Wednesday September 26, 2012 Live Show – Nick Redfern

Appearing at: 9:00 PM-EST
Nick Redfern

A journalist and researcher into the paranormal, UFOs, contactees, cryptozoology, and secret government projects. His background began as a staff reporter on rock music for the UK magazine, Zero. He continued as a feature writer for numerous British publications including London Daily Express; the People; the Western Daily Press; the Express & Star; and the Planet on Sunday; and as a free lance writer for the Weekender, Animals, Animals, Animals; Military Illustrated, Eye Spy, and UFO Magazine, leading up to his 1997 publication of  A Covert Agenda: The British Government’s UFO Top Secrets Exposed, published by: Simon & Schuster, London.

He has gone on to publish over two dozen titles, an hundreds of articles, and continue to do interviews and blog posts on an array of weird and wonderful subjects. He joins us live for 90 minutes in part 1 of the September 26 show.

Nick previously appeared on our Exotica show in October 2010: Final Events with Nick Redfern


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