We Are THEM?

We Are THEM?

Humanity seems poised to transition into a hybrid…but of WHAT? Current “mainstream” science accepts the postulate that a hybridized human would be the ideal. While experiments in human-software grafting continue to ramp up, the ultimate composite may be more sinister: Human-ET hybridization. The notion that we would become “advanced” in terms of physical capabilities misses the point that MAN is a spiritual creation and that we would become LESS in exposing the human interface to limited atomic creations:

Brainjacking will lead to the emergence of software hybrids

CYBORGS have walked among us for many years: humans fused with devices such as pacemakers, prosthetics and cochlear and retinal implants. Now the opposite approach is being embodied in a new kind of cyborg: a robot with an animal’s nervous system (“Part moth, part machine: Cyborgs are on the move”). Some bots run on grey matter culled from a living creature. Others run software based on
“brainjacking”, for example, the pair of robot legs that learned to walk using a lamprey’s nerve signals.


Visions of the Future – Sim Card Man by Nigel Kerner-New Dawn Magazine

SIM Card Man Even Closer

‘Part moth, part machine: Cyborgs are on the move’ - ‘Cyborgs walk like a lamprey, dance like a moth’ - by Duncan Graham – Rowe 
New Scientist 3rd November 2010

 Cyborgs are on the move





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