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This video is excerpted from the 06-26-2012 Cash Flow radio program on Achieve Radio.
The original text on the internet is:

James Martinez reads an email about the BAR Association’s history in the United States, and how union card lawyers and black-robed judges under the London’s Lawyer Guild effectively took over BOTH the judicial and legislative branches of the US and have established a FAKE “legal system” in the place of a lawful Constitutional judiciary. 

Everyone needs to become aware of the hijacking of our system of law, hence, our freedoms. How these illegal impostors have corrupted legitimate lawful rule, and replaced it with a system of paid barristers who use a closed system to not only adjudicate, but legislate for $$$MONEY, POWER, and CONTROL. 

These “legal” parasites not only drain the economy by defrauding “we the people” of our legitimate rights to redress, but, in fact, they are the very basis for the decay of the American system and its economy and morla structures.

BEGIN HERE: This is Law School 101 for those who wish to take their power back.
The Revolution begin s NOW…it begins with you, and IN you.

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