Video Blog: The Media Warfare, Mind Control, and the Coming Age


Published on May 28, 2012 by Randy Maugans 
A face to face on the Project Camelot/Former White Hat controversy; the methods of media, my own background and methods; the nature of mind control and WHY this battle persists.A last call to all involved to act responsibly.




  1. Oh, shoot. I put my comment for this post on the wrong thread. Sorry.

  2. Former white hat is a joke first off he can't even decide what he wants to be, first he starts off as a satire/troll poster but as soon as things "get real" from his end he gets all defensive and now he claims to know all, he must have psychic powers beyond anything we ever heard of to know who is a CIA shill and who isn't, when if anyone is acting like a shill it's him, what a joke he is.

  3. Hi Randy,

    with all due respect for your website/insights I still can't figure out for the life of me why you waste your time and energy continuing to dwell on a Bozo known as "Former White Hat Operative"- he's nothing more than a a hot-air powered wind mill- the more you continue to acknowledge this Bozo's existence the more you provide the bellows for his hot air existence and the more you will find yourself in a Quixotic situation:

    fighting a wind mill-

    Randy, for your own sake, please take notice of this concept- I'm a tremendous fan of your insights- please don't erode my trust in you by you continuing to fight a wind mill-

    with the utmost respect,


  4. Very interesting what you say about Kerry Cassidy, referring to her as she does to herself, 'THE ENTITY project camelot'. Beginning with the intent behind Project Camelot (who knows what it really was initially or perhaps morphed into) then to thought form, then to life form, then to entity in its own dimension of time. Perhaps this explains some of the metamorphosis of what they have been, what they used to (seem) to be about vs. what is playing out now. (And the really strange behavior Kerry is exhibiting?!) I think you may be quite right about 'the entity' aspect. Maybe there is hope for all this yet, clear the point in time where this was created, all these dark things attaching on needing to be 'fed' like FWHO etc, loop time, clear any interference running it, and then blow it off, allowing the recreated (beneficial) timeline to come online fully. Somewhere in all these dark shadows, is spirit waiting to be freed. This is simply another opportunity to heal, or show how it may be done. In the meantime, excellent video post on exposing things for what they are, and continuing to ask the hard questions, command your space, and demand that the co-created game be played on amenable terms.

  5. Hi this is Jeff again i posted the first comment on this page, anyway it should be noted that former white hat said that he some how knows every person who is a real TI (targeted individual) and who is suffering from a mental condition and is not a real TI and he was being serious, first off how could he know all of that???, I mean he claims that he is a nobody just a poster doing satire or whatever, so if he does know all of this he's more then just some blogger he obviously has pretty big contacts and if he does have a list of all the targeted indviduals then post it in some form show the world the proof that people are targeted i mean he gos on a rant about Duncan and Corso not owning up to what ever they might of done in the past i say the same to him show the proof that he has that gang stalking and the use of direct energy weapons are real…..

    Oh i forgot he's the best known psychic the world has ever seen so he just visualized every real TI from a fake one…. come on this guy can't be real can he???

  6. Jeff-
    Judge for yourself: look at his blog and tell me ONE thing he has written that demonstrates he is an "insider". This clown (and he even stole my name, "Ass Hat") wrote an article about our meeting, which he claims he showed up at, and couldn't even figure out that Doylestown and Camp Hill are over 120 miles apart! Even a clever hoaxer could have pulled up Google Maps and figured that one out…duuuh!

    Maybe my critics are right: this guys ain't worth the gas it takes to talk about him. He seems pretty obsessed with me, and I gotta say he DID post my video (so it got two more hits). He is a tool of Camelot, not because he knows them but because Kerry is very clever about finding useful tools. The knows nothing, does nothing, and is nothing. The test of a REAL white hat would be some REAL information that can be confirmed by other intel. No "there" there.

  7. I wanted you to know randy, They like your video at IRHC(international human rights commission)

    here is the comment i put with it when i shared it with them,,,,,,i know there are only three likes on it, but the ones that like it are sorta, what would you call them,,,,,,,,apex people.

    Those are the ones i tend to convese with as peers, im not to well at getting masses to enjoy what i say due to its context, but with leaders, they listen with ears that deside.

    so here is what i wrote about you there,,,,,,,so randy you are sorta gaining a bit of popularity in other nations.

    Attention is being brought to bear on these issuse at levels outside the norm in these groups.

    And oh my God, that supersoldier summit on that crazy camelot is a journey into insanity and story telling.

    im unfortunatly listening to that now and trying to be nice to them.

    WE Americans need your help in these matters, here is a man practiceing journalism along with being human, a very hard thing to do in these subjects, I have posted somethings here on this page as an American and Human Being of what i have seen and been witness to in my country, please listen, and understand within these story's that Randy speaks of there is truth as well as disinformation, so you can imagine his frustrations in these matters, and mine as well. Im sharing this so that others in the world see what some of us here in america are muddling through, we are at the Apex of this world game afoot, America is both a problem and solution just like everyone else.

  8. Randy, thank you for your integrity and sincerity in these crazy , tough to sort out times. I once was an avid Camelot supporter myself. I am just sick of the whistleblower this and whistleblower that redderick that is used on a constant basis by Kerry. I think her heart was in the right place in the begining, but is in way over her head now.

    You are one good dude!


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