Wednesday August 22, 2012 Live Show: Sacha Christie

Hour 2:
Sacha Christie
Anti-Pharmageddonist,Ufoologist,UFO Witness, Experiencer, Sensitive, Par-abnormal Investigator, Agenda Bender, TruthFINDER, Writer, Speaker, Artist, Poet, Web addict and Red Pill Rebel Without a Pause . Conspiracy theories… conspiracy facts, UFOs, Free Energy, Global political manipulation and enforced control of the masses…. Pretty much the anything that affects the way we live…
Sacha Christie
UK director for ICAR, Director of UFOW witness and contactee support network and consultant member of AMMACH.
In 1997 Sacha went away with friends for the weekend to the Welsh countryside. The party were witness to two ufos, one above them and one on the ground behind them. All members of the group have been deeply affected by this event which was the catalyst for Sacha remembering a life time of experiences which continue to this day.

Sacha is an advocate for contactee protection and care and is dedicated to changing the language surrounding the phenomena to make the topic palatable to the general public.


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