We ain’t the Big Dog anymore

We ain’t the Big Dog anymore

First, you need to LISTEN (not just hear) the latest interview with Dr. David E. Martin…you also should consider getting his book, “Coupe d’Twelve”…it’s not fiction (wink, wink), and it is being fulfilled daily. Today was monumental:

China’s currency deal points to new monetary order

December 29, 2011 – 1:48PM

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This is nothing less than a complete SHIFT of econoimic power abd will do more to take down the criminal bankers than any “Trillion Dollar Lawsuit”. There are more indicators of complete shakedowns in the financial markets…for the Western Cabal, there is only one course left….WAR? 


  1. Your podcasts are not updating in iTunes (under the "subscribe to podcast" option) at least not in a timely fashion. Are you still using that feed? When I checked this site, I realize how much I'd missed.
    Thanks for your excellent work.

  2. Liz-
    I do keep an eye on the iTunes feed, and it is updating regularly. I would suggest that you may be using the older manual feed which was posted for several months until I could get the iTunes feed set up. Try using the link on the right sidebar, or use your web browser and this link:

    This is the official OPR iTunes Feed. Hope this helps.



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