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The Kerry Cassidy-Project Camelot Threads are CLOSED!

Effective today, I am closing all threads (comments and forum posts, as well as any further emails) on anything related to Project Camelot and Kerry Cassidy on this website. Last night a good friend—a female friend from Australia—spoke with me on Skype regarding the present situation in the alt-media/whistleblower “community” (I use that term advisedly), and specifically about the presence of both human (and perhaps non-human) provocatueurs and some very intense dark energetics that have created much of the current trends, which are NOT EXCLUSIVE to this present subject. 

What has occurred at Project Camelot, and what we set out to expose many months before the Bill Wood saga began, is largely an issue of WHO controls the dominant media forces in the alternative realms, and the motivations and actions of several of the higher profile personalities in this space. What has become abundantly clear to me is that WE—the people who listen, watch, and participate in this media syndrome—have created cults of personality, based on perceptions which are sometimes warranted, other times not so, and by a certain gravitas that is conferred to speakers, disclosers (the term “whistleblower” is really a VERY selective category of disclosers—actually a LEGAL term under Federal Law), and those coming forward to share details about government projects, alien abductions, and top secret tech, to name a few.

Among these are certain agents who crept in to deceive, profit, or mis-direct the movements toward disclosures on many fronts. Exposing them, and their motives, remains a high priority. At the same time, our efforts in this area are being thwarted as some who would come forward are now holding back because they truly do not know WHOM to trust. This, too, was a deliberate ploy to undermine the good efforts of MANY in alternative media.

The people who have bravely come forward have done meritorious work, often at the expense of their own lives, fortunes, the lives of their families, and even to those who help and enable them. Some have been discredited–deservingly so, or otherwise. Some have been targeted and destroyed emotionally and psychologically. Some had to go into hiding or disappear…a few perished in their efforts. We must be discerning, and always remember to give witnesses every benefit of doubt, unless, and until they have been proven to be untrustworthy. I still find it hard to believe that ANYONE would desire to step into this arena with a knowingly false testimony—but it happens.

The war of words, which escalated markedly in the last month, has created a psychic havoc inside these communities—and I take some responsibility for that, myself. Ideals are noble, but the energetics of this continual warfare has taken a toll on us all—if we are honest. The worse of our human natures has been on display, if not in the public view, then in our own hearts. That combined with an amplified energetic field has had no small effect in enabling the dark side to penetrate our collective consciousness with an effect that cumulatively has degraded the Higher Powers’ efforts to assist in ascension of the Earth and its people.

This is not some New Age tripe—it is real; it is palpable, and it is unsustainable. If we are to move forward in the progression of 2012 (and beyond), we MUST take council of our Higher Angels and practice forgiveness, transparent grace, and development of an energetic grid around those who are the leaders and spokespeople of this movement. This does not mean we benignly tolerate bullshit—nor do we suffer fools, egotistical clowns, greedy merchants, or vile agents of dissimulation. It means we ALL take the time now, to purge our hearts and spirits and return to the efforts at hand. The energetic of this coming time will expose the subtile, and elevate the noble. 

Make no mistake: we are in deep spiritual warfare at every level. The “love and lighters” will be completely blind-sided unless they wake up to the dualistic deceptions that stream around us (as I have been writing more and more on this), and those who embrace the “total armageddon” scenarios, which have been woven into our collective mind, likewise will be undone by their own machine. A wise teacher once admonished to be “wise as serpents, gentle as doves”. I think that metaphor serves us well at this time in space. Be wary, be wise, suffer not fools, and walk in wisdom and love to those who are without.

Randy Maugans
12 March 2012




  1. I dont understand the change of heart i guess cassidy and that character jack realy has the right people get to randy i still find it distasteful the way she talked to dave corso .

  2. We can focus on solutions. The dark side is not into solutions and we can just leave them behind. Free energy, all facets of sustainability, peer to peer transactions of every kind, food for health and healing – all this will simply take us beyond the reach of the dark forces. This is one man I trust – both integrity and intelligence. He is collecting high class material on a few topics of interest related to solutions. Our challenge – to be in a position to do some of this stuff…


  3. Superbly said. What a way to bring the curtain down.

    Perhaps we needed this 'distraction' to realign us and further our resolve. On the other hand, you were and remain noble in your ideals and in attempting to shine the light on deception.

    Let us now go forth as compassionate warriors, with understanding and forgiveness in our hearts and minds, as well as valor in our actions. Raising ourselves and others up as we go with heart centred behaviours.

    Thank you for all you do Randy. Sleep easy.

  4. Hi Randy,

    What a lovely reflected post :)

    I admire your courage to challenge others as well as your-self.

    Now I am looking forward to meeting you at some point so we can share our experiences.

    To the other Tommy in the comments: Dave Corso is a big boy, he can handle himself ;)
    And you should know, you only saw what he wanted you to see buddy, important to keep in mind at most venues on the web ;)

    All the best,


    Web Administrator,
    Project Camelot

  5. Being one of the whistleblowers that Kerry interviewed I see both sides of the coin. Right now I'm battling my own darkness, right in middle of mayhem, triggered by those whom would trip us, doing so in a behind the scenes from the public via health and strangulating financial issues. BUT I'll survive as usual. Stop the bickering, tptb love that. Move on guys, we have bigger fish to fry

  6. Barry-
    My heart and prayers to you. You are one of those who has been in the thick of the battle all your life. We move on, as I have attempted to show in the post. I agree: TPTB (for now) would love to stir the pot. Let us know if we can help in any way. Keep in touch.


  7. Randy, is there any chance you can start a thread on dealing with "health and strangulating financial issues? I think there is an opportunity here for those of us in the same position to share how we are dealing with this and the opportunities it is providing us with to find a new and better way to live. It may not be as all-pervadingly negative as we, in our isolation, may think it is.

  8. One blogger said it in her first sentence (We can focus on solutions)…Should this not be our sustained intent? If we dwell in this ad nauseum stratification and divisiveness over Camelot's shortcomings not only we will suffer fools, but fools we will become. Profit, merchandising, deception, mal-intent, and overall jack-ass-ed-ness will continue to cry havoc over this world while we debate the aforementioned issues. I pray to Source that we will find these answers in all haste. Let us keep our eyes and minds open, and our pencils sharp.

  9. Glad this is being done. We are also looking for people to come forward with their own personal experiences wit the real David Icke and we have a safe place for you to tell your story without threat of the abuse and intimidation this man and his cronies use to silence people who have seen him for what he is. Thanks.


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