Wednesday November 28, 2012 OffPlanet Radio Live: E.A. James Swagger

E.A. James Swagger 

About the Author: 
I was first introduced to topical science writing for a historical mysteries magazine in Ireland. Sadly it doesn’t run anymore but it did wet my appetite for researching ancient knowledge and lost science in a professional sense . Inititially it was for a favour due to my science and engineering background, though my career in this field soon took me away to Europe. History has always been a passion to me from early on, most notably Egyptology, Assyrian, and Akkadian civilisations. The megalithic civilisation that dominates most of Western Europe also played a major role in it’s sheer mystery growing up. I was born to Irish and Danish parents, whereby both countries host large numbers of well preserved passage graves and megaliths. I had spent equal time in both countries growing up and we would regularly take the ferry run from Ireland to Brittany to get to mainland Europe. It was on one of these journeys to Brittany that we stopped of in Carnac, then in my middle teens, the mystery deepened for me. I realised for the first time the scale of the megalithic civilisation, that it was lost, and that we in the modern world knew absolutely nothing of it. It wasn’t until much later that I would research the megaliths in depth. I must say the glory of Egyptian and Middle Eastern civilisations was much more alluring to me then.

In my career and education I pursued and engineering role first. I worked for fifteen years in heavy industrial process control systems. Typical jobs would involve wind farms, power plants, water processing and oil rigs. In those fifteen years I traversed much of Western Europe mostly based in the UK and Ireland though at times in Denmark. In that period I had always sought out megalithic monuments in my spare time as these were in the regions I was working. In retrospect I don’t think I would have had the passion nor resources to research the megaliths had my vocation not taken me to these places. I recall one time I got to travel to the remote Hebridean Island in Scotland where Callanish stone circle is situated. I know I would never had made the journey just to see that site on its own. I realised how priviledged I was to see these remote megalithic sites. Having spent ten years abroad I wanted a career change at some point in the future. I studied for a MSc in Science, Research, and Society. It wasn’t intentionally to make the change of career as an author though it has certainly aided my career development. I had studied a Physics with Astronomy degree in preparation for my MSc. and also hold a MEng. Though engineering and science is what I am good at and I am blessed with such talents to study their complexities, history and civilisations is what I hold dear to me. I feel priviledged t be able to amalgamate my profession and passion in such a manner now. It was during a return trip to Ireland two years that I felt the need to pursue a book on Passage Grave Cosmology. Initially I had wished to write a chapter on megalithic monuments in an Ancient Knowledge and Lost Science Book I was working on. I discovered some rock art on a standing stone in Donegal which turned out to be incorrectly deciphered and forgotten about. I then turned my efforts to write on book on Passage Grave Cosmology. Now having completed that I have returned to my Historical Mysteries book due for release by the end of this year.

E.A.James Swagger, Malmo, Sweden, 2012

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