Unmasking Richard Hoagland

Unmasking Richard Hoagland

by Randy Mauagans, from various sources

Late Nights In The Midlands with Michael Vara: Richard C Hoagland

Glen Canady article from Project Nsearch: Richard Hoagland’s Dark Mission: Coverups, Lies, and Calling for a New World Order!

Heartfelt! On…article: Richard Hoagland: Coverups, Lies, and Calling for a New World Order!

Hoagland: “Media Darling”, invokes “New World Order”…says the TRUE Illuminati are good…Masonic ties…money, fame and HUGE media support…NASA mouthpiece…concealing proofs…discrediting witnesses????

 Finally, it seems the mask is coming off the DARLING of Coast To Coast AM, Project Camelot, and the various other organs of alternative (so-called) media, where King Richard has paraded, ‘lo these many years. We have warned about disinfo agents, Freemason NWO/Illuminati mouthpieces, opportunists, and self-seeking mysteriosos—notably in my post of November 8, 2011, White House Officials Deny ET Presence, Govt. Complicity, where I stated:

“To the UFO community-at-large—double your resolve, put away your petty quarrels, and kick the disinformation agents out of your ranks (heads up, Project Camelot), and take heart that this government and its media dupes are all about to become obsolescent units; meaningless relics of the BIG LIES that will consume them and spit them out.”

This was my veiled warning to Project Camelot that, while I deeply respect their work, their discernment on certain actors (and I use that term in the widest sense)—and Hoagland was forefront in my mind—was seriously warping the truth perspective. After Hoagland’s FAILED Elenin scenario fell apart (debunked artfully in our August 22, 2011 show, Elenin – Signs and Designs with James Horak ), Hoagland refocused on the, then pending comet, YU-55, on a November 8. 2011 Project Camelot video stream with David Wilcock (named in the same article as a problematic figure)—Hoagland claiming that YU-55 could impact the moon, and that it is artifically guided.

My questions are: where was the accountability by these savants of the “truth movement” to hold Hoagland responsible for his erratic, irresponsible, and generally unsupported claims regarding Elenin and U-55?  It seems from the articles and video above, we have a whole boatload of deeper questions about Richard. How long will this guy continue to have free pass with his agenda? What are Hoagland’s sources of income, and how much obfuscation has he committed with distorted facts, hidden agendas, and twisted alliances?

Maybe even moreso, we need to begin the rectal probes on a bunch of these high visibility monkeys!


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