Wednesday November 21, 2012 OffPlanet Radio Live Show: David Griffin

The Financial Enslavement of Earth and Mind Wars

David Griffin is the author of Revelation: A Briefing For the Peoples of Earth. With a professional background in design & engineering, he embarked on an intellectual and spiritual journey to uncover the truth about his existence, and in 1992, began recovering memories of his own previous lifetimes. With each new recovered memory, the pieces of an extremely ancient and intricate puzzle began falling into place.

Most people now know that there is something very fundamentally
wrong with our current society, and they can feel and see the direction it
is really heading, despite all the rosy propaganda, false statistics, and
not-so-subtle lies to the contrary - 
David Griffin

Polls show that, as a long term trend, more and more Americans think that the U.S. is “on the wrong track”, and that this country is in a state of decline. Unfortunately however, this malady is not unique to the U.S. This is, at present, a world-wide phenomenon.

People the world-over are now realizing that their governments and media actually represent vested “corporate” interests, and not that of the people.At present, we find ourselves in a position where artificial entities known as corporations seem to have far, far more power, influence, resources, and supposedly even value than real beings, and
where the primary goal of the corporation – a return on investment for the shareholders – has become far more important than even life itself.

Clearly, things must change if we are to have a society worth living in, and many are now realizing that any meaningful and fundamental “change” will not be forthcoming from either the government or the entrenched “corporate” interests. Why would they? They now have more power and influence than at any time in the past.
If there is to be a truly fundamental and meaningful change, it must also originate and 
occur at a very fundamental level – with the people. With US.

Obviously the way WE have been viewing things and the way WE have been operating, has either contributed to, or, at the very least, allowed this current state of affairs to occur. Therefore, a very fundamental shift in viewpoint and awareness would seem to be in order for all of us, with appropriately revised decisions and actions following thereafter as a due result.

Based solely on where we find ourselves today, our old viewpoints, our old way of looking at things, our old paradigm is flawed – seriously so. To the degree that people continue viewing things and operating the same way that they have been, this society will naturally continue heading in exactly the same direction that it is now. It would be naive to expect any other result.

Therefore, it is time for a long overdue shift in realities and viewpoints to begin, as this will be a gradual process, and is likely to be fought at every turn using every means at their disposal, by those who see “their” ill-gotten power slowly slipping away. In truth though, it was never their power to begin with.


In the pages that follow, you may see some things which are a bit outside of your current reality and currently held viewpoint of things, in the case of some, drastically so. What follows herein are some very hard truths which may be difficult for some people to confront and adjust to. However upon reflection, you may also find that deep down inside, you have always known some of these very same things…

As you read the pages that follow, try a little experiment. Try, if only for a short time, to let-go of any old, fixed ideas and considerations about the world around you, and allow yourself to view your existence here from a different perspective than you are normally accustomed to. At the very least, it should be an interesting experience.

But then again, you may never look at the world around you in quite the same way again.

And perhaps, that’s the only thing that’s been needed all along…

The Book - Source.

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