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UFO Fleet Over Homestead, Florida USA -16TH February 2012


Uploaded by  on Feb 17, 2012

Credit tubeding

Witness report: I’m not a “UFO” “aliens” “I believe” type of person but this was intense -* I saw this on my way to work this morning in Homestead Florida. It was a huge fireball at first that broke up into smaller pieces. I thought it was a huge comet or a piece of the space station. They were coming down hard and fast and then they just stopped in mid air and started hovering back and forth slowly in curved S like movements. They then just disappeared. They were very similar to the el paso UFO sightings. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rEtTl9cGrJc I know this cause I looked it up after the fact. I have never been into alien ufo sightings. If anyone saw this this morning hit up the comments. It left me shaken for a bit.


  1. As a military aircraft enthusiast, these look a lot like flares discharged from fighter jets. Homestead has a large contingent of fighter aircraft. Not saying this is THE answer but at first glance, the most probable.

  2. @ Dave.

    So they've designed flares to come down fast, then slow right down to nothing, then just hover about gracefully over water then?

  3. Liz, it has been my experience in seeing fares that they can, at times drift and seem to hover. I'm not saying that these ARE flares, only that it is a possibility. The video was shot at a distance which can add to distortions in the way light is conveyed of distance depending on many things like atmospheric conditions, particulate matter in the air etc.
    The fact is, we don't know what that is with any certainty and I was just giving one option based on the flares I've seen in real life.
    Peace to you.

  4. Hi Dave. Thanks for your response!

    I have just spent well over an hour on youtube looking at video footage of flares that have been launched from military aircraft. The footage available shows no evidence of flares hovering, either low to the ground or higher in the sky. They are constantly moving downwards. In fact, I could find no footage of flares that have fallen or drifted close to the ground, hovering or otherwise. In contrast, most of the footage showed flares fading out and disappearing well before they descended anything near close to ground level. In addition to that, military flares leave a long, tell-tale smoke trail in their wake that lasts until they fade out. These smoke trails were clearly visible in daytime and night time footage.

    I'm not categorically stating the footage Randy posted is NOT evidence of flares (any more than you are stating it IS ), but what I am saying is that I would need to see video footage clearly demonstrating military flares acting in this same manner (hovering above water for instance) before I would be convinced that is what they are.

    Be well,

  5. Liz, One thing I did not catch the first time I looked was in the far right box view, the light 4th from the bottom. It deffenitely has independent movement in relation to the others. A flair is not going to do that or rise while the others are falling. So your right, these are not flairs and my appologies for not taking a closer look the first time.


  6. Thanks Dave.

    You did what most humans do when faced with a situation of some sort of complexity they don't normally encounter. You applied Occam's Razor theory. i.e.. You drew from past experience to select a hypotheses of least complexity to you (requiring you make the least assumptions), which thereby offered you the simplest explanation for the lights in the video clip. Military flares. It is part of human nature to want to keep things simple and familiar because it feels safer to us.

    Unfortunately, Occam's Razor by its very nature is a faulty principle given that the universe is by no means simple, and in fact is proving to be more complex than we could ever have imagined. For your amusement I will post here Clif High's take on Occam's Razor, as I tend to agree with him.

    So we know the lights were probably not flares, but we still have no idea what they were. But that's OK too. Thanks for the banter Dave :)



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