will survive… otherwise… but my point in saying this is to let these bastards know the fear and loathing they are imposing on their victims, they are going to share in.
You’ve got people that are mind set and they are trying to make themselves feel good that Christ is going to deliver them in the second coming and save them from themselves and the fact of the matter is they haven’t got knowledge. What they’ve got is repetition over and over again, singing hymns, reading psalms blah blah blah. What a fucking waste of a life. ‘I know you can’t jump the hurdle but have faith, have faith.’ uhuh… Its people’s tolerance of evil that fucks things up, If you have a strong moral core the first teaching is that: I will limit whatever I may be doing whatever I may be trying to do. I will limit any harm that I do to people, residual to the effects of my intentions.
If I made the corrections to the fields of science to pertain to astrophysics that within 20 years I could have you going to the stars but you know I wouldn’t now. I wouldn’t and the reason is, which I’ll tell you is, I don’t want them to feel more comfortable in being able to have options that they haven’t got now, like removing their ass out of what they are creating. Evil never wins out, Evil never wins out. Nothing more short sighted, you’ve got all these people and you have the interest of so few being considered in the grand scheme of things. Not gonna win out (Deep laugh) Oh that’s an interesting phase… (laughs).
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  1. James, I have a slightly but very importantly different take from you and I borrow my concept from Stargate. Human beings do not do these things. The humans who are enacting all the evils in the world are effectively possessed by 4th dimensional "symbiotes". Some family lineages have been bred to be excellent hosts for the symbiotes, and some lineages are almost impossible for the symbiotes to occupy. We are the lucky ones – something about our genes allowed us to escape their tyranny.

    Our enemy is not these hapless human beings who have sold their souls. Our enemy is the 4th dimensional race that took over this planet and has farmed us ever since.

    There are some simple ways to dislodge these beings from our beings, and whilst these beings are now in charge of ALL organised religion, we still see some good words – that they know we will ignore, that actually tell us very clearly how to avoid domination by these beings. The ten (or more) commandments – if we followed each of those, a reptilian being could not take us over – but much more simply, if we never told another lie in our lives, we would be free of them – as individuals – it really is that easy. Even those of human lineages bred to be hosts can still get free of their chains if they wake up to what is happening and make a bid of independence – it's easy – not another lie – ever again – which is much harder to do than it sounds.

    Two wrongs do not make a right, and humans turning on humans and murdering them is lynch mob mentality that is unworthy of the human race. We are better than that. That is reptilian behaviour and they will really enjoy watching it. No, it is our task to rescue those who are inadvertently under reptilian control – the majority, and even those who have consciously sold themselves to reptilian control. They have a human soul too, just like you and I, and deserve to be rescued from this evil. Beware of anger, violence and lynch mob consciousness. It does not belong to us.

    So our big and pressing question needs to be – what will it take to rescue them?

  2. Margaret-
    What makes you think that these so-called elites and other hosts are either human, or have souls? Perhaps you should look beyond your "love and lighter" mentality a bit more and study out the course of history closer. All that appears to be human is not…the whole "reptilian" mentality is a ploy to deceive people who lack the eyes to see at the level of the spirit.

    It is not wrong to kill evil, no would I ever stand by and allow any being to do violence to another soul. Oh—better look at WHO wrote those commandments—and the ONE later reduce them to TWO. My neighbor I love…all others will be dealt with extreme prejudice.

  3. David Icke, whom I admire greatly, has fairly recently begun to refer to these fourth dimensional parasites as Archons rather than reptilians, and I would hope others would follow his course. This term "Archon" is rather neutral, was first used to name these entities by the early Gnostics around zero BC, and is usually translated from the Greek or Coptic as "authorities." In the scrolls of Nag Hammadi, unearthed in the 40's, and which were copied and translated before the dickheads (DH) could redact or destroy them, the Gnostic sages were quite aware of these entities. The scrolls make it quite clear that while they are quite clever, they are soulless, and envious of humanity for having souls. Or to be more precise, at least according to the translations, they have souls but not spirits. Being spiritless, they are incapable of manifesting their thoughts into physical reality as creativity. They are similar in many respects to a (sentient) biological virus. A virus cannot manifest itself as a living organism does, but rather can only highjack the creative mechanism of a real cell to pervert it for its own goals and usually destroy it in the process.

    I am grateful to Horak for clearing up the differences between ET's and EBE's. As he describes, EBE's (Grays) are also quite spiritless, being "chunks of meat connected to a computer terminal." I would suggest however, that this is a very high powered computer terminal giving the impression of considerable thought. I suspect that the Archon's are fourth dimensional EBE's, only a lot more vicious and clever than Grays. Horak appears to deny their existence, and he claims that the DH have reached such a pinnacle of psychotic and suicidal evil through a natural drift without any "outside help." Despite my high respect, on this one, I am afraid I have to go with Icke's version of reality until Horak can convince me otherwise. But on a practical level, it makes little difference whether our resistance is strictly to human DH or sock puppets of a fourth dimensional parasite that cannot manifest into the physical for more than minutes. Any strategy of resistance would be identical.

    James also ridicules Icke for saying that the Earth would be better off without the moon. Icke is a brilliant researcher and communicator, but he is limited as to the secret data (dots) he can connect. He has determined that the Moon is a semi hollow, artificial vehicle, and it was placed into orbit around the earth by ET's. Icke maintains that the Earth would be better off without the Moon solely on the basis that he believes that there are powerful mind control frequency transmitters there to maintain the Matrix. Horak maintains that the DH and EBE were recently kicked off the Moon, and the Moon is quite necessary for a healthy Earth. The reality of this disagreement would certainly be interesting, but as Icke and his allies are in no position to remove or relocate the Moon, it has no immediate consequences.

    Horak maintains that the ET's have kicked the DH's off the Moon and Mars in the 70's and put the Earth in a virtual quarantine. He and Clark refer to von Braun's warning through Carol Rosin, that an asteroid danger and then an alien invasion are the two final false enemies to be invented by the DH. I would first like to point out that von Braun was an SS Major, guilty of thousands of deaths of slave workers at Peenemünde, and could have been tried and executed rapidly at Nuremberg, if Project Paperclip hadn't found him too valuable. Not to mention that he was a perpetrator of whatever tall tales still surround the Apollo missions. Furthermore, Fred Bell had to work with him at NASA, and in his amazing two hour interview on Veritas before he was assassinated by the DH, he described him as still acting like a Nazi and still surrounded by his former SS junior officers as virtual bodyguards. If you listen to Carol Rosin's second hour interview on Veritas, when she describes her personal experiences trying to settle in Ecuador, one discovers that she is quite the air-headed naif, and von Braun might have pulled her out of an elementary school classroom for these very qualities. This is all meant to point out simply that I wouldn't take any comments by von Braun in this area very seriously. One might say that he got the first three pseudo enemies right. First, I am not saying that he didn't know the truth; simply that I have no confidence that he would make it public. Secondly, a favorite strategy is to mix 90% truth with 10% disinformation, if the latter is really important. Thus, if an alien invasion were genuine, and von Braun and his handlers wanted the masses to believe otherwise, it would not surprise me in the least for him to get the first four right.

    The question of the Moon also brings up something that Horak has said repeatedly, namely that a planet needs a moon for a healthy bio environment. Yet Venus has a viable offshoot of our ancestral race without a moon. How and how come? Also, all the space agencies claim that the surface temperature of Venus is hot enough to melt lead. Is this a bald face lie? Finally, if the Earth is in quarantine vis-a-vis weaponization beyond low earth orbit, how are the DH weaponizing the asteroids as Clark claims? Sorry, but she demands that we use our common sense.

    As to Clark's argument that if the ET's wanted to invade Earth they would have done it eons ago – perhaps they are following the British Empire's tactics in reverse. Gandhi was able to throw them out of India because he could mobilize the Indian masses against such an obvious parasite. They then developed the strategy of nee-colonialism, where they remained hidden behind local corrupt leaders. So perhaps, nasty ET's, realizing that the Earth's masses are about to throw out the "local" corrupt leaders, are about to duplicate the original British strategy of ruling at the point of a gun, phaser, disruptor, or whatever.

    I actually don't believe this and would put my money on Clark's argument. I just find it a little irritating that she thinks it's totally airtight when there are so many unknowns.

    All this said, I have the highest respect for both Clark and Horak and will continue to listen to and read them attentively. But as they have so often admonished, I intend to use my common sense, particularly when it comes to what they say and write. Also, of course they should voice their opinions which are contrary to Icke's, but I wish they wouldn't ridicule him. They are all in 95+ percent agreement regarding the really urgent things for our survival. If one severely ridicules everyone whose opinions are not exactly identical to one's own, then your friends will shrink to a handful.


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