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O’Finioan’s Blog: The ‘Time Bomb’ … Ready To Explode! Get ‘Er Done!

Latest from Duncanhttp://duncanofinioan.wordpress.com/2012/03/10/the-time-bomb-ready-to-explode-get-er-done/ 

Well, well, well. Oh My Gods.
What has the internet world been blessed with?
None other than (drum roll please) … A “Former White Hat Operative“!
Or … should we say, Louis Khan Nin?

The previous post here talked mentioned:

Jedi Mind Trick: the missing contextual inference of the “we” who speaks with knowing authority. Subliminal gang-stalking is the new methodology. Shadowy sources, half-spoken (written) references; the profiles of the social net—virtual egos that shift and recast themselves against an endless strobing backdrop.”

Ahhh! White Hats. You think of them as kinda good guys, or at least snitches for the really bad guys, yes? Nope! They’re scum. Their role is to keep you amused, upended, distorted, and completely clueless (and they do a damn fine job). This one claims to be a FORMER White Hat…so what’s he wearing? A toupee?

To Kerry Cassidy

by Former White Hat

We have met before. If you know who I am, please do not reveal my name, as that will sign my death warrant.

I know you cannot discuss your alternate life on Procyon and your experiences on other planets yet. I do hope that timeline does not fade from your memory and life. I do know that soon you will be given the clear to talk about it all…many will not believe you and say you have gone nuts, yet others will know what your True Mission is.

Funny…funny stuff. Kerry laughed, too. But, see Louis Khan Nin is serious scum: a real fantasy artist who exploits the cracks in your shattering reality—because YOU allowed him in. He’s an artless self-promoter who has serious side effects. He’s a predator of the first rank, while milking yucks from the fun boys who habituate forums brimming with wild tales (see they have no social life).

Here’s another piece of his work:

Shepard Smith: Gay Agent for the Archons

Fox News Studio B anchor Shepard Smith is actually the child of Donald Rumsfeld, his mother an Archon female, conceived in a ritual to create a hybrid for future Cabal use. All male hybrids who have Archon DNA have the homosexual gene in their make-up, perhaps the Universe’s way to make sure they do not breed further hybrids.

Shepard was given to Rumsfeld for ritual incest abuse. Rumsfeld, master of the “known unknown,”  placed his bastard hybrid son into Project Monarch where the boy was tortured and used in homosexual pedo orgies with Cabal elite.

But you see this same sick bastard who posts  absurdist fantasies about middle-aged internet video makers and disinfo fantasy flights about elite sexual predilictions also runs a real cottage industry business exploiting the Monarch meme. A very old, stale male preoccupation with subservient female sex slaves. I’m not posting that here…I just want to remind you of what you are dealing with. 

“…the dominance of one sense is the formula for hypnosis -Marshall McLuhan


  1. I had noticed the message to Kerry on the camelot site a few days ago, at first I thought here we go again and then I started wondering if it was maybe another well timed piece of comic dis-info to make some people look good/genuine and others bad/fake.

  2. Also, did anyone notice that Kerry got off easy there, considering the way the others were attacked. She admits it on Rebecca J's show not too long ago. In the blog that you refer to, the guy very recently stated that within a month he had almost 1/2 a million hits and I bet ya, it was all thanks to Kerry, she drew attention to it in her blog post.

  3. I will just say this: your observations are astute. We have IP records on the posts at "Former White Hat"'s site that lead back to…Australia! Hmmmm! given that the site was recently created, and the number of posts, it looks like "someone" has been busy creating a landing space for disaffected Camelotians—or is this just disinfo as usual for the cabal who still think "they" run the alt-media?

    IF ANYONE FINDS MIND CONTROL FUNNY—then I would insist that the pointed little hook placed on Kerry's blog was bait to discredit the questions raised on Camelot and Cassidy. (Oh, don't think because I ended the threads on Cassidy/Camelot that I have gone soft…these matters WILL be revisited if, and when, we discover the linkages are solid…let's just say we will become "stealth" in dealing with the matter).


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