Video: Alien Abductions Explained: Through Biblical History & Prophecy

Alien Abductions Explained: Through Biblical History & Prophecy from Ali Siadatan on Vimeo.

Back By Popular Demand this ground braking documentary explores the relationship between UFOs, Alien Abductions and the second coming of Christ.  

Ali Siadatan
Born in Iran, Ali Siadatan has been involved in a life long search into spirituality. After examining many perspectives his heart was opened to the gospel and he become a disciple of the Nazarene. For Ali the 5 year journey to complete this work , was very much a part of his personal spiritual path. He feels that the hand that has guided him through life has led him into the examination of the relationship that exists between angels and UFOs. After finishing a Masters degree in French language & Literature at the University of Toronto, Ali decided to pursue his passion for the Chinese arts of Kung Fu and Tai Chi and opened a center. 

Today joined by his wife Shellie, and their little baby girl Jada, they run a martial arts and health center in down town toronto. This documentary is his first attempt at directing and writing for the audio visual arts. He feels that the camera can be a light bringer and a modern day sword, and the internet the greatest revolution in mass communication since the printing press. His research into UFOs has inspired him to write a fiction that he is working on, and he has began research for his second documentary on Alien implants and RFID chips. Did any one say ” the mark of the beast.”


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