Weekend Blog: SEAL Team 666 and Freedom Rains On Free Speech

Weekend Blog: SEAL Team 666 and Freedom Rains On Free Speech

I found this while doing some casual web surfing…hmmm! Any of this sound like things we’ve heard? Do Don Shipley and William Silva know about this, or is it over their “pay grade”?

Description from Amazon:

SEAL Team Six meets Stephen King in Weston Ochse’s novel about an elite group of soldiers who protect the U.S. from supernatural threats

Halfway through SEAL training, Cadet Jack Walker, still green but showing incredible promise, is whisked away to join four SEALs—and their dog—for a special ops mission. Walker soon finds himself in a whirlwind of otherworldly creatures and events as he finds out the true nature of this “special ops” team: SEAL Team 666. Battling demons, possessed humans, mass-murdering cults, and evil in its most dark and ancient form, SEAL Team 666 has their work cut out for them. And it’s not long before they realize that the threat isn’t just directed against the U.S.—an ancient and deadly cult has bigger plans, and Walker is at the center of a supernatural conflict with the entire world at stake.

It iis interesting how these media treatments of military/intelligence “special operations” are sanitized and romanticized…even the various “Bourne” films glamorize what is really mind control  and “super soldier” breeding programs. 

There is probably more truth in this fictional work than the propaganda that circulates from certain high profile internet figures as the above mentioned Shipley and Silva. 

This recent blog post from http://avocadess.com/door2  nicely sums up the situation at Freedom Reigns regarding Drake, Bill (Wood) Brockbrader and Wolf Spirit Radio:

I’m not expecting something of the messenger  — a messenger is just that, a messenger — but I am concerned withwhat the message is. There is a part of Drake’s message (and example) that is not, in my opinion, a good model for a free American citizens everywhere. Freedom of Speech is a very big deal and a very important and key part of living in a free country. Freedom Reigns, Drake, Deatra and William Silva are not exemplary examples of people to walk their talk when it comes to free speech. Major William Silva quashed freedom of speech on the Freedom Reigns Group website on Facebook (regarding Bill Brockbrader), Deatra tried to quash free speech on Wolf Spirit Radio by telling Dave Corso that she and Drake would no longer broadcast on Wolf Spirit as long as they allowed Bill Brockbrader (aka Bill Wood) to have his Monday evening show there, and now Drake’s has allowed his own freedom of speech to be quashed by Deatra and Freedom Reigns. Sorry — WAY TO CULTISH for me.

Silva has been in the military for 24 years as I understand it. I can see how he — and even Drake — are into “orders and obedience” mode from their long histories with the military, but I do not — repeat, do not — have any interest in living in a military-like society, and how they are acting feels very militaristic to me and contrary to the values of a free America when it comes to free speech.  (emphasis added)—Read the May 9 blog article on Brockbrader and Silva

Avocodess only hints at the level of control freak tactics by Freedom Reign’s iron maiden, Deatra Loomer. It was Loomer who made Wolf Spirit Radio proprietor, Dave Corso, choose between FR/Drake or Bill Wood. Solely on the information provided by William Silva (and likely funneled by  Ret. SEAL and “Stolen Valor” crusader, Don Shipley)—and without any opportunity for rebuttal by Bill or WSR—Loomer vanquished Wood and Wolf Spirit Radio and declared her own, brand new Blog Talk Radio show… 

The original text of the information posted by Silva on the Freedom Reigns Facebook site can be read on YOURTUBENEWS.com In a complete CHICKEN SHIT move, Silva (a moderator on the FR FB page) removed the original post with this statement:


All:  As the author of the subject post I have deleted it as I believe it has served its purpose, which was to explain our action to request no posts about Brockbrader aka Woods.  Those who complained have had an opportunity to read our reasons and the accompanying reference material.

Like a couple of comments clearly stated, this is taking us away from why we are here, and I have to agree.  Let’s get back to discussing how we can assist each other in preparing for and dealing with the coming actions.  It’s time for all of us to “create a circle of love” and move forward in Unity.


Now, not only is this chickenshit, but it’s classic gangstalking tactics. Silva and Loomer took a lot of heat from perceptive FR’ers who resented the situation that resulted from the post and subsequent actions. Silva, to no credit on his valor, pulled the post rather than face the heat from dissident posters! Like I said, chickenshit. Unity? This feels like a psy-op. It also makes me wonder what military segment is actually guiding Freedom Reigns and Drake.

As was noted by Michael Vara On last night’s (Thurs. May 24) Late Night In the Midlands radio show, Deatra has effectively cordoned Drake off from doing most other shows, in favor of keeping him “in house” and having interviewers appear as guest hosts. Vara refused to knuckle to Deatra’s conditions!

In that same show (I was the guest for 2 1/2 hours), I was asked about Bill (Wood) Brockbrader‘s absence from the regular Monday night WSR show with Eva. To repeat: I presently DO NOT KNOW why Bill was absent, or anything about his present status. The key word here is “know”—I’ve heard stories and these are unconfirmable and as such not worth repeating.

There were considerable efforts on that show to slam Bill (and try to use me to do it)…while I may disagree with Bill’s intel on Obama being a “white hat”, I will say that Bill stuck his neck out in the initial Project Camelot interviews, and he has never profited. In fact, he has lost a lot…believe or not…there is no upside to being a whistleblower! I consider Bill to be a colleague and friend. He has also become a poster boy for getting burned by people he befriends à la Project Camelot, and then Deatra and Drake. William Silva is just a funnel…Don Shipley can’t admit there are projects above his database access rights.

The jury is out on Drake’s “Plan”. What ever masterminds at the Pentagon lit this bottle rocket better soon climb off the can or pull back their “media” people (and, again, it’s hard to believe that history would record Loomer as this Betsy Ross figure at some future date…) back. Their current radio broadcasts are living up to the Seinfeldian tag of “a show about nothing”. But, I could be wrong…we all could. 

HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY—here’s hoping we may all have something good to memorialize some day. Like a truly free world and truly honorable military figures.


  1. Excellent article ! I think it is the same shit/different pile scenario re: Drake..yep. Buck, buck, buck, and buck. REAL FREEDOM is the ONLY outcome that has any future. Cat

  2. Hi Randy,

    For once, an interesting perspective in the divide and conquer militaro field preaching -versus?- the divine and freedom! The common denominator served by all the radio teams mentioned is Time; gaining time, stretching time, filling in time, time data, converging of the time lines, depending the messenger used. A bit like a split show reenacting Orson Welles and his team's 1938 'War of the Worlds' remarkable hoax (based on H.G. Wells novel). The Federal Reserve Act ends December 23rd 2012, the Bilderbergers are planning, the illuminati jesuits are scheming.

    Nobody is really bothered about who are the mysterious uniforms behind, pulling the strings and triggers, imposing limited info so that they are never exposed full frontal… Typical. Considering the absence of results. The same characters who probably have come to a respectful age, realizing the futility of their war games where the winner is never them but always the same bunch of money reaping hybrids, and that they were pure obsolescence condemned from scratch… The Nuremberg great excuse of following orders or die! 3D master minds, 3D BS wondering what it's like over the rainbow and out of the matrix.

    What is remarkable about this 100% military "Plan" (since the '70s, dixit string Drake) is this exceptional appeal to a civilian part play instead of its straight out execution. Since when have they started considering the collateral damages? The remaining DUMBs and Star-gates have a closed to them sign on the entrances? Remorse? Follow the leaders through fear of not being paid? As you printed: "this feels like a psy-op".

    When you carefully listen to Kay Griggs (Colonel's wife tell-all interview), it should appear primordial to all to hold the full knowledge of the individual mental status and childhood background of every mysterious uniform behind before even taking step two. Drake, Deatra, Don Shipley, Silva, Kerry, Bill Ryan, Benjamin Fulford, David Wilcock, etc are convenient proxies. William Newel Brockbrader is the whistleblower (but with handler!) amongst these. Similar in fashion to Aaron McCullom.

    The game is focus. Focusing minds for the next episode of… Wait. Waiting for the follow up… wait next week. Occupy with thousands of contradictory comments in between. What are they waiting for? Why did Bill Wood state Obama as a possible White Hat (presumably hiding Black Hats in their midst)? Tangles and knots everywhere. But the Time deadline is inevitable, and they know it just like Bill W. confirmed it to all. And up to the last minute, everything is to appear and will appear as completely lost (or won, depending what side you wish to choose). The last fantastic stand. No real wonder that Bill W. is being presently held in the 1046233 CO ADA County Jail (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-4C8YSbXPs&list=UUB7TwqG9Iuo26YDMXsu3E-A&index=1&feature=plpp_video )! He is and will stay the most sincere and truthful of the whole bunch. It's my opinion but an opinion is not automatically the truth. Bill W. knows the outcome and knows what he is doing.

    SEAL Team 666 is sure to reveal various 'fictitious' details as, after all, Mr Ochse was a US Army intelligence officer. The Jason Bourne series are a remake of the 1989 Brotherhood of the Rose with Robert Mitchum (still not available in DVD, but when you've seen it you understand why so blatant the PTA transpire).

    Sorry guys: in the first place if you (men!) had never given in to warfare millenaries ago, not only would all humanity have shifted eons ago but nobody would ever have heard about your unnecessary existence (ditto the unnecessary religious & cult intermediaries between each and the cosmos). Put the fault on the Archons, the occult and the huge 'experience' planned for Earth, like a bet between galaxies… Those who have breached 3D will understand.

    My opinion, from an unclonable rare Rh-

  3. Guys are responsible for warfare? Say what? If there were no women there would be nothing to fight about. Such are circular arguments that amount to massive mental gymnastics and exercises in futility. Why make such a statement? The blame game is such a bad idea and benefits no one.

    Life is no game; life is a search for Truth or a denial of Truth and a life in the Matrix depending upon the individual. The Federal Reserve System will reach its conclusion and Germany will shed its dead weight and come out much better off than the United States will. Those bankrupt nations will most probably be dropped for the Euro as the global bankruptcy levels those nations living in mountains of red ink. But we here in this nation will feel a great economic pinch unlike ever before. We will see starvation here. Some of the banter here is taking people's minds in directions that behoove no one but the elitists elements that stand to benefit from such behavior. We need common direction not division.

  4. Randy, im reading this article right now,,,,,,,,,and ya it sounds familar, just not seal, for me it started before the seals i think,,,,i was very young then, and as im sure randy by now you see a similarity between my story and this article, im going to read it then comment, i just wanted to preface it before i read it,,,,,,,,,,,,,and ya it kept rolling round in my head as in Team 666, yet the conotation did not sound right unless it was sorta like a hells angels term, you know go into hell and kick the enemy's ass where he lives……….sometimes i dont say these things because i dont like to confuse terms, phrases and such,,,,,,,,,like the conotation of Team 666 some might assume it was as in alecience to such things. Good find

  5. wnt let me post what i wanted, huh.

  6. So i will just save it to word and email it to you instead.

    must be some cosmic reason, TF 88, 88 constelations in the sky.

    Cunomaglus apollo and his jurisdiction is 88.

    third try just for this comment, life is interesting at times.
    email sent of without issue.


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